The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 315 - Ten Million

Chapter 315: Ten Million

Everyone’s gaze was focused on Yun Chujiu.

Even though the people of Spirit Radiance Sect felt that the chances were slim, thinking of Yun Chujiu’s evil schemes, they thought that she might really have cheated a lot of good things off the land.

Yun Chujiu stretched out her small claws, and when everyone got a closer look, they almost lost it from anger!

They thing they saw on Yun Chujiu’s palm was a freaking meat bun!

Yun Chujiu laughed dryly. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I took the wrong one!”

Yun Chujiu stuffed the bun into her mouth and took a bite. “I haven’t eaten for a long time, so I’m a little hungry! Don’t mind me!”

Everyone was dumbfounded!

‘Yun Chujiu, are you shameless?!

‘There are thousands of us waiting, and you want us to watch you eat the bun?!’

Yun Chujiu finally finished eating the bun. She stretched out her small claws and a small water bottle appeared. She gulped down a few mouthfuls.

“Yun Chujiu! You don’t have to feign mystery anymore! It’s useless for you to delay this any longer!” Elder Zhang thought that Yun Chujiu definitely would not be able to produce much spoils of war and that she was just stalling for time.

“That’s right! Yun Chujiu, stop resisting so stubbornly. Your sect is going to lose for sure!”

“Tsk tsk, bragging should be taxed! This Yun Chujiu is definitely bragging. She’s really shameless!”

“That’s right! If she can really take out something worth two million points, I’ll crawl back to Heavenly Gates Sect!”

The people of Spirit Radiance Sect were also at a loss!

‘Junior Sister Little Jiu, can you do it or not? You usually have an array of tricks up your sleeve that never fails. This time, please don’t let us down!’

Yun Chujiu put away the bottle and said with a smile, “Sigh! I’m doing this for your own good. I’m afraid that if I take it out, you’ll be scared! So I gave you some time to relax. Since you’re in such a hurry, then brace yourself!”

Yun Chujiu stretched out her small claws and a bright red demonic beast inner core could be seen in her palm. Even though it was only a demonic beast inner core, the demonic beast pressure emitted from it was enough to make people tremble in fear!

Everyone was silent at first. Then, a disciple of Heavenly Gates Sect said disdainfully, “This demonic beast’s inner core looks pretty good, but it’s at most the inner core of a Tier Four demonic beast. That’s only a thousand points!”

“That’s right! It’s only the inner core of a Tier Four demonic beast. Why are you afraid of scaring us? Pfft! You’re really shameless!”

“Shut up! You’re a disgrace!” Elder Zhang Roared angrily.

The people of Heavenly Gates Sect did not dare to say anything. What? Was that demon core very impressive?

“Hahaha! Elder Zhang, how is it? I’ve warned you, right? This is the inner core of a Tier Eight demon beast, the single-horned demon lizard. Let me do some calculations for you. How many points is it worth? Tier Four is a thousand, Tier Five is ten thousand, Tier Six is a hundred thousand, Tier Seven is a million, and Tier Eight is ten million! Hahaha! Ten million!

Your Heavenly Gates Sect now has eight million points less than us! Ahh, Elder Zhang, your Heavenly Gates Sect’s new disciple’s combat ability isn’t really that great! The total points that your new disciples got isn’t even as much as what our Little Jiu got alone! Tsk tsk tsk…” Elder Qu did not know what it meant to quit while the going was good, and he returned the frustration he had suffered previously to Elder Zhang.

Everyone’s faces were filled with shock!

Tier Eight demonic beast?

Yun Chujiu got ten million points alone?

Oh my god!

Would Tier Eight not be equivalent to the 9th Level of the Spirit Cultivator realm?

How did Yun Chujiu do it? Could it be that she could kill a Tier Eight demonic beast just by recklessly throwing out tricks?! Was that not heaven-defying?!

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