The Villain Has Something to Say

Chapter 136 - Thirty Thousand Years Ago-Nascent Soul Was everywhere, Gold Core Was Nobody (II)

Chapter 136: Thirty Thousand Years Ago-Nascent Soul Was everywhere, Gold Core Was Nobody (II)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Blood was dripping down from Xuan Lingzi’s sword. Xuan Lingzi wore a white robe, with his black hair flowing loose. He held Xuan Ling sword and blocked hundreds of powerful cultivators. Although he was alone with nothing but a sword, no one dared to move. Some cultivators even sneaked backwards, hiding behind the team.

Those who had been full of themselves and kept cursing him just now were all intimidated and feared to provoke him now.

After a long time, the fourth master of Bai Family stepped forward with a white jade spear in his hand. He approached Xuan Lingzi, keeping a distance from that line cautiously and reproaching, “Sir Xuan Lingzi, although you’ve reached a high realm, you are still a junior in terms of seniority. It is you who violates the agreement, but now you are abusing your power here without even a tiny repentance. Don’t you feel it inappropriate?”

Xuan Lingzi looked up at the fourth master.

Xuan Lingzi didn’t rebut this white-haired old man, and this made the fourth master snigger. He pretended to sound reasonable and said, “However, since your disciple was in danger, you can be forgiven for going to save him. But, if such things happen in the future, you need to consult with us rather than make decisions by yourself.”

Hearing that, Luo Jianqing was enraged and was about to question the fourth master, but Xuan Lingzi pulled him over.

Xuan Lingzi asked, “Why should I consult with you?”

The fourth master replied rightfully, “Because your leaving Tai Hua Mountain may not only affect yourself, but also all the people in the world.”

“I see,” Xuan Lingzi said indifferently, “This is your concern.”

The fourth master’s voice got smugger, “It’s good for you to admit the mistake and correct it. Do not act boldly next time, be aware of maintaining the relations between human beings and demons.”

Xuan Lingdi nodded slightly, “Of course, but it’s not necessary anymore.”

The fourth master was baffled and confused, “Not necessary?”

Xuan Lingzi held his sword and moved his wrist, saying with a calm voice, “Yes, from now on, there will be no more agreement.”

Everyone was shocked and didn’t understand what that meant.

However, Guang Lingzi burst into laugh and swore, “My fellow brother, you are too mild. You don’t have to save your foul language in face of these shameless people! My fellow brother traps himself in Tai Hua mountain for all the ordinary people, not for you cold fish! This time, he left to save his own disciple, and you all blamed him. I want to ask you who signed the agreement with demons, you or him?”

The cultivators were speechless.

Guang Lingzi continued, “Are demons afraid of your power or his?”

They could say nothing in defense.

Guang Lingzi sneered. Before he proceeded, Yu Qingzi made a crack, “The Field Exalt is the only cultivator who can blame Xuan Lingzi. You have always been sitting idle and enjoying his fruits. And now you’re blaming him? Hadn’t he confined himself in this mountain for hundreds of years, you couldn’t have enjoyed such peace for so long!”

The elder of Duan Hun Sect was unsatisfactory, “He did so for all the people and human…”

“Bullshit!” Guang Lingzi opened his eyes wide, “Xuan Lingzi gave up freedom, and even the Fiend Exalt has voluntarily guarded the border. But you take all of their efforts for granted. When Xuan Lingzi makes contribution for human, that’s his own business. Now, when he breaches the agreement that he signed, you bastards who have never given your buck all jump out and condemn him, shame for you!”

An elder of Bai Family defended, “We also made contribution to the battle against demons…”

Guang Lingzi stepped forward with anger. He was about to rebut, yet Xuan Lingzi stopped him.

Xuan Lingzi glanced at him quickly. Guang Lingzi thought that Xuan Lingzi softened his heart again, so he said furiously, “Xuan Lingzi, how can you make concession time and time again? These parasites enjoy the peace that you and Mo Qianqiu have bring to them at the expense of your freedom, yet now they come here to condemn you. Their avarice knows no bounds; you can never satisfy them!”

However, Xuan Lingzi said, “Don’t be mad, fellow brother. Since they believe they are capable men, then just let them sign a new agreement with demons.”

Then, Xuan Lingzi grabbed Luo Jianqing and left. After a few paces, Xuan Lingzi told Luo Jianqing in a “low” voice, “Don’t bother yourself with their words. There are a lot of shameless and rude people in the world. You will burden yourself if you are mad at them.”

His voice was not that low, and all of them could hear what he said.

Luo Jianqing never knew that his always-calm master could have such a strong determination and resolution. He couldn’t help smiling and nodding to Xuan Lingzi.

When they were really about to leave, Luo Jianqing suddenly came up with something and turned around hurriedly, “My master has a message for you. Don’t step on the territory of Tai Hua mountain again, or else!” Then, Luo Jianqing and Xuan Lingzi pleasantly disappeared, leaving those cultivators shocked.

As soon as they returned to Yu Xiao Peak, what would happen later was none of their business.

On Yu Xiao Peak, the ocean of bamboos was billowing in the wind, looking like carpets of fresh green. It was still the same place in his memory, but Luo Jianqing felt that he had left for years and everything here was so familiar and intimate.

Just as Fo Zi told him, extremis would drive breakthroughs, but also bring about critical danger. No one would like to put his life at extreme risk and bet on his luck, so it was wise after all to avoid seeking breakthrough in extremis. Luo Jianqing still remembered the torture of Reincarnation Flame in the Fiend Tripod, which made him painful even now. He didn’t want to experience this pain again.

When he returned to the house, Luo Jianqing saw a book open on the table.

Xuan Lingzi said, “I heard the message of Yu Qingzi that day and hurriedly rushed to Cang Shuang Peak, with no time cleaning up. Jian Qing, since I knew you were missing, I had stayed in Cang Shuang Peak for ten days. Will you blame me for… not searching for you instantly?”

Luo Jianqing shook his head and said, “Of course not. Those cultivators said you ignored the safety of the people in the world, but I think you have done too much for them.” After a pause, Luo Jianqing asked, “But why did you stay in Cang Shuang Peak? For what?”

Hearing Luo Jianqing’s comfort, Xuan Lingzi felt warm in his heart. He couldn’t help grabbing Luo Jianqing’s hand and said mildly, “To protect your life candle. I could be… reassured only if it kept burning.”

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