The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me

Chapter 1628

Chapter 1628: Chapter 1614 she was about to cry


She was really, really jealous of this girl.

“No, let go of me. ”

Qiu Qingqing wanted to escape, but in this semi-enclosed place, a little girl like her could not escape at all.

A few bodyguards quickly caught her. No matter how much Qiu Qingqing screamed or how much she resisted, it was useless. The bodyguards almost used verbal violence to make the girl let out a scream.

Seeing the girl in such a miserable state, Zhang Manli felt a perverted pleasure.

Soon, she went upstairs. Qiu Qingqing was drunk by a glass of wine. Her vision was blurred, and she couldn’t see clearly what the person in front of her looked like.

“No… ”

The girl curled up on the Sofa in agony, as if she was waiting for the beast to tear her apart. The big, fat old man had already entered the private room under Zhang Manli’s instructions.

However, as soon as he sat down, a scream came from the private room. It was a man.

Zhang Manli’s face instantly turned pale. She twisted the door open and was stunned when she saw the tall figure.

“Jingcheng? ”

Panic appeared in her eyes for a moment. She did not expect Shen Jingcheng to appear in this private room at this time.

In front of him, the girl stuck out her tongue because of the heat, as if she was being tortured. She rolled on the Sofa in pain.

“Jingcheng, listen to me. We need a woman to help us get this business deal. It just so happens that your little niece… ”

“Did I say that you are not allowed to touch her? ” The man’s cold voice was heard. His narrowed eyes were extremely cold. “Zhang Manli, I think you don’t take my words seriously at all. ”

The quilt in his hand had already split open when he put it down.

“Jing… Jingcheng… ” Zhang Manli was almost scared to tears by him, but the man did not give her any leeway. “Zhang Manli, go to hell. ”

Obviously, he was already in a rage. He raised his foot and kicked the woman onto the glass window.

The people in the private room were so scared by the scene that they did not dare to move or make a sound.

Shen Jingcheng did not expect that Zhang Manli would actually dare to attack Qiu Qingqing. Fortunately, he had received the news quickly. If anything happened to Qingqing, he would really not be able to escape the blame!

“Uncle. ”

Qiu Qingqing felt very uncomfortable. Shen Jingcheng’s face, which had been tense all this time, showed a hint of relief and embarrassment. In the end, he personally carried the girl up.

Her body was like a furnace.

“Uncle, I feel so uncomfortable. ”

“I’ll send you to the nearby hospital right away. ” Shen Jingcheng carried her out of the private room. His coat was covered outside.

When everyone saw Shen Jingcheng’s expression, which was like the King of Hell, they all retreated to the side in fear, afraid that they would anger the big boss.

“Uncle, I’m really hot. ” Her tongue kept sticking out and even started to bite his neck. It was as if there was a piece of cold jade in front of her, so she kept biting on this piece of cold jade, hoping that she could feel more comfortable.

Shen Jingcheng used his hand to block it, but later found that it was useless.

“Sir. ”

The driver immediately opened the car door, and Shen Jingcheng put the girl on the car seat. “Go to the nearest hospital immediately. It has to be immediately. ”

“Okay. ”

The car drove off very quickly. Qiu Qingqing also knew that her current appearance was really embarrassing. She gritted her teeth and endured it. Suddenly, she felt a hand caressing her face, cold and cool.

She was like a cat, repeatedly rubbing against the palm of that hand. Shen Jingcheng felt pity for her.

“We’re almost at the hospital. Qingqing, bear with it. ”

“Okay. ” She was about to cry. Shen Jingcheng’s deep eyes had an indescribable complication.

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