The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: A Blind Freshman from the Music Academy?

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Feng Qing’s long hair blew gently. Her fair skin, pink lips, and even her soulless eyes were incomparably beautiful.

At this moment, Feng Jianing was even more shocked than when she first met Feng Qing three years ago. At that time, looking at the immature Feng Qing, Feng Jianing’s intuition told her that she absolutely couldn’t let this woman come back. She would definitely take everything away from her!

Feng Jianing felt that everything before her eyes was an illusion. Could it be that Feng Yiru’s perfume was still effective? She could see ghosts in broad daylight?

With a scream that caught her off guard, Feng Jianing was just like Feng Qing back then. She missed her footing and rolled down the stairs.

Tang Pan, who was still flattering Feng Jianing just now, was shocked by this sudden accident. She indeed looked down on Feng Jianing, but she couldn’t show it on her face. She couldn’t afford to offend the Feng family in Jiangdu.

Seeing Feng Jianing fall, Tang Pan hurriedly ran down to help Feng Jianing up. However, when she was holding Feng Jianing’s hand, she wasn’t careful at all. Wherever Feng Jianing hurt, she would touch it.

She raised her hand and pressed it on Feng Jianing’s forehead that had been injured by the stairs. Feng Jianing let out another scream!

Tang Pan shouted exaggeratedly, “Ah! Jianing, are you in a lot of pain? Bear with it, you’re bleeding. I’ll help you stop the bleeding.”

“Ah! I’m bleeding? Hurry and bring me to the infirmary!” As Feng Jianing shouted, she raised her eyes to look at the person who had appeared just now. However, there was already no trace of her in the stairwell. Feng Jianing only took it as an illusion and hurriedly rushed towards the infirmary…

The change in Feng Jianing’s side didn’t even cause any emotional fluctuations to Feng Qing because Feng Qing had left the scene. The guide had just received news that the Dean wanted to see Feng Qing, so she brought Feng Qing to the Dean’s office.

The guide was a young lady who had just graduated a year ago. Her surname was Bai. The moment she reached the office building, her phone rang.

“What? I’ll be right there! Don’t panic…” Instructor Bai put down the phone and looked at Feng Qing awkwardly. “Student Feng Qing, something happened to the student who will deliver the speech as the representative of the freshmen this afternoon. This is very important. I have to go take a look. You… What should we do? The Director still wants to see you!”

Actually, Instructor Bai wanted Feng Qing to go alone, but she also knew that it wasn’t convenient for Feng Qing. However, she knew which side was more important, but looking at Feng Qing, she really couldn’t open her mouth!

“Okay, I understand. Instructor Bai, you can go over. I can go by myself.” Feng Qing could sense the other party’s anxiety, so she did not force her. It was daytime now, and under the strong light, she could sense the shadows. Although it was slower, she could still distinguish them.

“Can you really do it yourself?” Instructor Bai was a little grateful for Feng Qing’s tactfulness, but she was still a little worried. She wanted to find someone to guide Feng Qing. As they were all freshmen, Instructor Bai had only met them a few times during the military training and had yet to recognize them all!

Just as Instructor Bai was feeling a little troubled, a boy came down from the office building. Instructor Bai’s eyes instantly lit up!

She shouted, “Gu Qingye!”

Without caring about Gu Qingye’s personality or how difficult it was to get along with him, she immediately handed the task of bringing Feng Qing to the director’s office to Gu Qingye and rushed to the school infirmary.

Before Feng Qing could say anything, Instructor Bai had already left. Gu Qingye came over. “What the heck? Are you really a freshman from the music school? Instructor Bai really knows how to find trouble for me! Isn’t she afraid that I’ll sell you off if she hands you over to me?”

Gu Qingye pulled the tie on his neck and spoke in a domineering tone. He glanced at the student record in Feng Qing’s hands and bent down to size her up. There were even guiding dogs among the freshmen this year?

March, who was beside Feng Qing, glared at Gu Qingye when she heard the person’s bad tone.

“I can go to the director’s office myself.” Feng Qing was already used to these unkind words, so she didn’t need this person to bring her along.

“Don’t. Instructor Bai said that I have to take care of my new classmate! I’ll bring you there. I want to see how that old fellow He Xu recruits new students. Even a blind person can learn music…

“Hurry up and leave? You want me to lead you? But the dog doesn’t bite, right?” Gu Qingye mocked. With such a blind person in school, this boring university life had become interesting.

In the Dean’s office on the fourth floor of the Music Academy.

Gu Qingye raised his hand and was about to push the door open. He had no habit of knocking at all. However, he thought of the little blind man beside him and said to Feng Qing, “Seeing how pitiful you are, let me remind you. When I came out of the Director’s office, Chief Shen came over. She should be the one who wants to see you. That old woman is not to be trifled with. Be careful…”

Before Feng Qing could say anything, the office door opened and a middle-aged man’s voice sounded. “Gu Qingye, watch your words!”

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