The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 6: Raging hatchet

Chapter 6: Raging hatchet

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elkassar

After Hagrid finished allocating and left, Sheyan was suddenly obstructed by a contestant.

This contestant was a member from the Banks syndicate. His name was Sidang, his ability was….Sheyan already saw that his right hand was sticking underneath his armpit as he looked over with a pair of malicious brown eyes.

“Hey, blockhead, over there, now! If now i’ll blow up your ass!”

Hearing the word blockhead, Sheyan’s eyes twitched a little but his face remained still. However the muscles in his body instead started to tense up thinking of giving him a good one. But at this moment, from the side of his eyes he could see that Venter and the other contestant, Orlan, was currently coercing Diaz! His heart stirred as he took a step back, fuming out.

“What do you want?”

Sidang discerned Sheyan’s body language, he could sense that this person was showing strength but actually cowering inside. Laughing coldly he replied.

“Relax, as of now you are not worth the slayer value on me. Only, I saw you happily executing your work yesterday, so we want you to help us out with our job today.”

Sheyan felt for the metallic cup and fished it out, gulping down a mouthful as he faced the sky. As he was about to reply Sidang, he heard a loud ‘boom!’ and a large pit appeared in the ground. Black smoke was spiralling up, the grass and soil sprayed out everywhere! He only saw Venter and Diaz crossing their hands against their front, and swiftly retreating backwards. Obviously the two Banks syndicate members had agitated Diaz, causing him to outrageously take the first move!

Seizing the moment Sidang got distracted, Sheyan extended out both hands sharply! A flickering black hatchet appeared in his right hand. The shape of this hatchet looked concise but forceful, and the edge of the blade carried a trace of dried blood. It was reeking of blood and sorrow, that ‘butchering bone hatchet’!

A crows black glow flickered, Sheyan instantly swung down with his hatchet!

Sidang turned around in surprise! The reason they dared to look for trouble from Sheyan and Diaz the two lone contestants, was because Venter had already reached an agreement with the guys from the Symbiosis sect, and thus they wouldn’t interfere. He had predicted that Sheyan would resist, but he never expected Sheyan to resist with such ruthlessness! There was not a trace of fear, but instead he was brimming with mercilessness!

Sidang shrieked, and hurriedly leapt backwards. But that sharp axe blade streaked down his chest heavily, ripping apart his white leather jacket and a deep cut formed on the right hand he placed underneath his armpit. Shortly, his entire sleeve was soaked red.

Sheyan then followed up quickly with a stomp onto his left knee cap.

This guy screamed, but took the chance as he rolled on the floor to hurriedly pull open the gap between each other. If not for the regulation that ‘contestant damage to each other would be lowered by 40%’, this one chop and stomp would have done severe damage to Sidang. Even so, it had caused Sidang to break out in cold sweat.

At the instance Sheyan dealt this damage to Sidang, he had already received the notification:

“Your perceptive sensing exceeds your opponent, thus creating a perceptive pressure. Your enemy can only obtain basic information from their combat log.”

Even though Sidang tried his best to pull apart, Sheyan’s current advanced ability ‘Grappling’ was already lvl 2, furthermore his basic footwork was lvl 4 in addition to the movement bonus from the ‘endless vodka’. Based on speed alone, he already widely overwhelmed his opponent! Sidang crawled back up in a terrible state, pulling out half out his shotgun that was hidden beneath the armpit. Instead, Sheyan had already crazily pounced to his front, his right hand gripping tightly on the ‘butchering bone hatchet’ as he ferociously swung down again!

Blood spurted out, this hatchet had bluntly chopped onto Sidang’s right wrist. He let out a shrilling shriek, swinging a desperate kick at Sheyan’s belly. Although the might of the kick wasn’t great, it managed to block Sheyan’s advance and allowed Sidang to borrow the impact force and roll away. As he rolled away, his left hand fished out that shotgun (A M3 shotgun) as the black barrel aimed over. It was widely understood, that a shotgun was way more threatening in close proximity than long distance!

Sheyan’s expression did not waver, as though he completely disregarded the terrifying might of a shotgun and instead took a step forward, swinging out his hatchet fanatically! “Boom!” Sidang gritted his teeth as he pressed the trigger! The torrent of steel balls sprayed out towards its opponent crazily, splashing against Sheyan’s body as his blood and flesh blended against his shirt and smoke.

But simultaneously, that ferocious hatchet had arrived with a whistle, completely chopping against the crack between Sidang’s left middle and ring finger, swinging down with immense strength! At present, Sheyan’s ‘intoxicated man’ title was already activated, furthermore this ‘butchering bone hatchet’ gave a bonus 2% explosive rate. This one strike hatchet carried an explosive hit effect! It directly sunk into half of Sidang’s palm, and its unwavering might carried it further into the space between the Ulna*and Radius* of his forearm before jamming to a halt. If not for the passive ability from the shotgun ‘Repel’, his one chop may have really chopped off half of Sidang’s arm!

(TN: * The two bones of a person’s forearm)

This was the problem of being too accustomed to a party. In a party everyone’s role is defined and they each fulfilled their given duty, furthermore Sidang’s party companions are now all inclined towards close range combat. The shotgun he used was a dark blue equipment, not only was its power immense, it even had a 100% effect of repelling the enemy. Therefore he would normally not bother much in collecting equipment or pumping attribute points towards physique, but instead placed more emphasis on strength and agility. The basic ability he enhanced would also be more inclined to basic long range combat.

To Sidang, strength can greatly enhance the range and stability of the shotgun, even if the shotgun fell back his strength could back him up. And agility was used to enhance his firing speed and pursuing an enemy, more importantly it gave him a higher chance of fleeing. Therefore, his physique was merely 8 points! Which meant that his life points were only worth 80 points, and the defence brought from 8 points of physique was a mere 4 points which amounted to reducing roughly 10% of damage.

Instead for Sheyan, his strength had already reached an impressive 13 points, adding the additional attack power of the ‘butchering bone hatchet’ and more important with his lvl 2 advanced grappling ability. Yet Sidang did not have a single advanced ability! Therefore, every time the axe head chopped down, from a reasonable point it would at least deal close to 50 points of damage. Even if the damage was reduced by 40% due to the contestant battling regulation, Sheyan had actually dealt a explosive strike! Although it was weakened by the regulation, and not for Sidang’s shotgun passive ability activating, that hatchet had already robbed him of half his life!

The heavily wounded Sidang screamed out in misery! He suddenly realized that approaching this guy so closely was such a foolish action! However, he was a contestant that had already survived through several worlds, he had faced such a dangerous situation before. Thus he didn’t get knocked down from the pain of his shattered limbs. He bit his bloodied teeth and concurrently activated a protective ability.

“reclining leap!”

Sheyan had already seen this ability in the marketplace, it belonged to a class of ability that required no prerequisites or vocation restrictions. After usage it can greatly raise the user’s jumping capability in an instant, and swiftly leap backwards by 5 to 8 metres. But its cool down duration was very long, but even if that was so, its price remained high in the marketplace. This Sidang actually possessed this ability.

Furthermore, Sidang was able to become a core member in his party, it was not merely relying on luck or eloquence. When he leapt backwards, he made a weird movement as a smoking grenade suddenly fell from his waist, and rolled between him and Sheyan. If Sheyan wanted to pursue and attack, then he would have to face this grenade head on!

Actually this scenario, was extremely similar to when he faced off with Cazider when he first entered the nightmare world! Although Cazider did not possess this ‘reclining leap’ ability, but his rich battle experience and wits were not in any way inferior to Sidang. When faced against Cazider, Sheyan actually retreated upon seeing the smoking grenade. But now, Sheyan instead chose to advance!

Fearlessly charging head on!

His body slightly leaned forward, his breathing steady as he every step he took carried extreme precision!

The explosive sound of the grenade rung by his side, a massive force surged against him. Sharp shrapnel sprayed out, spurting like a jet stream against Sheyan and forcefully ripping his skin apart. Boiling fresh blood fanatically gushed out, but from the ripped holes on his shirt, it leaked out a bronze and durable flesh outline which contained a fierce aggressiveness. The agony was ripping flesh was like adrenaline and produced a scorching sensation over Sheyan. His closely target locked pair of eyes exhibited a frenzied and boiling expression!

From Sidang’s perspective, he clearly pulled away 7-8 metres from his opponent, and even tossed out a grenade as deterrence. Instead when the smoke dispersed, only a dreadful black hatchet flashed in his sight just like a nightmare! This person was actually a lunatic who would charge towards a grenade! Following that, the completely stunned Sidang only heard two consecutive and oppressive bone shattering muffles. That was the sound of Sheyan’s hatchet forcefully chopping into his flesh and even reaching his bones. After that, he straightforwardly sunk into a near death state and fainted.

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