The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Chapter 47 the daughter of the Huo family


The wealthy owner of the northern part of the city heard someone bid a million dollars and almost raised the price of this piece of land once again. His heart was instantly filled with excitement.

Gu Ruochu heard this and looked towards the source of the voice. She realized that the woman who had bid was not far away from her. Coincidentally, Gu Yanwei was also beside her.

Heh, this Gu Yanwei is really haunting me. Didn’t she say that she had a social engagement tonight She did not follow Huo Nanchen to entertain guests and instead came here to find trouble with me?

“Ah Chu, why are you here too? What a coincidence. ” Gu Yanwei’s face was filled with surprise but she maintained her smile. “This gentleman beside me… why do I feel like I’ve never seen him before? ”

Gu Yanwei looked at Rong Xiao with an inquisitive look in her eyes as if there was something fishy going on between them.

She ignored Gu Yanwei and looked at Rong Xiao next to her. This was because Gu Ruochu realized that the woman who was bidding against her seemed to dislike her.

“Who is this woman? ”

Rong Xiao could be said to be an all-knowing man in an city. He only glanced at the woman Then, he managed to obtain information about her, “this woman can be considered to be your sister-in-law. She’s Huo Zhenggang’s illegitimate daughter from his chaotic private life in his early years. It seems that she has been living outside with her mother all these years. You have to be careful of her. A child raised by a mistress has never been simple.”

Gu Ruochu finally understood. It seems that Gu Yanwei has found another gunman to deal with her. Not only did she find out where she had gone, she also knew that she was going to bid on this piece of land.

“1.2 million! ”

Gu Ruochu’s bid caused Huo Jingjing to call out an even higher price without any fear, “1.5 million! ”

Rong Xiao’s face instantly darkened.

This woman did not intend to auction this piece of land sincerely, she was deliberately causing trouble. This price had long surpassed the true value of the land. If they were to insist on bidding for it, they would suffer a loss.

“Is there anyone else who is willing to bid higher than 1,500,000? ”

The host shouted from the stage. Huo Jingjing turned towards Gu Ruochu with a smile, “Gu Ruochu, why aren’t you bidding anymore? ”

“1,600,000! ”

Huo Jingjing refused to be outdone, “1,650,000! ”

Gasps could be heard from the surroundings. Who would have thought that the land in the northern part of the city would be sold for more than 1,000,000!

“Who is that? Why did she make such a high bid! ”

“You probably don’t know this, but this is the only daughter of the Huo family. ”

But, she was an illegitimate daughter. But, the illegitimate daughter of the huo family was different from the average person.

“So, it’s the eldest daughter of the Huo family! ”

The crowd began to discuss amongst themselves. The way they looked at her was different; it was filled with respect and humility. Even the staff of the night parade were being very polite.

“continue shouting. Don’t tell me you don’t have any money? It seems like my brother doesn’t treat you very well. He can’t even bear to spend money on you. ” Huo Jingjing enjoyed the feeling of being high and mighty She glanced at Rong Xiao, “what’s wrong? You’re actually fooling around with a man when my brother isn’t around! What a shameless B * Tch! Can’t you leave a man alone? ”

Rong Xiao’s expression changed. He hated it when someone insulted Gu Ruochu in front of her.

Huo Jingjing deliberately amplified her voice to attract the whispers of the people around her.

So, this was Madam Huo!

Upon hearing the word ‘Madam Huo’ , the people present basically understood the woman’s identity.

In a private room on the third floor, a bewitching figure leaned against the SOFA. There was nothing unusual in the pitch-black room. It gave off a low-key and luxurious feeling.

The man raised his wine glass and raised it lightly. The wind and clouds in his eyes changed.

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