The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Chapter 40 cooperation


This kind of tattered cloth is only for appreciation and has no warmth at all. If she were to really wear it, she would not know how to face Huo Nanchen. Gu ruochu quickly changed into her pajamas as she pushed open the bathroom door and quickly moved towards the wardrobe.

She did not notice the man who was leaning against the headboard of the large european-style soft bed and reading a magazine. When he heard the sound of the bathroom door opening, he subconsciously raised his head.

Gu Ruochu had just touched the wardrobe door when she felt a strong gaze that could not be ignored. It landed on her body.

She suddenly had an ominous feeling and turned around to meet a certain someone’s gaze. Huo Nanchen was still leaning against the door with a noble and cold expression, but his gaze was very subtle.

At that moment, their eyes met.

Gu Ruochu,”…”

She did not know what to make of her expression and the two stared at each other for a few seconds.

He looked at her. His eyes, which had been UNMOVING for ten thousand years, were like the stars that had suddenly twinkled under the dark night sky. Then, they turned into a deep, UNMOVING pool.

It was as if there was a thick layer of fog in the depths of his eyes. His deep, Mesmerizing eyes stared fixedly at her and did not avoid looking at the person in front of him.

The air conditioner was clearly turned on quite high, so why did she still feel so stifled and depressed.

“When did you come in? ” Gu Ruochu asked in order to break the awkward atmosphere. No matter how calm a person was, he could not remain calm at this moment!

Huo Nanchen, don’t tell me that you think that I’m trying to seduce him on purpose?

“You didn’t hear me when you just came in. What are these pieces of rags? ”

He continued to stare at her and his ears turned inexplicably red. However, he would not be able to tell if he did not look carefully.

Gu Ruochu,”…”

There was not a single piece of ordinary pajamas in her wardrobe. All of them were of this style!

Gu Ruochu’s face was stiff as she scanned the room. She then reached out and pulled on an ordinary dress. In the next second, a tall figure leaned over from behind. His fair and slender hand reached out and closed the wardrobe behind Gu Ruochu.

His hand reached out from behind and in an instant, he looked like he was hugging her from behind. “…”

With this movement, it was inevitable that their bodies would come into contact. Gu Ruochu’s entire body stiffened. She wondered if this fellow was taking advantage of her!

Gu Ruochu remembered that he had said that he would never fall in love with her. It was better not to explain anything. Sometimes, explaining was just a cover-up. There was no need to cause any misunderstandings.

She ignored Huo Nanchen’s reaction and walked towards the computer. She had always wanted to sign an agreement with Huo Nanchen so that her future path would be smoother, such as in the entertainment industry.

Huo Nanchen’s gaze calmly fell on her departing figure. An indescribable feeling suddenly rose in his heart.

The Room was completely silent. Less than half an hour later, a document appeared before Huo Nanchen’s eyes. On the cover page, there were four large words: Marriage agreement.

“What is this? ”

His sharp gaze fell upon her face once again.

“Huo Nanchen, I know that you did not intend to marry me. I have always disliked pestering and pestering. In the future, I will not interfere in any of your matters. Similarly, you can not interfere in my matters. I hope that we can work together happily. ”

She knew that if she were to voluntarily withdraw from this condition, it would be in exchange for him allowing her to enter the entertainment industry.

It’s very fair, isn’t it?

Gu Ruochu handed him the marriage agreement. One of the clauses was about the divorce agreement.

Huo Nanchen had never thought that this woman would take the initiative to ask for his freedom in a marriage that he had single-handedly led.


Does this woman really want to leave me so eagerly?

He carefully read the contents of the document and suddenly raised his head, “you want to enter the entertainment industry? Why do you want to enter the entertainment industry? ”

“No reason, because the entertainment industry is not just about fame and fortune. There are also things that I want. ” Gu Ruochu was already sitting leisurely on the Small Sofa. Her slender legs were curled up in a carefree and unrestrained manner.

It was clearly a vulgar action, but there was only elegance and unruliness in her body. There was a contradictory sense of beauty.

“Is that the only reason you want to sign such a lousy agreement with me? ” A cold light appeared in Huo Nanchen’s exquisite eyes. “You can do whatever you want. There’s no need for you to sign such an agreement with me. ”

Huo Nanchen quickly tore the agreement in his hand into pieces. Fragments flew down from his powerful fingertips, but his expression remained indifferent.

Gu Ruochu paused and her narrowed eyes returned to this man.

This man means that no matter if I give him his freedom or not, he will not interfere with my entry into the entertainment industry.

She frowned. Can’t he just talk nicely and tear me apart at the slightest disagreement? Doesn’t he know that I’ve been preparing for this for a long time?

In that case, let’s work together happily, Huo Nanchen.

After settling this matter, Gu Ruochu climbed onto the big bed with a clear conscience and planned to rest well. Just as she was about to lie down, a magazine suddenly flew towards her.

“What is it? ”

Huo Nanchen had already climbed onto the bed. His slender fingers tapped on the cover of the magazine and said calmly, “read a paragraph from the magazine for me. ”

Gu Ruochu felt a little baffled. Can’t I read it myself Why do I have to read it out loud?

“Huo, I want to go to bed. ”

“read this paragraph. ” His eyes were as deep as the sea and the corners of his eyes were drawn. He raised his eyes and glanced at her, “I agree to let you do what you want to do. Can’t you even fulfill this small request? ”

“just read it then. Why are you so long-winded and reasonable? ”

Huo Nanchen’s face darkened again. You actually think that I’m long-winded?

Gu Ruochu took the magazine. It was a world-famous economic magazine with a series of boring numbers on it. Wasn’t Huo Nanchen afraid that he would not be able to fall asleep if he heard this?

Huo Nanchen felt his tensed nerves subconsciously relax when he heard her gentle voice in the bedroom. He rubbed his temples and closed his eyes.

She seems to be… … Really his best medicine …

His heart was at peace as he listened to her voice.

In less than a few minutes, Gu Ruochu saw the exquisite side profile of her face. It was completely different from the devil’s face she had seen during the day. It was much calmer now.

Gu Ruochu stopped reading her magazine and turned off the bedside lamp.

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