The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 9 - Ulterior Motive

Chapter 9: Ulterior Motive

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Lin Xinlan looked at Lin Yuelan’s reflection in the water. Oh, wait. It was her reflection now. She could not help but let out a cold smile.

The Lin family believed that Lin Yuelan would harm them because of their blood connection.

Lin Yiwei’s son, Lin Mingqing, was in his twenties. He was also studying at a private school in the town. That autumn, he had just passed the county examination and became an elementary scholar.

There were only two scholars in the Lin family village. One was the youngest son of the village chief’s family, Lin Mingqing, and the other was the second grandson of the Lin family’s third son, Lin Dazong.

Lin Yiwei was the village chief, and he had a scholar in his family. Therefore, the villagers respected Lin Yiwei very much. The Lin family was no exception.

However, when Lin Dazong was sent to the school, he was praised by the headmaster. He was called a young genius because he passed the child examination before he was ten years old. He was two years younger than Lin Mingqing when he passed the child exam. Lin Laosan and his family were so proud and arrogant because of it.

When Lin Mingqing wanted to meddle in their family business, Lin Laosan’s face darkened, and he was unhappy. He said, “Kid Qing, it’s easy for you to say that. Even if we have the family separation ceremony, the girl still has our body flowing in her body. She will eventually kill my family.” In other words, if Lin Yuelan didn’t die, the Lin Family would die.

Lin Yiwei’s face turned green from anger at Lin Laosan’s words. The man and his family needed the child to die, and the child was the man’s biological granddaughter.

Lin Mingqing looked delicate and refined. He wore a white robe and had a square cloth wrapped around his head. He had the appearance of a scholar. “Uncle Lin Laoson, there is a legend that before Heavenly King Tuta Li became an immortal, he had a third son, Nezha. Nezha was in the womb for three years and six months. After he was born, Nezha was very mischievous.

“One day, Nezha went to the East Sea to take a bath. Because of his Heaven and Earth Ring that was given to him by the primordial immortal, the East Sea Dragon Palace was shaken. The Dragon King sent his third son to investigate. The third dragon prince, Ao Bing, was murdered by Nezha. The Dragon King reported this to the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor wanted to punish Nezha’s parents for his misdeeds.

“Later, to show that his actions had nothing to do with his parents, Nezha tore off his flesh to return them to his mother and broke his bones to return them to his father.

“Nezha was reborn through the lotus root, but his life had nothing to do with his biological parents anymore.”

This story was a rural legend, so the villagers were very familiar with this story. However, they did not understand why Lin Mingqing would suddenly bring this story up.

“So?” Lin Laoson’s sharp eyes looked at Lin Mingqing, “Are you going to have the girl strip her flesh and break her bones?”

The villagers gasped. In that case, it was less painful to drown in the water tank.

Lin Yuelan’s face turned pale when she heard that. Her body trembled even more violently.

Lin Mingqing smiled elegantly, “Uncle Lin Laosan, you must be joking. The story of Nezha is a folk legend. Plus, Nezha is an immortal. How can we possibly ask the girl to replicate his actions?”

Lin Daniu was a little impatient as he shouted at Lin Mingqing, “This won’t do, and that won’t do either. Lin Mingqing, this girl has nothing to do with you anyway. Why don’t you let her die so that we can all be saved? Or do you have an ulterior motive?”

The villagers then looked at the village chief and his son with a strange look.

Indeed. Why were the father and son helping the jinx who might bring down the whole village? Did they really have an ulterior motive?

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