The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 135 - Two Big shots Vying

Chapter 135: Two Big shots Vying

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The ancient sword was unsheathed, and a clear sound made everyone shut up. The Sword God rushed out with a group of international mercenaries, looking murderous. It was impossible not to fight, or these people would never end.

Seeing that the Sword God had come out to stop them again, the leaders glared at him. Just as the tall and thin leader was about to speak, he suddenly heard an ear-piercing siren. In the next second, the entire street was sealed off, and countless operations teams surrounded them from all directions. The people in the operations team were all wearing bulletproof vests, steel helmets, and explosion-proof shields. Their movements were uniform and professional.

The leaders were stunned. Looking at the aggressive operations team, they were all at a loss. Didn’t they greet them in advance? Why did the operations team come out at the crucial moment? Everyone was puzzled. They didn’t know if Xie Jiuhan had transferred the operations team or if the higher-ups had done it on purpose…

The explosion-proof shield grew in a long row, and behind every shield were dozens of members of the operations team. The explosion-proof shield slowly surrounded the people of the 72 forces and stopped less than two meters away from them. Everyone could see very clearly that in the center of the operations team, a silver Rolls-Royce was slowly following.

The next second, the door of the Rolls-Royce opened and a man with a drumstick in his mouth walked out. He was the current popular celebrity, the top singer in the music industry, Li Shaoqun.

He had three biggest hobbies in his life: eating, sleeping, and singing. Under the current situation, eating was more suitable. He had just gotten out of the car when two explosion-proof shields stood in front of him. A few members of the operations team held guns and protected him in the middle.

Click! The operation team loaded their guns and aimed them at the seventy two forces.

Li Shaoqun nibbled on his drumstick as he slowly walked forward. There was a lack of interest on his face. Under the escort of dozens of members, he successfully passed through the encirclement of nearly ten thousand people.

The Sword God was dumbfounded when he saw Li Shaoqun. He was already so old that he didn’t chase after celebrities at all. He didn’t know Li Shaoqun at all and had never even heard of him. He only thought that he was a young master from a large family.

The Sword God didn’t know him, but the leaders knew Li Shaoqun. They were whispering among themselves.

“No wonder they could cause such a big commotion. It turns out that Young Master Li is here. This is definitely going to slap Xie Jiuhan’s face.”

“Old Master Li holds great authority in both the black and white fields of Zhe City. His status is extraordinary. Many of us here have received his help before. In my heart, the Li family in Zhe City is even higher than the Xie family in the Capital.”

“Young Master Li is here to cause trouble at this time. Do you think… it’s Old Master Li’s idea?”

In Zhe City, Li Shaoqun’s status was too special. He represented the Li family in Zhe City. As long as they wanted to continue living in Zhe City, no one could ignore the prestige of the Li family. Naturally, the leaders had to think more about it.

Li Shaoqun suddenly turned around and walked towards the leader. The leader looked a little flustered, not knowing why Li Shaoqun was rushing at him.

“Young, Young Master Li, hello!” The tall and thin leader took the initiative to greet with a smile on his face.

Li Shaoqun remained silent, his eyes fixed on him. He nibbled on the chicken leg faster and faster, and the atmosphere was tense. The tall and thin leader was trembling with fear, and cold sweat was forming on his forehead.

In the next second, Li Shaoqun moved. He walked over to the thin leader and grabbed his hand. He placed the chicken leg bone that he had just finished eating in the thin leader’s hand and curled his four fingers into a fist.

Li Shaoqun said calmly, “Help me throw it away, the farther the better. Don’t let me see it again. Do you understand?”

The tall and thin leader’s shoulders trembled as he hurriedly nodded and said, “I, I understand. I’ll immediately bring my people away!”

He had been in the pugilistic world for his entire life. If he didn’t understand this, he would really be an idiot. Not to mention being a leader, he would have long played himself into it.

Li Shaoqun nodded in satisfaction and patted his shoulder. For the first time, a smile appeared on his face. Deep dimples made him look even more charming. He did not say anything else. Li Shaoqun looked around. Everyone did not dare to look him in the eye and lowered their heads.

It was only when Li Shaoqun had disappeared that the tall and thin leader dared to straighten his back and wipe away his sweat. He calmed himself down and turned to nod at the other leaders before giving the order to retreat.

They couldn’t afford to offend Li Shaoqun. They didn’t even have the right to participate now that the two big shots were against each other in the hotel.. If they didn’t leave quickly, they might die.

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