The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 34 - Lin Yuelan, the Bandit

Chapter 34: Lin Yuelan, the Bandit

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“No matter what kind of food it is, these seasonings will make them incomparably delicious,” Lin Yuelan said and looked at the roasted rabbit. “I’ll give you a taste using the rabbit meat!”

Then, she expertly grabbed the roasted rabbit from the fire. With the soldiers looking on in shock, Lin Yuelan shook the content of the bottles and jars on the rabbit meat.

Those with sharp noses immediately smelled that the taste of the rabbit meat had changed. It became even more delicious.

After she was done, Lin Yuelan pulled out a rabbit leg and gave it to Jiang Zhennan. She said, “Here, try it. You’ll definitely think that the two gold ingots you spent are worth it!”

Jiang Zhennan looked at the small hand that handed her the rabbit meat and then at her bright and fearless eyes. The expression behind his mask shifted.

At the same time, he was confused. Was the girl not afraid of him?

He had killed thousands on the battlefield. His body reeked of blood and he emitted a natural murderous aura.

Children in their parent’s arms would cry when they saw him. In fact, even adult males would cower in his presence. Because he was God General of the Longyan Kingdom!

He was also known as the Ultimate Jinx!

He was destined to harm his father, mother, and wife. He would destroy everyone around him!

This was why even though he was 24, the age where most men had gotten married and had children, he was still single. Not only that, most women would avoid him like the plague. They didn’t dare to show up around him because they were afraid that he’d force them to marry him!

After all, he was the God General!

However, these people had no idea that he had long decided to grow old alone. He had no intention of getting married at all.

Therefore, those women did not need to worry at all.

However, at this moment, this girl was the only woman who looked at him without fear in his life. She looked at him with a very magnanimous and normal gaze.

No, wait. She was just a girl and not a woman.

Since the masked man didn’t take the rabbit leg from her, Lin Yuelan was a little annoyed. She said, “Erm, masked general, do you want this rabbit leg or not? If not, I’ll eat it myself. After all, the rabbit legs are the most delicious parts.”

This time, Jiang Zhennan’s subordinates immediately looked at Lin Yuelan in shock as if they had seen a ghost. They were trying to tell if she was pretending to be calm from her eyes or expression.

Jiang Zhennan was also jolted back to his senses by Lin Yuelan. He said in a low and slow voice, “Yes, yes, I like rabbit leg meat the most!”

Lin Yuelan happily gave the rabbit leg meat to Jiang Zhennan. When she turned around, she saw more than ten men staring at her in shock.

She asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

They shook their heads and waved their hands. “Nothing, nothing.”

“Speaking of which, Miss, we also want to eat this mushroom, but we can’t afford it. Can you give us a lower price?”

“No!” She refused immediately. “There is no haggling!”

“Miss, the mushrooms are so small but they’re so expensive. How are you different from a bandit?”

“Have you heard that the rarer the things, the more expensive they are?”

“But you sold them to boss for half a tael each and you even gave him free seasoning!”

“If you can produce two gold ingots, I’ll also charge you for half a tael each and give you free seasoning!”

Everyone fell silent!

The general held the skewers of mushrooms in one hand and a rabbit leg in the other. He was happily munching on them!

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