The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 7: Disguising as insane

Chapter 7: Disguising as insane

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

Sheyan cut quite a sorry state at this moment, his face was blackened by the fumes of the grenade explosion, and his body had actually endured the explosive outburst of a shotgun! His clothes and pants were torn and tattered. Dozens of wounds covered his entire body as it leaked out blood. But after receiving the dozens of shrapnel from the shotgun, it actually activated the passive effect of his accessory ‘obsidian fossil anchor’! His physique soared to a terrifying 30 points, it was his pinnacle state!

Based on the combat log, receiving such a close proximity attack from a shotgun was reasonably 217 points of damage, and the explosion impact of that grenade was even higher nearing 240 points. But there was the regulating 40% of damage reduction, and thus the damage of the shotgun was reduced to 130 points, and the grenade to 144 points.

Adding the terrifying 15 points of defence due to his full force 30 points physique, that was an entire 37% of damage absorption. That attack damage from the shotgun once again declined to 82 points, and 90 points for the grenade.

And finally, Sheyan’s last layer of protection! That was his innate ability ‘endurance’, every physical attack would be reduced by 25 points of damage. Therefore after calculating, the two frightening attacks only amounted to a total of roughly 120 points of damage. Of course to Sidang, this was enough to deal a fatal blow to him. But to a monster like Sheyan who possessed 300 HP, that 120 points of damage was nothing much.

Actually for Sidang, if he wasn’t that careless, leveraging on the ‘repelling’ ability of his shotgun, coupled with the scope of explosion by the grenade in addition to his ‘reclining leap’ ability, he would be able to escape from Sheyan. But that was if he could pull apart a distance of 10 metres from Sheyan. If anything went wrong, he would then face the full consequence of his blunder.

Sheyan wasn’t in a hurry to kill off Sidang, he only trampled his feet on Sidang’s throat. This action prevented the remaining two guys from the Banks Syndicate from making any rash movements. He bent his back down, with both hands on his knees as he panted heavily. He then put up an act, as if he was trying to impatiently treat his injuries, just like an arrow at the end of its flight.

The nearby contestants initially trembled at the brazen and outrageous style of attacking Sheyan displayed, but looking at his current weak state their hearts were relieved. They had seen many individuals like Sheyan who seemed to be fearless towards death, as long as they held the manpower advantage, then reckless individuals like Sheyan were nothing to them.

Sidang was an unlucky brat. In the present world he was a fairly skilled mechanic, and his innate ability was somewhat related, named ‘preheat’. This ability can be shared to his allies, which will increase their damage by 30% after three consecutive attacks. Only his defeat was swift and sudden, and thoroughly lost before this activity came into effect!

The other battle had also reached its climax. The rumored strength overlord (28 points), Venter, wielding his two-handed broadsword swung his sword with formidable vigor. Even if the blade chopped against the empty air, the surrounding earth particles would disperse out violently showing off its incomparable might. Instead, the motionless Orlan had already collapsed far away, his condition unknown. Yet Diaz utilized an extremely peculiar weapon, a karabiner rifle.

This class of rifle could be said to be the ancestor of all modern day rifles, its model was created through many famous weapons organization in China. The rifles shooting speed was very slow, its magazine capacity was only 3-5 rounds of bullets. But it’s firepower was tremendous, possessing great killing force in addition to its attached bayonet and sturdy wooden butt. At this moment, the Karabiner rifle was releasing a faint, dark blue glow. Although Diaz had suffered a heavy slash on his back, he skillfully used this karabiner rifle to evade and counterattack. He seemed incomparably matchless, equally valiant in both far or close combat.

Observing that Diaz was gradually losing ground, the main leader of the Symbiosis sect,Qiao Gun, called out.

“Venter, Hagrid has already left the opposite bank and is about to return. What do you think he will do when he sees this situation? Honestly, I would be pleased to see your contract being terminated, but your actions can in fact implicate innocent parties like us and jeopardize our chances of passing!”

Venter suddenly lashed out with his sword, a blue glow flickered on his dual-handed broadsword as it heavily struck against the butt of Diaz’s rifle. Instantly, a profound dent appeared on that thick rifle butt. Instead, Diaz was pushed back by 5-6 steps, his face had turned pale as he spat out a mouthful of blood. Venter didn’t continue assaulting, he turned to Sheyan and shouted out.

“Kill him if you dare!”

Sheyan laughed, exposing his bloodied teeth displaying a plain cruelty.


“I don’t dare, but slicing off his limbs will do.”


Venter’s facial muscles twitched and scolded back.


“What do you want?”

Sheyan calmly replied.

“In the battle, I just used a medicine, and two items! Its worth is 3000 utility points. I don’t care who, but you better compensate me a little. If not just watch this guy turn into a cripple.”

Venter took a deep breath and shut his eyes. One could see he was gripping his sword so hard his palm had turned white. Then he reached his hand into his bosom, and took out something! Tossing it to Sheyan he shouted.

“Take it and scram!”

As Sheyan caught it, the nightmare imprint instantly transmitted information.

US army excellent battlefield bandage

Origin: California, San Francisco, Third medical facilities plant

Equipment rarity: Light blue

Materials: Cotton, flax and hemostatic dose

Bandage: After wrapping your wound, it can instantly stop loss of blood effect, and heal 60 HP within 30 seconds.

Pointer: Regeneration of HP effect will be broken by being attacked.

Pointer: After using the bandage and within 300 seconds, other medicines of the same kind would have no effect.

Description: ‘Excellent’ this word brings comfort to all.

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders, and finally lifted his feet from the neck of the now semi-conscious Sidang. Sidang finally had breathing space. Glancing at Qiao Gun, he held some gratitude in his eyes. Qiao Gun’s information was considerably fast and effective. Obviously within his party, there was probably a member who previously entered this world and climbed to a high position, and thus was able to promptly notify him. Sure enough, not even 10 minutes later, the massive figure of Hagrid clumsily appeared at his house entrance and then marched towards here. Looking at Sidang, he exclaimed in shock.

“Oh! Lord, did he just return from the Normandy war in France?”

Orlan was better off. He was only shot by a anaesthetic bullet, and woke up after several minutes. But Sidang didn’t have this good fortune, he was in a near death state and his right hand semi-crippled. His left arm had also suffered a fierce blow. Even if a contestant had a tyrannical physique, it was impossible to regenerate in such a short duration.

Nobody spoke, because the nightmare realm encouraged group coordination. Just like what Qiao Gun mentioned, if Hagrid knew that this bunch of ‘hired workers’ had internal strifes, it would no doubt influence the exploration rate or even mission score of every individual. To those that relied heavily on their parties, these two criterias were essential.

“Mr Hagrid.” Qiao Gun walked up, politely addressing. “An accident, our poor Sidang wanted to climb up the tree to complete his job, but unfortunately fell down. Unluckily, he landed on the axe beneath…..”

Hagrid glanced at the nearby tree, and then towards the semi-conscious Sidang. He then ruffled his messy hair and mumbled to himself.

“Strange, impossible, normally this shouldn’t happen…..”

As he mumbled on, his audience exhibited a sorrowful look. Hagrid shook his head as he lifted Sidang, he then apologetically shrugged his shoulders and said.

“School hasn’t started, Madam Pomfrey (The school doctor) is not in yet. Let me be in charge of his treatment.”

The crowd watched as Hagrid carried the 1.8 metres tall Sidang away, it felt like an adult carrying a little chick. 10 metres away, Hagrid suddenly turn his head and sincerely spoke.

“Injuries are injuries, but workers you still have to complete your work. Truthfully, I hate having to dismiss people. Also before the sun sets, I hope to see this pitiful lawn restored to its original state.”

Hagrid’s words were like whip lashing out swiftly against everyone. The contestants started to panic and carried out their work. Obviously, Hagrid’s meaning was, ‘injuries happen, but the work still has to be completed, if not he will dismiss them!

After the earlier battle, Sheyan had ingeniously gave off an impression of lunatic and fearlessness to others. This sort of courageous character was greatly welcomed in parties, but they died the fastest. But under this complicated circumstances, if anyone wanted to attack him, they had to first consider if it was worth the risk.

In contrast, Diaz’s strength capabilities attracted everyone’s caution. Fighting one against two was something many contestant could do, but soloing against Venter and Orlan was different, furthermore he even managed to take one down! Such strength, even a core member of the symbiosis sect would find it hard to achieve, why wouldn’t it attract the attention of others? Sheyan instead chose to lie low and quiet against notorious and arrogant characters like Venter, awaiting for an opportunity to arise.

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