The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me

Chapter 1999

Chapter 1999: Chapter 1984, fantasy


As they talked, they went to the new restaurant outside the school. The new restaurant was opened by an old lady.

My grandmother had a grandson who helped out in the restaurant.

“This is your girlfriend. Last time you came, you said she was really beautiful. “

The Old Lady seemed to be familiar with Gu Yinshu. She came over and greeted them. She even poured them a pot of plum tea.

“Yes, Old Lady. We will come here often to eat in the future. “

“You young people are so good. You’re in the best of times. “

The old grandma put down the teapot with some emotion and couldn’t help but say something.

“This is the plum tea that I specially brewed. I picked it on the mountain last time. Have a taste. “

“thank you, grandma. “

They had just started drinking tea and indeed, they felt that this tea was different from other people’s tea. It was very fresh and unlike those drinks, it felt a little greasy after drinking it.

“Grandma, this tea is really delicious. “

“It’s good that you like it. “

The old grandma took the teapot away with a smile, planning to make another pot for them.

Soon, their beef fried rice was served. The beef here was especially heavy, almost the same as the beef at Sui Xin’s house.

When she thought of Sui Xin at home, she felt a little emotional. It seemed that she had not been home for a long time.

Ever since his father’s accident, Sui Xin had never returned home. He was wholeheartedly studying at school.

Fortunately, nothing major happened to his father. Gu Yinshu had always sent people to take care of him there. Most of the time, Sui Xin would also go there to take a look. His father recovered very quickly.

Although his father didn’t have much time to go to work now, he could take the opportunity to have a good rest. After all, he was also very tired from work.

His mother had also been resting in the hospital, and occasionally went out to do odd jobs.

It was all thanks to the family’s savings that they were able to hold on for the past six months.

Gu Yinshu had been secretly helping them. They basically didn’t need to pay for the hospital fees.

Life was even smoother than usual. Freewill didn’t feel that the incident had cast a shadow on him.

After dinner, the two young lovers held hands and returned to the classroom.

“Are you guys back from dinner? “

Chen Shuxin saw that she was packing again and thought that he was going somewhere She did not expect that they would actually go to the piano room to practice.

She had seen Gu Yinshu practicing the piano before. He was sitting there so perfectly that he did not look like a real person.

She had to see such a beautiful scenery. Song Yan saw that she was so excited about the piano, so he held her hand and planned to go with his girlfriend. Anyway, he had nothing to do.

Therefore, there were only four people practicing the piano.

Sui Xin had been mischievous and mischievous, especially when Gu Yinshu was playing the piano. She also started to press the Black and white keys with her fingers.

Under her fingers, what was playing was not beautiful music, but some messy noises.

“Sui Xin, why are you so mischievous? You are making trouble again. ” Chen Shuxin could not help but burst into laughter. Of course, Gu Yinshu did not care at all. The smile on his lips became more and more gentle.

Looking at these two people, one was talking seriously, while the other was making trouble again.

The sunlight radiated a faint light on their bodies.

Chen Shuxin stood to the side and watched. Suddenly, she felt as if she had walked into a dream-like fairytale world.

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