The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 26 - Back to the Hut

Chapter 26: Back to the Hut

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Ying Zi glared at Lin Yuelan and left with Gu Sanniang.

Only Lin Siniu and Lin Siniu were left at the scene. Lin Siniu was anxious because everyone had left and didn’t seem to notice him. He shouted at the villagers, “Hey, don’t go. Carry me with you…”

But the villagers moved faster.

Lin Dawei glanced at Lin Siniu with a disdainful gaze. The man deserved what he got for being so heartless to his own family.

Lin Dawei turned to Lin Yuelan. The girl’s eyes were dry. He asked curiously, “Lan ‘Er, did you really go to the Palace of Hell?”

Lin Yuelan smiled calmly and replied, “Of course, Uncle Dawei. Where else would I get the divine strength?”

Lin Dawei didn’t ask any more questions. He nodded, “That’s good. With divine strength, you won’t be bullied in the future.” He walked up to Lin Siniu, put him on his shoulder, and left.

Lin Siniu was frightened by Dawei’s actions and immediately shouted, “Lin Dawei, what are you doing?”

The only thing that answered him was Lin Dawei’s footsteps.

Lin Yuelan looked at Lin Dawei’s disappearing figure, and her eyes sparkled. It didn’t seem like Lin Dawei believed her completely. But she didn’t feel any malice from him.

Lin Yuelan believed that as long as she didn’t do anything harmful to the villager, Lin Dawei wouldn’t harm her.

She looked at the green wheat fields around her, looked at the rolling mountains, and then looked at the crowd in the distance. A meaningful smile appeared on Lin Yuelan’s sallow and tender face, “It’s good to be alive!”

Although the people here were feudal, superstitious, and ignorant, it was still better than surviving in the post-apocalyptic world, struggling in pain for a bite of food, fighting in bloody battles, and being betrayed by her companions.

Furthermore, she had thousands of years of advanced knowledge compared to the people here. Her close companion, Little Green, also followed her here. She refused to believe that she wouldn’t be able to survive.

Lin Yuelan touched Little Green, who was in the shape of a bracelet, and said with a happy smile, “Little Green, you were great just now! Also, thank your friends on my behalf!”

It was Little Green who told her that Gu Sanniang hadn’t burned paper thread for Lin Damao and cheated on him in the past eight years and that there was money buried under Lin You’s father’s bed.

It was to make sure that the villagers wouldn’t come to trouble her anymore. They wouldn’t touch her again because she had gone to the Palace of Hell. And they wouldn’t say that she was possessed by a demon.

In the post-apocalyptic world, many people had wood power, but their power was different from hers.

The others could only use their powers to attack, but her power had another important function. She could use her power to restore life.

Little Green was a wood elemental, and wood power was the source of life. Therefore, Little Green was the lord of all living things!

Little Green could communicate with all living things, be it plants or animals. However, Little Green was tied to the special space. If Little Green died, then the space would disappear and vice versa!

When the apocalypse arrived, Little Green chose Lin Xinlan as its master.

In order to protect Little Green and herself, Lin Xinlan didn’t show off her special power when she was on missions.

Other than herself, no one knew that her dual power was actually fake. In reality, she had a wood elemental that came with its own special space!

Lin Yuelan’s joy had infected Little Green. If anyone were here, they would be shocked to discover that Lin Yuelan’s bracelet had grown two green leaves and a bud.

The bud turned into a small flower bud, and very quickly, the flower bud turned into a red seven-petaled flower. The red flower landed on Lin Xuelan’s palm. Little Green said in a crisp voice, “Master, you’re welcome! Master, the little friends said that they are happy to serve you too.”

Lin Yuelan took the flower and gently knocked on Little Green’s bud. Then, she said with a smile, “Don’t be naughty. Save some nuclei.”

Nuclei were the resources that were dug out from the brains of zombies or some mutated animals and plants during the apocalypse.

Nuclei were Little Green’s source of food. It converted them into energy to expand the space.

In the past five years, Lin Yuelan and Little Green had worked together to kill countless zombies, mutated animals, and plants. Therefore, countless nuclei were stored in the special space.

However, there didn’t appear to be any zombies or mutated creatures in this world. Therefore, they were running on a loss.

Lin Yuelan gently touched Little Green and said with a smile, “Little Green, let’s go home and see what our home looks like.”

In the original host’s memory, the home was a small hut. It leaked during the rainy season, and it was bone-chilling in the winter. Lin Yuelan decided she would improve the house.

“Let’s go home, Master!” Little Green stretched out its green sprouts and bent as if it was nodding in agreement with Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yuelan said with a smile, “Okay, little green!”

Little Green turned back into the bracelet on Lin Yuelan’s wrist. If someone saw Little Green in this form, they would really treat Lin Yuelan as a monster and burn her to death.

Lin Yuelan briskly walked along the field path, following the path in the host’s memory.

On the way, she met villagers who were either going out or going home.

They didn’t act like before. They didn’t throw rotten leaves at her or curse that they had encountered the jinx.

Instead, they scattered when they saw Lin Yuelan. They panicked and ran far away. They stared at Lin Yuelan with fear in their eyes.

This was a jinx who was sent by the King of Hell. She was even bestowed with divine strength to prevent her from being beaten to death again. How could they not be afraid?

This was the effect that Lin Yuelan wanted. She did not want to be disturbed. That made things more convenient for her in the future.

Standing in front of the little thatched hut, she was a little speechless. From the outside, it was only about ten square meters in size. Other than a few horizontal and vertical wooden beams that supported the house, the rest were all made of weeds.

The roof was covered with dried weeds. Even the surrounding walls were made of a few bamboo pieces that were tied together to form a wall. The door was made of bundles of dried grass.

It was a real hut!

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