The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 33 - Lin Yuelan, the Bandit

Chapter 33: Lin Yuelan, the Bandit

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Once Lin Yuelan said that, Guo Bing, who was happily eating, was dumbfounded.

He looked at the Little Umbrella that was not even the size of his toe. How could they cost one tael of silver each? She was plainly robbing them!

Guo Bing looked at the remaining two mushrooms. He wanted to return them to the girl, but when he thought of their delicious taste, he couldn’t bear to part with them.

Guo Bing only had two hobbies, one was perusing erotic pictures, and two was eating. He wouldn’t forgo any delicious food.

Furthermore, he had tasted something that he hadn’t tasted before. How could he give it up because they cost money?

Guo Bing immediately went forward and said in a fawning manner, “Miss, I mean, Madam, can you give us a lower price? One tael of silver for one mushroom, isn’t that a little too expensive? You must know that our salary is only three taels of silver a month.” Three mushrooms would be one month of their salary. It was not worth it, no matter how he thought about it.

Lin Yuelan turned her head and asked Guo Bing with a fake smile, “Do you want me to charge you cheaply?”

Guo Bing nodded in a daze.

Then, he heard Lin Yuelan say very decisively, “If you think it’s too expensive, then don’t eat it! I’m not holding a knife and forcing you to buy or eat my food!”

After saying that, she turned around and focused on eating her delicious food. In her heart, she thought to herself, ‘You’re unlucky because I need money now. If I don’t rip you off, I won’t be able to sleep easy at night! I refuse to believe you can resist the temptation of such delicacies!’

After she was done eating a skewer, Lin Yuelan went to grab the other skewer. However, the skewer was already in the hands of another person.

Lin Yuelan stared at the masked general who had snatched her mushrooms. She found it unbelievable.

Being stared at by Lin Yuelan’s clear eyes, Jiang Zhennan’s cheeks were rather hot under the masks.

He took out two gold ingots from his sleeve pocket and said in a deep and magnetic voice, “Miss, give me 206 Little Umbrel… roasted mushrooms!”

Why 206?

That was because Lin Yuelan had said that there was a discount.

Guo Bing ate 36 mushrooms, and he was charged 35 taels of silver, and two gold ingots were equivalent to 200 taels of silver.

206 mushrooms for 200 gold ingots should be a fair trade, right?

Lin Yuelan was so charmed by the man’s voice that she nodded in a daze. “Okay.” Then, she quickly snapped out of it and said seriously, “Since you’re buying so much from me, I’ll give you a 50 percent discount. 2 mushrooms for 1 tael of silver, so I’ll only charge you one gold ingot for 206 mushrooms.”

One gold ingot was one hundred taels of silver.

Three taels of silver could allow a villager to live comfortably for a whole year. This showed much money traded hands here.

The man’s willingness to pay made Lin Yuelan feel embarrassed. But that didn’t mean that she was going to reject him.

She thought of her small thatched hut with the broken bowls and jars. She would need money to build a new house and buy daily necessities.

Lin Yuelan thought about it and realized she really needed more money.

Lin Yuelan looked at the two gold ingots and said, “Since you’re my first customers, I’ll sell you 412 mushrooms for two gold ingots and cook them with the best seasonings I personally made.”

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