The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Interesting University Life

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Seeing that Feng Qing was fine, the driver turned around and continued driving. He looked at the young man through the rearview mirror. He did not seem to have seen it wrongly. There was a murderous look in the thin man’s eyes.

The young man retracted his aura and turned around carefully to look at the confused girl. He called out, “Qingqing?”

Feng Qing took off her sunglasses. There was no light in her eyes, but the corners of her mouth were curled into a smile. It came from the bottom of her heart. “Brother Mingqian!”

Xu Mingqian was an older brother she knew in the mountains.

“It’s me, Qingqing, but what happened to your eyes?” Xu Mingqian was initially a little uncertain, but when he saw the girl take off her sunglasses, he was certain. However, those eyes…

“There’s an accident. I can’t see anything.” Feng Qing answered calmly.

Xu Mingqian clenched his fists tightly, his heart stifled. In the blink of an eye, it had only been three years since they last met. How did that little girl, who had always had a glimmer in her eyes, become like this?!

He reached out and wanted to touch her head like before. He remembered that Qingqing was already twenty years old and was no longer a young girl. He could not be like before. It had been more than three years since they last met and everything was unfamiliar yet familiar. Xu Mingqian did not dare to touch her.

The situation in the bus had already reached Xie Jiuhan.


March tipped her head back and arched into Xu Mingqian. March’s bulk arched a safe distance between them. The incompetent poop-picker in his family had said that any male had to stay away from his little master’s safe distance.

Feng Qing patted its head to calm it down. Then, she asked, “Brother Ming Qian, what a coincidence. It’s been three years since we last met. You’re already in university, right? Which university?”

Feng Qing remembered that Xu Mingqian’s grades were very good. She knew that he had always wanted to spread the flute to the entire world. It was just that these musical instruments were a little ancient and modern people rarely learned them. Hence, Xu Mingqian’s path was destined to be difficult.

“I’m majoring in music. Capital University has a couple of poor special admissions every year. I’m lucky to get in. How about you? How are you doing now?” Xu Mingqian was a little embarrassed. He didn’t boast that he had gotten into the best university. He just felt a little embarrassed in front of Feng Qing. When they were young, they had agreed to get into the best university together and change their lives with their families.

When he saw her eyes, Xu Mingqian felt very uncomfortable.

“That’s such a coincidence. Our childhood wishes came true! Me too…” Feng Qing briefly explained her situation. After all, they were in the same school and even got special admission. They were really fated.

“By the way, how is Grandpa Xu now?” Feng Qing asked.

“The old man is doing well. Ever since he found out that I brought the long flute out of the mountains, he could eat three big bowls of rice for a meal. He came with me.” Xu Mingqian felt a slight headache at the thought of the old imp at home. It was as if he was competing with him. If not for Xu Mingqian’s insistence, the old man would still be living in the mountains.

As soon as he finished speaking, Xu Mingqian recalled what Feng Qing had said about special admissions. He was somewhat puzzled. He remembered that Feng Qing had been taken away by her rich parents. How did it become a special admission? The number one university in the capital’s special admission only had poor students…

However, before Xu Mingqian could ask any questions, they arrived at their destination. The two entered the school together. Although they went in different directions, Xu Mingqian followed behind Feng Qing worriedly.

After taking a few steps, Feng Qing turned around and said, “Brother Ming Qian, you go first. I can take care of myself. Besides, there’s still March.”

Feng Qing knew that Xie Jiuhan’s men were on the way. If Xu Mingqian continued to follow her, the old vinegar tank at home would definitely be unhappy.

Xu Mingqian thought that it would hurt her pride if he continued to follow her, so he watched Feng Qing until she was out of sight before he went back to his way.

After the admission was completed, Feng Qing was led by a guide to familiarize herself with the school environment. When she passed by a corridor, Feng Qing’s ears suddenly twitched. From the clamor around her, she recognized Feng Jianing’s voice.

At this moment, Feng Jianing was being flattered by a few of her younger ladies and was very pleased with herself.

“This is too sweet. Jianing, Young Master Cao even bidded a limited edition Hermes platinum bag for you. He treats you really well…”

“He spent so much money to buy you a bag. This relationship is really enviable. Childhood sweethearts are really extraordinary.”

As the little lady praised, she curled her lips disdainfully in a corner where Feng Jianing couldn’t see.

Even though Feng Jianing didn’t manage to win anything at the auction, this didn’t stop her from bragging in front of others. After all, the auction wasn’t broadcasted live, so they naturally didn’t know how Feng Jianing crawled out that night.

Feng Jianing listened to the compliments and was grinning from ear to ear when she suddenly saw Feng Qing standing at the staircase!

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