The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me

Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416: Chapter 1404 she could not escape


He opened his eyes and saw a very dark abyss, but he was not afraid of anything when he hugged Yi Yu.

This was probably called redemption.

She could not escape.

“Come here. ” Fu Li’s eyes were blurry as he started to bite her neck. Yi Yu did not know why he suddenly started to bite her. She wanted to push him away, but she felt that she was being pretentious.

“Fu Li. ” She opened her arms a little awkwardly and hugged the person in front of her tightly. It was as if she was completely dragged into hell.

“Little Yuduo, I love you. ”

It was messy and crazy. She was forced to lock herself in a certain place. It was bone-deep and joyful. The sweat on his body kept falling down, but he had no intention of stopping.

“I… I also… Love You. ”

He was completely immersed. When he woke up the next morning, without exception, his eyes turned black. The man beside him was still sleeping soundly.

This was really… … He looked like he had been hollowed out. He still had to work today. He did not know how many times he would be mocked by the people in the company …

Forget it. He should get up and go to work first.

After washing up, he found that the man had also woken up. He put on his shirt and ordered breakfast.

“You’re awake? ”

“Yes. I’ll send you to work after you eat breakfast. ”

“Do you have a headache? ” Yi Yu reached out and touched his forehead. He had drunk so much alcohol, but he didn’t take his body seriously.

“It doesn’t hurt. I took the hangover medicine. You Fed me. ”

Yi Yu’s face was a little red. She rolled her eyes at him and got up.

While eating breakfast, Yi Yu called Xiao Mi a few more times, but the other party didn’t pick up.

Yi Yu was very worried about her because he did not pick up the call yesterday and did not pick up the call this morning. When she thought of Xiao Mi crying after work yesterday, her heart immediately tightened.

Could something have happened After all, she just found out that her boyfriend cheated on her yesterday.

“What’s wrong? ” Seeing her frown, Fu Li could not help but ask.

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday that I was going to visit a friend? I did not get through to her last night and today, and she did not reply to my text messages. ” Yi Yu looked a little anxious.

“where’s her home? I’ll send you there today to take a look. Ask Your boss for a day off. ”

“That’s all I can do. ” Yi Yu was really worried about Xiao Mi so she could only ask Gu Ruochu for a day off on Wechat. Gu Ruochu did not ask any further and allowed it.

After breakfast, Yi Yu rushed to Xiao Mi’s home.

“Wait for me downstairs. I’ll go check on her. ” Yi Yu let go of the man’s hand and Fu Li nodded. It was only a few cigarettes’ time anyway.

Yi Yu immediately went upstairs and rang the doorbell as she continued to call her.

After a while, the door opened. When Yi Yu saw Xiao Mi, she was relieved. “Xiao Mi, why aren’t you answering my calls? I almost thought something happened to you! ”

Xiao Mi saw Yi Yu, but she was not as happy as she thought. Instead, her attitude was very cold. “What are you doing here? ”

After opening the door, Xiao MI staggered in.

Yi Yu knew that she might have been angry with her yesterday, and she felt very guilty because it was indeed her fault. She was not worthy to be Xiao Mi’s friend.

“Xiao Mi, I’m sorry. Last night… ”

“You don’t have to say sorry to me. You’re no longer in my circle. You’re someone who’s about to marry into a rich and handsome family. How could I dare to be good friends with you? “. “Miss Yi, I didn’t know how to appreciate favors in the past. Don’t take it to heart that you’re a magnanimous person. ”

Yi Yu felt that something was wrong when she heard this. She felt a little helpless. “Xiao Mi, what are you talking about? We’ve always been good friends. What happened? Did you have a misunderstanding about me? Xiao Mi, I’m really sorry for what happened yesterday. I’m sorry. ”

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