The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 25 - Turning the Tide

Chapter 25: Turning the Tide

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Once Lin Yuelan finished speaking, everyone turned their gazes at Gu Sanniang.

Lin Damao had been dead for nine years, but Gu Sanniang had stopped burning paper money for eight years. Lin Yuelan also hinted at the fact that Gu Sanniang had been going around sneaking off with other men.

Instantly, all the women pulled their husbands away from Gu Sanniang and her daughter. No one knew who her adulterer was, but no one wanted it to be their husband. After all, it would be humiliating to the family.

Ying Zi saw the¬†unfriendly looks from the villagers, and her face turned red with anger. She turned to Lin Yuelan and shouted angrily, “You’re talking nonsense! Don’t accuse my mother!”

As for whether it was true or not, she knew better than anyone else. She would occasionally wake up in the middle of the night and hear men’s voices coming from her mother’s room.

“I say, Sister Gu, I remember that it has been indeed eight years since you last burned paper money for Damao.” A slightly plump woman in her forties stood out and said with a little disdain, “I believe the girl has really met your husband down there. Otherwise, how would she know that you haven’t burned paper money for eight years already? Poor Damao, he still can’t be reincarnated because he doesn’t have the money.”

How did the girl know about the things that most adults didn’t if she hadn’t gone to Hell and back?

The answer was her superpower.

“Lan ‘Er, did you see anyone else other than Lin Damao?” Some still didn’t believe Lin Yuelan, so they asked further.

Lin Yuelan answered, “Yes, I did. I saw sixth grandfather. He is living very well because his descendants are filial and burn him a lot of paper money. He is very comfortable. Therefore, sixth grandfather says he is not in a rush to reincarnate. He wants to stay and bless his descendants.”

Uncle Lin You and his family were touched. Uncle Lin You asked, “Girl, did my father say anything else?”

Lin Yuelan said, “Yes. He said that he buried a pile of money in the left corner under his bed. He was saving it for when Big Brother Dacao is ready to get married…”

Before Lin Yuelan could finish her words, Uncle Lin You’s wife, Zhou Xianglan, quickly ran away.

Everyone knew what she had gone to do.

They would know Lin Yuelan was lying or not when Zhou Xianglan came back. Soon, Zhou Xianglan came back with a black jar in her arms. She looked at Uncle Lin You and said anxiously, “Husband, the girl is telling the truth. Dad did bury a stack of money in the left corner under the bed.”

This time, no one questioned Lin Yuelan’s words anymore.

If she was possessed by a powerful demon, she would have slaughtered the whole village when they called for her to be burned. They believed that demons were powerful and ruthless.

Some people were still doubtful, and others were surprised. Most were afraid.

The girl was sent back by the King of Hell even after she died. The King of Hell personally said that her lifespan was not over yet. He even gave her divine strength for protection.

The villagers didn’t dare to say anything to provoke such a person anymore. They decided to stay far away from her in the future.

Ying Zi could only glare at Lin Yuelan in hatred as the villagers started to believe her story. Her expression was also filled with fear. After all, she was a common villager. She was also a victim of superstition. Plus, Lin Yuelan had found out correctly that her mother had been having secret affairs.

Lin Dawei asked curiously, “Lan ‘Er, you said that the King of Hell had provided you divine strength. Can you show us that?”

After all, only the children saw Lin Yuelan pick up Er Gou Zi with one hand. The adults wanted to see the evidence too.

This was exactly what Lin Yuelan wanted. She wanted to stun the villagers so that in the future, they would take a detour when they spotted her.

Lin Yuelan nodded and said, “Sure.”

Then, she looked around and happened to see a 20-centimeter-long stone nearby.

She lifted the stone and walked to the villagers. Then, she put it down and said, “Since uncles and aunties want to witness the divine strength, it is not right for me to refuse. Watch closely.”

She straightened her right palm and cut down on the big stone.


Everyone saw the stone was cleanly shaved into two pieces. Everyone’s faces changed.

This was a stone, not a cabbage or bun! The girl managed to saw the stone into halves with her bare hand!

This divine strength… was too terrifying. What if the stone was a human? Just the thought of it made the villagers shiver in fear.

They must stay away from the jinx. They didn’t want to end up like the stone.

In the future, they had to warn the children from provoking the jinx as well. They must be like Er Guo Zi and the likes who thought they could still bully the jinx as they did in the past. If not, they would be the ones who would be sent to meet the King of Hell.

After all, the girl did say that the King of Hell would welcome all the souls that were killed by divine strength.

After witnessing the performance of the divine strength, the panicked villagers immediately left with their children. Even Ying Zi and Gu Sanniang retreated.

Because they couldn’t afford to provoke Lin Yuelan anymore.

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