The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 11 - Why Don’t You Go and Exist Somewhere Else and Not In Front of Me, Trash?!

"Redecorate my face? I'm already pretty enough, how exactly are you going to redecorate my face and improve on perfection?"

"Yun Chujiu, how dare you talk back to me! Trust me, you won't want to leave the head of household's residence from now on, because if you do, I'll make sure that you suffer!" Yun Chuer said ruthlessly.

He did not dare bully Yun Chujiu in the head of household's residence, as Yun Xiaotian would not let him off lightly if he were to find out.

"Screw you! Why don't you show me what you've got and make me suffer now! You're all talk and no action! Look at how stupid your face is! Are you sure that your name is Yun Chuer and not Yun Moron? You're a total imbecile! Nimwit!" A hint of anger flashed past Yun Chujiu's eyes. 'Bastard! How dare he try to extort money from me?! I must make sure that he returns all the money he stole in the past!'

Never had Yun Chuer expected that Yun Chujiu had the guts to scold him. When he saw how the servants around them were gossiping about what was happening, he immediately became embarrassed and furious. "You…! Alright, Yun Chujiu. Since you do not know how to respect your elders, I'll teach you a lesson or two!"

Yun Chuer extended his hand and was about to slap Yun Chujiu across the face.

All the servants in the head of household's residence became so frightened that they shut their eyes. 'Oh no! The second young master is in the Second Level of Spirit Refinement Realm. The ninth young mistress will definitely be sent flying from that blow!'

But against their expectations, Yun Chujiu nimbly hopped to the side and dodged Yun Chuer's hand.

"Yun Chuer, are you blind or something? I'm just standing here, so why aren't you able to hit me? Oh my, why are you so stupid?"

Yun Chujiu hopped around like a little bunny, and Yun Chuer could not even slap the fabric of her robe even after trying for a long time.

All the servants widened their eyes. Holy cow! Even though weird things happened all the time, there were a great deal of strange occurrences today! Since when was the ninth young mistress so nimble?

Yun Chujiu was pleased with herself. As it seemed, being in the Second Level of Spirit Refinement Realm was actually… well, nothing. If that were the case, she would not hold back anymore. 

'Why don't you go and exist somewhere else instead of in front of me, trash?!'

Yun Chujiu found an opening and kicked Yun Chuer's stomach.

Yun Chuer fell on his back in a most violent, graceless spectacle. 

Yun Chujiu furrowed her eyebrows. The body that she was occupying right now was too weak. If she had her body from the modern era, she could have kicked Yun Chuer so hard that he was flung more than hundreds of feet away. However, she was only able to fling Yun Chuer dozens of meters away this time.

Yun Chuer froze for a moment before he started cursing. "You rotten and heartless sl*t! How dare you kick me?! Just wait and see how I'm going to make you suffer!" 

The moment Yun Chuer rose to his feet, Yun Chujiu jumped forward and gave him multiple kicks! 

She kicked, and kicked, and kicked...

Yun Chujiu became addicted to kicking Yun Chuer, and she muttered as she kicked, "Kick, kick, kick the ball. Kick it very high. Kick it over the garden wall, kick it to the sky [1]…"

In the beginning, Yun Chuer was still cursing Yun Chujiu loudly, but by the end of it, he could do nothing but cry in pain.

Some of those servants who were watching rubbed their eyes, and some even pinched themselves for a reality check. Holy cow, since when did the ninth young mistress become so powerful!?

After Yun Chujiu had enough fun, she snatched Yun Chuer's money pouch over. She opened it and pursed her lips. "Wow, you're seriously poor, aren't you?! I'm giving you one month to return the one thousand taels of silver you extorted from me, or else, I'll beat you up every single time I see you!"

But Yun Chuer was built tough. Aside from this, he also possessed spiritual energy. At that moment, he had already recovered from the blows, and he said fiercely, "Yun Chujiu, you little sl*t! I'll never forgive you!"

"Oh wow, it seems like I was being too nice. Well, don't blame me for being cruel this time!" Yun Chujiu smiled slyly at Yun Chuer and poked Yun Chuer's body a few times. Immediately after that, Yun Chuer started shouting in pain like a pig being slaughtered.

Translator's Note:

[1] Kick, kick, kick the ball. Kick it very high. Kick it over the garden wall, kick it to the sky: This is not the original text. "Lift your leg, kick the ball. Twenty-one iris lacteas bloom, then two eight two five six, two eight two five seven." is. The latter is a rhyme in a game played by children in kicking a ball, and its main function serves in building rhythm. But once we translated it, we found that it lost its rhythm, and after much deliberation, we decided to use another nursery rhyme about kicking balls that also serve to act as the rhythm when children kick balls around so that you would have a clearer idea of the rhythm of Yun Chujiu's kicks. 

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