The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 43 - Healing the Great White Tiger

Chapter 43: Healing the Great White Tiger

Lin Yuelan stopped at the edge of the fight. She told Little Green to go ahead. Little Green complained in a crisp voice, “Master, you said that you’d fight the tigers with me.”

Lin Yuelan waved her hand indifferently and said, “Little Green, I’m still so weak. How can I fight against those fierce tigers?”

Little Green turned his sprouts around and told Lin Yuelan with a little anger, “Master, you can’t give up so easily!”

Lin Yuelan rubbed her nose and immediately went up to him and said in a fawning manner, “Little Green, look at me. I’ve just arrived here, and this body of new mine is very weak. Even if I’ve recovered half of my power, I still don’t have much strength left.

“Little Green, do you really want me to fight with big tigers? What if I get hurt? The one who’d hurt the most is you, right? Don’t you think so, Little Green?”

She coaxed Little Green. Even if Little Green was sentient, he wasn’t exceptionally intelligent.

After being coaxed by Lin Yuelan, he was persuaded, but he also thought something wasn’t right.

Lin Yuelan continued, “Besides, little green, I’ve been fighting in the apocalypse for five years. This is a peaceful place. Can’t you let me rest for a while?”

Little Green lowered his green sprouts as if he was thinking. Then, he raised his green sprouts again and nodded, “Alright, Master can rest for a while! But Master, you can’t be lazy again! You must recover your superpower as soon as possible and open the space. Then, master won’t have to go hungry anymore!”

During the five years of the apocalypse, Lin Xinlan had given her food portion to those scumbags. She didn’t dare to take the food from the space because she was afraid of exposing Little Green and herself. Therefore, she often starved herself.

Little Green was both angry and distressed. Therefore, Little Green was always worried about his master.

Now that they had transmigrated, Little Green wanted his master to get stronger and activate the special ability space so that she could better protect herself. He didn’t want her to live like how she did in the apocalypse anymore.

Lin Yuelan and Little Green soon arrived at the battle scene. They saw two tigers lying on the ground, obviously injured. There were two male tigers.

One was a yellow-white male tiger, while the other was a pure-white male tiger.

As the saying goes, a mountain can not accommodate two tigers unless it is a male and a female!

The current situation was very clear. The two male tigers were fighting for territory, and it was a life and death duel!

The moment Lin Yuelan stepped onto the field, the white tiger that was originally leaning its head on the ground immediately became alert. It did not care about its own injuries and stood up with great difficulty, assuming a defensive posture!

The other yellow-white tiger did not move at all. Obviously, it was either dead or unconscious. Based on Little Green’s assessment, the tiger was dead.

Lin Yuelan’s eyes glowed when she saw the white tiger which was taller than her.

Then, she raised her head and said to the large white tiger, “Don’t be nervous. I have no ill intentions!”

This white tiger was tall and mighty. It would be great if she could use it as a mount.

Lin Yuelan activated her animal affinity presence. Then, she slowly walked toward the injured white tiger and said, “I don’t have any bad intentions. I just want to treat your injuries!”

Lin Yuelan did not know that the moment she walked into the tiger battlefield, the pupils of a figure behind her immediately shrank. The hand that held a long knife couldn’t help but tighten!

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