The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 167 - As Long As This Little Ancestor Agrees

Chapter 167: As Long As This Little Ancestor Agrees

Children… Children? The corners of everyone’s mouths twitched, and the blue veins on the foreheads of some of the short-tempered elders bulged! This was simply absurd—too absurd!

When they thought about how they would have to bow and greet the tan girl every time they saw her in the future, the elders were on the verge of breaking down!

“Sect master, although this is the verbal instruction of the founding ancestor… T-T-This… Everything has to be flexible. Not only is Yun Chujiu young and inexperienced, the most important thing is that she doesn’t have any spirit energy at all. If the other sects were to know that our Spirit Radiance Sect has such an ancestor, they would definitely laugh their heads off!”

“That’s right! Even if Yun Chujiu’s spiritual power isn’t high, we can use pills and spiritual stones to increase her cultivation level. However, she can’t cultivate at all. She’s like mud that can’t be supported by a wall!”

“Sect leader, if it really doesn’t work, we can give Yun Chujiu some other compensation, such as inner sect disciples and spiritual stones. If there really is such a little ancestor, we won’t be able to hold our heads up when we go out!”

Yun Chujiu secretly pursed her lips. Did they think she was stupid? No matter how many Spirit Stones there were, how could they compare to the position of the Grand Retired Emperor of the Spirit Radiance Sect? She was definitely going to be the little ancestor!

“Little Xuanyuan, since everyone is so unconvinced, then let’s just forget about it. There’s no need to give me any Spirit Stones as compensation. Let’s just pretend that nothing happened! In any case, Master Linghua won’t come to your dreams in the middle of the night to scold you, nor will he send down some heavenly punishment to punish unfilial disciples. It’s really nothing!” Yun Chujiu said with her small hands behind her back. She did not care.

Little Xuanyuan? Master Xuanyuan’s face stiffened. This title seemed to date back to when he was a child hundreds of years ago! This little girl was really a trickster. It was obvious that she was taking a step back in order to advance.

Master Xuanyuan was in a difficult position. He could not disobey Master Linghua’s verbal order, but most of the elders present had a strong sense of resistance. If he got Yun Chujiu to take the position of little ancestor, she probably would not be able to convince the public. What should he do?

“Sect master, although we can’t disobey the verbal orders of Patriarch Linghua, this matter has been going on for ten thousand years. Even the patriarch wouldn’t have thought that the person who would discover the secret ten thousand years later would be a little girl without spiritual power.

“Why don’t we compromise? If Yun Chujiu can be ranked in the top ten in the new disciple trial one year later, then we’ll acknowledge her identity as the Little Ancestor Yun. If she can’t be ranked, then we’ll give her a spot as an inner disciple…” We’ll let her peacefully spend the rest of her life in our Spirit Radiance Sect!” Elder Xiao said with a frown.

As soon as Elder Xiao finished speaking, the elders who held opposing opinions expressed their agreement. “Sect master, Elder Xiao’s idea isn’t bad! We also think that this is a good way to handle it!”

These elders thought to themselves. Yun Chujiu, a good-for-nothing without any spirit energy, wanted to be ranked in the top ten. That was simply wishful thinking. This way, they could not only shut her mouth, but also prevent Spirit Radiance Sect from becoming a laughingstock. It was truly a very good idea.

Master Xuanyuan frowned. Getting into the top ten within a year was clearly just to make things difficult for Yun Chujiu. It was simply impossible for Yun Chujiu to achieve. Just as Master Xuanyuan was about to say something, Yun Chujiu spoke.

“Little Xuanyuan, you don’t have to make things difficult for me. I will agree to it. When the time comes, this little ancestor will definitely make you completely convinced! However, Little Xuanyuan, you have to agree to three additional conditions.”

“Little Ancestor, please speak!” Master Xuanyuan was truly speechless. This little girl had entered the character too quickly, right?! Always thinking of herself as ‘Little Ancestor’. Her skin was extraordinarily thick!

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