The Villain Has Something to Say

Chapter 135 - Thirty Thousand Years Ago- Nascent Soul Was everywhere, Gold Core Was Nobody (I)

Chapter 135: Thirty Thousand Years Ago- Nascent Soul Was everywhere, Gold Core Was Nobody (I)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

“Tai Hua mountain, you have to explain it. Why did you tear up the agreement?”

“You put the lives of tens of millions of people and cultivators at risk! You have to explain it!”

“Why did you tear up the agreement! Why!”

Hundreds of cultivators blocked the gate of Tai Hua mountain, roaring and condemning furiously.

Luo Jianqing saw the scene in the sky and frowned. On his way back to Tai Hua mountain, he had reckoned this scene, but when he really saw it now, he still felt angry.

Among the Four Sects, except Gui Yuan Sect and Shen Jian Sect, Duan Hun Sect sent an early-stage Da Sheng Period third elder as well as four other Tribulation Passage elders, while Fei Hua Sect also sent four Tribulation Passage elders.

Most cultivators were the ghost cultivators from Duan Hun Sect. Of course, almost all the Eight Clans sent people here, not to mention those from small sects and clans. The lowest-ranked cultivator here at least reached Eight Clans.

Seeing that, Luo Jianqing said, “My master left the mountain for me. Sirs, my master has nothing to do with it. I was captured due to my own carelessness, but the cultivators here have gone too far. If they need an explanation, I would like to shoulder the responsibility!”

Then, Yu Qingzi beside him also frowned and said, “Jianqing, it’s my fault. I failed to protect you well.”

Luo Jianqing said, “Sir, it’s not your own fault. I should also be blamed.”

Yu Qingzi shook her head and was going to bear all the responsibility, while Luo Jianqing refused again and admitted his own fault.

The “who was to blame” argument went back and forth, and the hot-temper Sir Guang Lingzi sneered and shouted angrily, “Xuan Lingzi has stayed in the mountain for hundreds of years to protect the people in the world. Now, he just left here to save his own disciple, what did he do wrong? Is there any need to explain to those shameless cultivators? Let me drive them away!”

As he stopped speaking, Sir Guang Lingzi turned into a beam of light, flying to the gate of Tai Hua mountain.

Now, the dissatisfying cultivators who were about to go up the mountain were blocked by Sir Guang Lingzi. Seeing that strong, burly chap, the cultivators below Tribulation Passage all stepped back. When he fixed his big, round eyes on them, even the Tribulation Passage cultivators were terrified and retreated.

The third elder of Duan Hun Sect stepped forward and reproached, “Guang Lingzi! Why do you block our way up?”

Sir Guang Lingzi responded by asking, “This is our territory. Do you think you can go up whenever you want? And who the hell are you, huh?”

The elder of Duan Hun Sect flicked his sleeve, “It’s Hao Xingzi that invites us here!”

Sir Guang Lingzi was baffled, but soon he smiled, “It seems that my fellow brother has been a little bit addled recently, otherwise, he wouldn’t have let you shameless bastards step on our land. He must be very addled, I’m afraid.”


The elder of Duan Hun Sect was so mad that he couldn’t say anything. The third master of Mo Family stepped forward and made an obeisance, “Fellow Cultivator Guang Lingzi, we’ve come here to discuss how to deal with the mess caused by breach of the agreement. The Four Sects and Eight Clans all know what that agreement means. But now, it has been breached, so there is no barrier and constraint between human and demon anymore. We have to be very cautious now!”

Hearing that, Sir Guang Lingzi also hesitated, yet Sir Yu Qingzi suddenly arrived there and sneered, “Besides the discussion, I’m afraid you are more anxious to condemn Xuan Lingzi for leaving the mountain and violating the agreement, aren’t you?”

Before the third master of Mo Family could say anything, another elder beside him said, “Shouldn’t we condemn him? Hadn’t he left Tai Hua mountain and breached the agreement, we could have maintained peace with demons.”

Guang Lingzi rebutted angrily, “Bullshit!”

The shout of late stage Da Sheng Period cultivator frightened all the cultivators below Tribulation Passage, whose faces turned pale.

The two sides came to a deadlock. The cultivators of Tai Hua mountain had returned to their own peaks with Luo Jianqing, while Sir Guang Lingzi and Yu Qingzi was still blocking the way of these trouble makers.

Soon, Zuo Yunmo rushed to the gate from Cang Shuang Peak. Seeing the stand-off, he sighed and said, “Sir Guang Lingzi, Yu Qingzi, my master sent me here to led those cultivators in.”

That made Sir Guang Lingzi so furious that he stamped, while Sir Yu Qingzi also wore a grave face.

However, the chief master of Tai Hua mountain was Sir Hao Xingzi after all, so no matter how unsatisfied they were, they couldn’t defy Sir Hao Xingzi’s will. Those cultivators were pleased by Zuo Yunmo’s words and went up to the mountain like they owned the place.

A cultivator began to taunt in low voice, “Finally, the masters at Da Sheng Period and Tribulation Passage have to let us pass. That’s…so funny!”

Suddenly, a gold sword light penetrated and impaled through his mouth, with blood gushing and his mouth mangled.

The one who had taunted cried painfully now. The elder of Mo Family was enraged, but before he could condemn, a figure in white appeared at the gate abruptly.

The cultivators were shocked. Xuan Lingzi glanced through them with cold eyes and raised his sword, saying indifferently, “Whoever takes one more step will be killed by my sword. And there is no difference for me to kill one of you, or ten thousand of you!”

The horrible pressure overwhelmed all the cultivators at present.

The third elder of Duan Hun Sect was so angry that he kept shivering, “Xuan Lingzi! What are you doing! Your chief master invites us in, why do you stand in the way and even threaten to kill us? I don’t believe that you will do such immoral thing!”

Then, the third elder began to go up. However, just as he crossed that line, a gold sword light cut his toes off! Blood was welling from the gash in his foot, and the third elder wailed with great pain. He pointed at Xuan Lingzi and swore, “Xuan Lingzi, how dare you do this to him! You’ve gone too far this time!”

Xuan Lingzi didn’t even give him a look. Instead, he just raised his hand, and another sword light fell towards the third elder.


The third elder’s two fingers that unintentionally crossed the line were cut off.

The cultivators of Duan Hun Sect immediately took him back for treatment.

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