The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 134 - She Tricked Everyone

Chapter 134: She Tricked Everyone

The Sword God was stunned for a moment before he looked at Night God. “Crimson Snow has a hallucinogenic effect because it’s mixed with a hallucinogenic drug called Blood Confusion, and Blood Confusion is a secret drug created by Mr. Qingyi of A Dark Organization. In other words, Madam Crimson Snow must have some kind of relationship with Mr. Qingyi, or they’re the same person. What do you think?”

Night God did not speak. The Sword God’s words reminded him of Feng Qing. When he was at the entrance of the villa earlier, he had received a message from Feng Qing. She said that she was also in Zhe City and asked him to help bluff Xie Jiuhan. Why was Feng Qing here? Why did she come to Zhe City? Was Feng Qing related to Madam Crimson Snow?

Picking up the phone that was in the waterproof bag, Night God sent a message to Mr. Qing Er. “Qing Er, has Mr. Qingyi finished his surgery?”

Mr. Qing Er replied, “He’s just finished. Brother Yi is resting. Everything is fine!”

Looking at the message on the phone, Night God heaved a sigh of relief. For the time being, it seemed that Feng Qing had nothing to do with Madam Crimson Snow. Mr. Qingyi, who was exceptional in poison, couldn’t be Feng Qing either. Mr. Qingyi was a man. No matter how much he disguised himself, it was impossible for him to become a little girl like Feng Qing.

“Night God, Mr. Qingyi and I still have some debts to settle with you and the Sword God. The two of you can’t differentiate between good and bad. You two worked for Xie Weiting and almost killed us.” Mr. Qing Er sent another message, filled with doubts.

Night God turned off his phone and lay down in the hot spring without a care. He was worried about Feng Qing’s safety and did not care what the others thought.

“Just now Qing Er sent word that Mr. Qingyi’s surgery had finished and the anesthetic hadn’t worn off yet. He’s currently recuperating, so it’s impossible that he’s pretending to be Madam Crimson Snow. Moreover, according to the information I found through the hacker alliance, Madam Crimson Snow announced her withdrawal from the pugilistic world twenty years ago because of a hidden illness,” the Night God said while floating on the water.

The Sword God stroked the water with his hand and said, “In that case, Madam Crimson Snow must have been impersonated. As for the Blood Confusion mixed in Crimson Snow, the impersonator should have bought it from Mr. Qingyi.”

The Night God was silent for a long time before he nodded and agreed with the Sword God’s speculation. According to the information he had investigated, the Crimson Snow that the real Madam Crimson Snow used was more inclined towards self-harm than killing each other. The hallucinogenic effect of killing each other was exactly the same as Mr. Qingyi’s unique Blood Confusion.

The scene of Xie Jiuhan picking up Madam Crimson Snow kept replaying in his mind. In particular, the gaze Xie Jiuhan looked at Madam Crimson Snow was as if he had completely seen through her. Besides his wife, Feng Qing, who else could make Xie Jiuhan treat her gently and even take the initiative to hug her?

Night God floated on the water surface and revealed a funny expression. If he didn’t guess wrong, the person who pretended to be Madam Crimson Snow was Feng Qing. She had deceived everyone, including him, her brother, who had grown up with her.

The Sword God stood up abruptly, causing a splash. The Night God touched the black mask on his face and looked at him in confusion, not knowing what was wrong with this old fellow.

“Su Yu sent word that those factions are here again.” Before he could finish his sentence, the Sword God jumped out of the hot spring and ran to the changing room, leaving the Night God to continue floating on the water.

Outside the International Hot Spring Hotel.

A dense crowd surrounded them. Nearly ten thousand people realized that they had been deceived and returned. The tall and thin leader from before stood at the front and shouted at Su Yu, who was blocking the entrance of the hotel, “Where’s Madam Crimson Snow? Please invite her out. We all want to see her!”

Su Yu sneered and said, “Are you guys courting death? Madam Crimson Snow is currently doing business with my Ninth Master. Aren’t you afraid that you won’t be able to keep your life if you disturb her now?”

Su Yu knew that Madam Crimson Snow was impersonated by Feng Qing, so he tried his best to delay. It would take at least two hours for the reinforcements from the Capital to arrive.

The tall and thin leader curled his lips. “Pfft, what dogsh*t Madam Crimson Snow? She’s obviously an impostor. Do you think that our seventy-two factions are all idiots? We have already contacted Blood Island. The real Madam Crimson Snow is still recuperating on the island and did not appear in Xia country at all. Moreover, she has sworn that she will never step into Xia country again.”

Nearly ten thousand people echoed and requested to hand over the fake and inferior Madam Crimson Snow. Otherwise, this matter would not be over. Their seventy-two factions had mobilized together, but they had been played by an imposter. If they didn’t get back at her, they would just disperse on the spot to avoid being laughed at.

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