The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 166 - Yun Chujiu

Chapter 166: Yun Chujiu

Everyone was dumbfounded, and only Yun Chujiu was feeling proud of herself. She deserved it! ‘I said to take advantage of this easy to obtain and highly rewarding situation! Who knew it was so easy for me?!’

Although they did not know what was hidden between her eyebrows, it was definitely not simple. In the end, they were still doing her a favor. ‘This feeling of everyone losing and me winning alone was too satisfying, okay?!’

Although this fellow was feeling proud in her heart, she had an expression of disbelief on her face. “Just now, this stick was still chasing after me. How did it suddenly become a rolling pin?!”

The corners of everyone’s eyes twitched. Needless to say, Yun Chujiu’s words were quite appropriate. This stick was really not much different from a rolling pin.

However, everyone felt that something was strange. Just a moment ago, this stick was still awe-inspiring. How did it become a rolling pin in the next moment?

Master Xuanyuan looked at the sky. After all this trouble, the sun was starting to rise from the east. He frowned and said, “First, stick this stick with a confinement talisman and then put it into the Spirit Tool Pavilion. We’ll investigate when we have time.”

Master Xuanyuan paused at this point and looked at Yun Chujiu. There was a conflicted expression on his face, as if there were some words that he could not say.

Everyone was puzzled. What was wrong with the sect master?

Feng Ming was shocked. Could it be that the sect master was going to blame Junior Sister Little Jiu?!

Yun Chujiu’s heart also sank. If the sect master really wanted to punish her, she would say that she was not the one who pried up the green stone slab, and that she was not the one who dug up the soil. What right did he have to punish her?! Right! If he wanted to punish her, he would say so.

Master Xuanyuan pondered for a long time before finally continuing, “When the successive leaders of the Spirit Radiance Sect passed on the throne, they would pass on a verbal order from the founder of the Spirit Radiance Sect, Patriarch Linghua. That is, if any of the Linghua disciples were to discover the secret of the Southern Jade Square, that person would be his successor disciple.”

After Master Xuanyuan finished speaking, there was no reaction from the crowd for a long time. They understood every word that the sect leader said. However, they could not put two and two together!

Suddenly, Feng Ming cried out in surprise, “Heavens! Sect leader, do you mean that Junior Sister Little Jiu is now the personal disciple of our Spirit Radiance Sect’s founder, Patriarch Linghua?”

Master Xuanyuan smiled bitterly and nodded.

Boom! The elders finally reacted. They could not believe their ears.

Elder Qu counted with his fingers. “We are the tenth generation disciples of the Spirit Radiance Sect. If the tan girl is the personal disciple of the founder then she is the second generation disciple. We can’t even be considered as great-great-grandchildren…”

“Sect master, are you kidding me?” Xiao Panshi’s old face turned red. He could not accept the fact that this tan girl who did not have any spiritual power had suddenly become an elder with an extremely high seniority.

Master Xuanyuan smiled bitterly and nodded. For a moment, he also wanted to hide this verbal order, but he decided against it. Patriarch Linghua must have had his reasons for doing so.

Yun Chujiu’s heart was practically bubbling with joy! What did it mean to become rich overnight? What did it mean to have a piece of pie falling from the sky? What did it mean to walk a dog, it defecating and having luck fall into your arms? Hahaha! She, Yun Chujiu, was finally going to stand out and glorify her ancestors! ‘All of you scums, tremble!’

This fellow had long since selectively forgotten that it was not her who pried up the stone slab and that it was not her who dug up the soil.

“The tenth generation sect master of the Spirit Radiance Sect, Xuanyuan Changkong, greets Master Yun!” Master Xuanyuan respectfully bowed to Yun Chujiu.

When the others saw Master Xuanyuan did that, although they were not convinced, they did not dare to be negligent. “Greeting Master Yun!”

“Cough cough!” Yun Chujiu coughed dryly. “Everyone. Children. Please stand up!”

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