The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me

Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204: Chapter 1196


After being disturbed by him, she did not feel sleepy at all.

Xie Ziyu was curled up in the quilt. She felt a faint fragrance lingering around her. She did not know if it was her imagination.

She stuck her head out of the quilt and exhaled again.


She was so embarrassed just now. How could she still blush?

The woman hugged the quilt tightly and covered her face. She felt that the temperature on her face did not disappear at all. She covered her face even more tightly and her heart continued to pound.

Strange, was she sick?


“Are you free tomorrow? ”

When she heard the voice from outside, Xie Ziyu realized that he hadn’t left yet. She pulled down the blanket and saw that figure. She was still a little frightened.

“Yes, what’s wrong? ”

Lu Jinye coughed lightly, as though he had realized that he had been too irritable just now.

Now that he thought about it, perhaps he had still been a little rough with her.

“If you’re free, let’s have lunch together. I’ll end the scene tomorrow at noon. ”

“Oh. ”

The voice from under the blanket didn’t change much. Lu Jinye looked down at the side of the woman lying on the bed, but he felt that he shouldn’t apologize.

“I’m going to sleep next door. Rest well. ”

After saying that, he turned to leave. The sound of the door closing came from the door. It wasn’t until the room returned to its original silence that Xie Ziyu hugged the blanket and sat up.

All sorts of emotions were mixed together.

Her phone had already been bombarded with all sorts of messages and wechat messages. When she saw Ning Feng send her more than ten messages, they were all filled with all sorts of concerns and inquiries.

She scrolled down and was about to reply, but she immediately saw the dozens of messages that Xiangxiang sent her. Her heart skipped a beat. This was bad!

“Ziyu, you got married? You actually got married without telling me? Are You rebelling? ! You married me without saying a word? ”

“Who did you marry? When did you get to know each other? And you’re pregnant? ? ”

“Why did you reply to me? Where did you go? I was so worried! ”

“Aiya, I’m so angry. Did you get cheated into marriage? What’s the other party’s character like? ”

Seeing so many questions, Xie Ziyu smiled bitterly. For a moment, she did not know which to answer first.

The two of them had been friends for so many years, so they knew everything about each other.

“Xiangxiang, calm down. Listen to me slowly. ”

Xu Xiangxiang was waiting for her online. When she saw that she had finally appeared, she suppressed the urge to interrogate her. She subconsciously grabbed the little rabbit’s ear and said, “okay, tell me slowly. Don’t tell me that you really married yourself off for that bastard? ”

“No, it’s a long story. I’ll talk to you in detail when we meet. ”

As she was about to reach 30, Xu Xiangxiang was the only person who supported her not to settle for her age. She felt that there was no need to entrust her life to someone who was not worth it.

“Okay. ” Xu Xiangxiang held back her hand that was about to shake off the keyboard. She stared at the screen. “Then which smelly man did you tell me you married? ”

“Lu Jinye. ”

“Tsk, good, I know you’re a fan. ”

Xie Ziyu:”… my husband is really Lu Jinye!”

Xu Xiangxiang thought that she had seen wrongly. After repeatedly confirming the man’s name, Xu Xiangxiang felt that if she was in front of her, she would have already stared at her until her entire body was riddled with holes.

She saw a series of emojis sent by Xu Xiangxiang. “Did you not wake up today, or did you become stupid because you kicked a child in your stomach? ”

As long as it was a woman online, she would call Lu Jinye her husband whenever she saw him.

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