The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 10 - Flying Into a Rage

Soon, Chun Yu found her a rope. The young maid trembled like a leaf as she handed the rope to Yun Chujiu. Chun Yu made up her mind right then and there. 'If the young mistress tries to hang herself, I will stop her no matter what.'

Yun Chujiu took the rope. She then went to one of the trees in the courtyard and broke off one of the thinner tree branches. After that, she tied the tree branch to her back using the rope.

"Young Mistress, what… what are you doing?" Chun Yun was extremely worried. Could it be that something had horribly traumatized her young mistress and she had gone crazy?!

"Keep a watchful eye on my room. I'm going to see my grandpa," Yun Chujiu said. She then headed to Yun Xiaotian's study with a spring in her step.

All the servants in the Yun family's home were confused and bewildered when they saw how weird Yun Chujiu's getup was.

"Doesn't the ninth young mistress only wear black? Why is she wearing the disciple's white uniform today?"

"Has she gone mad? Why is there a tree branch on her back?

"It's Young Master Changqing's death anniversary today. Could it be that the young mistress received some kind of a shock because of it?"

"Cut it out! Forgive me for being rude, but this ninth young mistress of ours spends all of her time chasing after Bai Moyu. She probably doesn't even remember what day it is!"

"I remember that on Young Master Changqing's previous death anniversary, she didn't put much effort into the prayers or shed a single tear. Right after that, she headed to a restaurant on a date with Bai Moyu. What an ungrateful piece of crap!"

"Shh, don't be so loud! If she hears it, she'll complain to the head of the household again. If that happens, we'll definitely get punished."

"Hmph! She's the reason why all the branch members of the Yun family have serious problems with the head of the household. But our head of the household is a kind man. He should just expel people like her out of the Yun family."


Yun Chujiu had a tremendously acute sense of hearing, and she could hear everyone's low murmurs. As a result, she staggered a little. 'Bloody hell, why did I transmigrate into the body of such a friggin' weirdo?!'

After analyzing what the servants said and what her original persona did before she died, Yun Chujiu concluded that Yun Xiaotian had hidden the fact that the Soul-Gathering Pill was stolen. Hence, Yun Chujiu became quite fond of this newfound grandpa of hers whom she had not met yet. Considering the fact that he could treat such an ungrateful prat so well, Yun Xiaotian had to be a kind and loving man who valued his family and friends a lot.

It might also possibly be because Yun Xiaotian loved his youngest son very much, and he felt sorry that Yun Changqing had died at such a young age. As he could no longer show love to his deceased son, he gave all of his love to Yun Chujiu instead. It was such a shame that the moronic twat, who also happened to be her original persona, did not appreciate that love. 

As Yun Chujiu was thinking things over with her head lowered, someone stood in her way.

"Wow, is there going to be a blue moon tonight? Yun Chujiu, it's so rare to see you not loitering around with Bai Moyu! Hehe, why aren't you wearing one of those crow-like robes of yours? What's with the tree branch on your back? Could it be that this is one of Bai Moyu's fetishes? Hahaha!"

The one speaking was Yun Chuer, who was the second eldest grandchild in the family. He was nineteen this year, and he often bullied Yun Chujiu.

Yun Chujiu rolled her eyes discreetly. There were truly all kinds of people in the world, and no one should be surprised even when they met the weirdest, most outlandish sort of people, considering how big the world was.

Hence, someone like Yun Chuer existed. Yun Chuer bullied her original persona quite a lot, and it was one of the reasons why her original persona constantly thought badly of people in the Yun family and obstinately refused to change her perspective of them. 

"Second Brother, I'm in a hurry to look for Grandpa right now. Can you please make way?" Yun Chujiu said flatly.

Yun Chuer was dumbfounded for a moment. Yun Chujiu usually looked extremely glum and sullen like the whole world was against her. Why did she look so calm today?

"I don't mind making way for you, but I'm a little short on cash these days. Give me one hundred taels of silver!" Yun Chuer said with a dark smile. Even though Yun Chujiu was an orphan girl, that old man, Yun Xiaotian never deprived her of money.

"One hundred taels? Why don't you go and rob someone? Shoo! Go away! Get out of my sight!" Yun Chujiu only loved two things in life—food and money. The moment she heard that Yun Chuer wanted money, she immediately flew into a rage like a cat whose tail had been stepped on!

Yun Chuer was shocked by the fierce and grotesque expression on Yun Chujiu's face. He had been extorting money from Yun Chujiu since day one, so why was she suddenly so worked up about it today?

Yun Chuer could not help but feel embarrassed and angry. "Yun Chujiu, I'm trying to be nice to you here, so you better appreciate it! You're just an ungrateful brat living off of us while secretly helping our enemies! If you don't hand over the silver, trust me, I'm going to redecorate your face with my fist!"

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