The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 44 - Secret  

Chapter 44: Secret

Guo Bing and the others had been waiting for their leader at the intersection at the foot of the mountain.

It was not until the sky was almost dark and they could not see the road that they saw their leader return.

They were curious, what was their leader doing back in the mountain? But one thing was certain. It must have something to do with that child.

However, it was so late. The leader didn’t return with the child. Was she really a child who lived in the mountain? If she wasn’t, wouldn’t her parents be worried about her staying up the mountains so late at night?

Although Guo Bing and the others were curious, they couldn’t get anything out of that child at all. She deflected all of their questions. She was really strange and eccentric.

They really hoped that they would meet again!

Jiang Zhennan was wearing a silver mask, silver armor, and a long knife at his waist. He strode down the mountain steadily.

Guo Bing was confused and a little gossipy. He came over and asked with a teasing tone, “Boss, haven’t we already said goodbye to the kid? Did you go back to have a private goodbye with her?”

Under the mask, Jiang Zhennan’s sharp eyes glanced at Guo Bing. Then, he walked to Liefeng and patted his horse’s back. Then, he said in a low voice, “Let’s go!” He ignored Guo Bing.

Jiang Zhennan didn’t go back to the mountain because he wanted to have a private goodbye but because he was worried.

When he was picking mushrooms with her, they had heard a tiger’s roar. At the time, he noticed that she was excited. There was not a trace of fear on her face. He assumed the child would drag him to go look for the tiger, but she grabbed his hand and ran away! This was very unexpected to him!

After they said goodbye to her, she also had no intention of going down the mountain with them.

The more Jiang Zhennan thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong. Therefore, he asked Guo Bing and the others to go down the mountain first. He was worried. He went back to find the child and find out what was going on.

When he rushed back to the campsite site, the child was gone. He wondered if the child had gone to find the tiger on her own. Therefore, he followed the direction of the tiger’s roar.

As he got closer, he actually heard the girl talking to someone called Little Green. Based on Little Green’s voice, he should be someone very young. This made Jiang Zhennan even more confused. When they were with the girl, there was no other person with her, definitely not a three or four years old.

Was there an even younger child hiding in the tree that Lin Yuelan jumped down from?

Jiang Zhennan was confused and worried. Two children running in the mountains at night? That spelled danger.

He quickened his steps. He used his internal Qi, so his steps made no sound.

Little Green and Lin Yuelan didn’t notice they were being tailed.

When Jiang Zhennan finally caught up with the child, he was confused again. He only saw Lin Yuelan.

Then, he was shocked!

He saw a vine that slithered away like a snake!

The vine was very familiar. It was the vine the girl had been holding in her hand ever since they met. It had two green leaves and a sprout.

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