The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 314 - Was Only Two Million Short

Chapter 314: Was Only Two Million Short

“Little Jiu! You’re still alive?! Sob sob, that’s great!” Yun Chuwu immediately hugged Yun Chujiu in her arms.

Yun Chujiu was secretly cursing in her heart. ‘Sigh, fifth sister’s breasts have become even fuller. When will I be able to have boobs as well? How upsetting!

Yun Chuqi and Qing Si kept wiping their tears. Yun Chusi and the others’ eyes were also red.

Although they had always believed that Yun Chujiu would be fine, as time passed, the worry in their hearts gradually increased. They were almost on the verge of collapse!

Little Jiu was still alive. It was great!

At that moment, a loud sound came from the ancient mystery dimension. Then, space began to distort. What appeared in front of everyone was like ripples of water. In the end, it completely disappeared.

The fragment of the great Void Mirror that was floating in mid-air fell to the ground with a thud. Before anyone could react, a small figure jumped over and picked up the fragment and put it into her storage ring.

“Yun Chujiu! What are you doing?” Elder Xiao shouted darkly.

Yun Chujiu bared her little white teeth. “Elder Xiao! Why are you so serious?! I saw that all of you are busy, so I will help you keep it for the time being! IIs it that big a deal? It’s not like I can escape with it! Hurry up and say something serious! Can we go back to the sect now? I miss our dear and respectable sect master!”

Elder Xiao recalled Yun Chujiu’s previous misdeeds, and for some reason, he had an ominous premonition that the fragment of the great Void Mirror might not be coming back.

However, Wlder Qu’s main focus was totally different. “Yun Chujiu, quickly take out the spirit herbs and demon cores you collected! We’re now two million points lower than the Heavenly Gates Sect. Spirit Radiance Sect depends on you!”

Hearing Elder Qu’s words, Elder Zhang laughed sinisterly. “Elder Qu, do you really see this little girl as a savior? How many points can a mere servant at the fourth level of the Spirit Enhancement realm obtain? I’m afraid even a thousand would be difficult, let alone two million!”

The people from the Heavenly Gates Sect also began to discuss in disdain.

“Spirit Radiance Sect is going to lose this time for sure! How could that Yun Chujiu possibly have two million points of spoils of war?! That is simply a dream!”

“That’s right! I reckon that Elder Qu thought that there wouldn’t be any living people coming out of the mystic realm, so he found such an excuse! I didn’t expect that Yun Chujiu would actually come out. If she can’t catch up to our Heavenly Gates Sect this time, that would really be a slap in the face!”

“That makes sense! Junior Sister Su is so amazing and peerless, yet she only obtained less than a million points. That trash Yun Chujiu can obtain two million points? Maybe if the sun rises from the north!”

Su Yanran heard everyone’s discussion, and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly. ‘Yun Chujiu, so what if you have many evil schemes? Not only did Spirit Radiance Sect lose to our sect, you will also never be able to catch up to me!

The people from Spirit Radiance Sect also felt that their hopes were slim!

Two million points! They had to kill two thousand Tier Four demonic beasts before they could do it!

This was simply impossible!

Yun Chujiu did not move or say anything until the crowd’s discussion gradually quieted down. Only then did she ask with a smile, “Elder Qu, how many points are we lacking compared to the Heavenly Gates Sect? Only two million?”

The crowd was so angry that they almost lost it!

‘What do you mean by only two million?

‘From your tone, two million seems to be a very small number?’

Elder Zhang looked at Yun Chujiu with disdain. “Little girl, it’s two million, not two hundred! What an idiot who overestimates herself!”

Yun Chujiu looked at him. “Elder Zhang, right? If you talk like that, you’ll lose friends! How can you tell that I’m an idiot? Isn’t it just two million? What’s so great about it! Watch carefully! I’ll blind your snobbish eyes!”

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