The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 8 - Family Separation

Chapter 8: Family Separation

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“You have to be crazy to think to hide from me!” Li Cuihua was furious. The jinx was truly the jinx. She had escaped from her multiple times already.

“Li Cuihua, what are you doing?” Lin Yiwei shouted sternly, “She is just a child. Is there a need to hit her?”

Li Cuihua still had some respect for Lin Yiwei.

Her eyes looked a little embarrassed as she smiled and said, “Village chief, the wretched girl is slacking off at work, so I have to teach her a lesson.”

Lin Yiwei looked at Li Cuihua’s obviously guilty expression and sneered, “Is that so?”

Then, he turned to look at Lin Laosan, who was smoking with a pipe in his hand. There was some anger in his eyes as he said, “Is it not because you want to drag her home to drown her in the water tank?”

As soon as Lin Yiwei finished speaking, the villagers behind him exploded like a pot of boiling water.

Weren’t Lin Laosan and Li Cuihua being too devious? The girl might be a jinx, but she was still their biological granddaughter. How could they do something like that?

Besides, Lin Yuelan was usually a hardworking and capable child. At such a young age, she followed her parents to the fields and did all the work for the family.

If it wasn’t for the jinx news, many families with sons had already planned to ask to arrange marriage with this child. At the same time, these families were glad that Li Cuihua had stopped their marriage proposals. Or else their families would be the ones to have to live with the jinx!

Li Cuihua was angered easily. When she heard the village chief, she roared, “So the girl went to tattle on us!”

Lin Yiwei’s face darkened, and he asked seriously, “So she’s telling the truth. Lin Laosan, this is your biological granddaughter. Where is your conscience? How can you plan to kill her?” Lin Yiwei sternly asked. He was angry.

When Lin Laosan saw the village chief holding Lin Yuelan’s hand and returned with the other villagers, he knew that things were not going to be good. He didn’t expect the usually obedient and cowardly Lin Yuelan would be so clever to find the village chief to save her life.

“If she lives, the Lin family will die because of her!” Before Lin Laosan answered, Li Cuihua popped up again. “With this bane in our family, we’ll never have peace. In that case, we should just kill her once and for all. Otherwise, Dazong won’t pass his exam, and Si ‘Er won’t get married!”

“Ridiculous!” Lin Yi sternly berated, “Lin Dazong didn’t appear during the county exam, so how is that the girl’s fault? Lin Siniu can’t find a wife because you and your husband refuse to pay the dowry. How is that the girl’s fault?”

Li Cuihua refused to back down. She said righteously, “If it weren’t for this jinx, why would Dazong go missing on the day of the exam? How would we lack the money for dowry?” No matter what, she intended to push all the troubles in the Lin family onto Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yiwei didn’t want to argue with the unreasonable woman. He turned to Lin Laosan. “Lin Laosan, do you think so too?”

Lin Laosan’s face was gloomy. He took a few deep puffs of his cigarette and sighed. He said, “Village chief, the girl is a jinx that will kill her husband and family. We can’t keep her anymore.”

“But that’s no reason to kill her!” Lin Yiwei said angrily.

“That wretched girl is my father’s biological granddaughter. She inherits the Lin family’s bloodline. If she doesn’t die, we’ll be destroyed because we’re her family.” Lin Laosan’s eldest son, Lin Daniu, suddenly interjected.

“Have you considered the simple fact that murder is against the law?” Lin Yiwei took a deep breath and said. This family was really unreasonable.

“That’s why we planned to do this secretly.” Li Cuihua muttered at the side, “We’ll announce to the public that she died in an accident. How would the officials know? But to think that the girl dared to escape.” As she said that, Li Cuihua glared fiercely at Lin Yuelan, scaring Lin Yuelan so much that she shrank behind Lin Yiwei and shivered.

“You…” Lin Yiwei simply had nothing to say.

Then again, Li Cuihua was telling the truth. The girl was a member of the Lin Family. As long as the whole family said that she died in an accident, the whole village wouldn’t say anything even if they knew the truth.

Furthermore, the entire village had the surname Lin. Lin Yuelan would jinx all of them too. Therefore, they were also worried. Instead of being jinxed, they would rather her die.

“Father, I have an idea that can save the girl and Uncle Lin Laosan’s family!” At this moment, Lin Yiwei’s youngest son stood up and said.

“What is it?” Lin Yiwei asked.

“Family separation ceremony!” He said.

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