The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 67: Gradual clarity

Chapter 67:Gradual clarity

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and ELkassar

Sheyan’s chest violently undulated as he took huge breaths, he bent down to support his knee with both hands. Even though he knew ‘Ambition’s’ destructive force was great, after using it for the first time he realized he completely underestimated it! He suddenly stood up because deeper into the pathway, two contestants holding onto their blades were looking over with disbelief. They naturally witnessed that insane event. Sheyan laughed coldly, he once again drew out ‘Ambition’, and aimed it!

The two other contestants obviously did not know the cooldown period of ‘Ambition’ was a minute. They only witnessed that this weapon carried such destructive force that it terrifyingly blasted off half of Bowen’s neck! Panic soared in their hearts as they watched the black barrel aiming towards them, they immediately cried out in horror and fled. Sheyan had no intentions of giving chase, he leaned against the pillar and decided after setting his dislocated right shoulder.

After slaying Bowen, Sheyan carefully reflected on several things. From a string of spider’s tracks and horse tracks (Clues), he clearly understood that his enemy’s party obviously had a highly skilled character who planned before moving. And that fella definitely planned his escape route before this assault. Hence, if Sheyan were to use this chance to find assistants, he would waste a great deal of time and ultimately, it would’ve been in vain. Thus, Sheyan hesitated and immediately pursued the fleeing contestants! Under this situation, the possibility of them having another ambush is extremely low.

Although he delayed for a while, their agility was not comparable to Sheyan. Sheyan was able to force himself to follow their escaping pace. While pursuing, a huge suspicion formed in Sheyan’s mind: aren’t these people scared of having their ploy exposed?

Currently at sea, even if the Flying Dutchman was enormous, no matter how well these contestants hid, they would not be able to run forever. After acting they would only have two endings: Kill or be killed!

If the latter happened, Sheyan could call his helpers and he had the confidence of snuffing them out within 2 hours. He believed based on his third officer authority, finding them out wasn’t difficult.

And even if they killed Sheyan, the news of the Flying Dutchman’s third officer being murdered would startle Davy Jones. Obviously he would not mourn for Sheyan, but will believe that a fatal defect had surfaced in his ship. Similarly he would instigate wide scale bloodshed to cleanse his ship!

Hence, the only explanation is, these bunch of people only needed to drag this on for 2 hours and thus could accomplish their mission and return to the nightmare realm! If not, another unreasonable speculation would be, they could eliminate every threat within the 2 hours…. More noteworthily, these threats included the entire crew of the Flying Dutchman and even Davy Jones all the way to the lowest tier of pirates!

Sheyan’s thoughts gradually gained clarity.

“These bunch had never expected a contestant like me to suddenly appear on this ship. Therefore, one of the contestant, maybe because of his curiosity, or someone’s instigation, he wanted to probe information of me….. That was the reason why someone sneaked around when I was sleeping. Unfortunately, his plan got discovered. Therefore, their head would conclude that the promoted me would carry out investigation on this ship, this action would definitely hinder their plans. Thus, in order to prevent my actions, he dispatched people to silence me.”

In order to prevent the pirates from discovering his secret pursuing, Sheyan tailed them from a distance, he did not dare to go closer. After passing a channel that was close to the side of the ship, he suddenly understood why the pirates on board had suddenly collectively disappeared. Because from 2 nautical miles away on the legendary pirate ship the ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’, a horrific scene was unfolding.

That sail ropes on that ship seemed like it was alive as it frantically coiled. It looked like the entire pirate ship had transformed into a gigantic tentacle monster.The pirate leader Blackbeard was currently standing on the main mast and laughing to his heart’s content while he admired the view. He was waving about that magical silver sword! His subordinates knelt down at the deck in fear and trepidation, as though worshipping their king!

This sight completely captivated the pirates on the Flying Dutchman, they abandoned their jobs and scattered onto the deck to watch this shocking view with their jaws dropped. Sheyan felt an illusion that he was the one who created history, because Blackbeard’s mythical sword was something he had helped to perfect. Ammand’s scabbard should have a function akin to that of a battery charger! Without that complementing scabbard, Blackbeard’s mythical sword would at most be a ridiculously sharp weapon. But after charging up with the scabbard, he could then fit the grand name of ‘the king of close naval combat’!

Sheyan pondered as he continued to tail the two people. He had not gone through training in this field, and these two had the intentions of losing their trail. Thus, after descending one floor of the ship’s hold, it came to no surprise that Sheyan lost them. After scurrying a few rounds around the cargo, just when he was about to give up, a soft chatter could be heard from over 30 metres within the cargo hold. Sheyan immediately darted behind a pillar in the corridor, to prevent alerting them as he tried to stealthily spy from the side.

What greeted him was a group of pirates escorting a noble dressed youth as they hurriedly paced forward. That youth should be a storyline character, unknowingly, this youth gave off a rather familiar aura to Sheyan. Within those pirates, surprisingly were the two contestants he was tailing, it was obvious that they were the entire party!

At this point, Sheyan would obviously not be stupid enough to expose himself to curse and explode out at his enemies. That would result in getting beaten to a state worse than death. He decided that he wanted to use his ‘insight’ ability to probe out that youth, but just as he was about to activate it, he sensed a faintly discernable crisis hovering in his heart. This was undoubtedly his outstanding 14 points in perceptive sensing displaying its warning mechanism. This faint danger represented two things, one is that using ‘insight’ would cause a slight crisis, and the other…… meant that within their party, there was someone else with an even higher or close perceptive sensing. Thus, diluting his perceptive senses completely!

Sheyan stuck his face to the pillar, a distinctive timbre texture could be felt and he could smell a slight fishy seawater smell. He observed as this group disappeared round the corner, and he ultimately decided to give up on utilizing ‘insight’. The reason was simple:

The risks and benefits were not worth it.

Naturally, the motive of this party was not Sheyan, killing him was only to cut their risks. Sheyan only used ‘insight’ to satisfy his curiosity. But once he gets discovered, then he will land himself in grave trouble! Exchanging his life just to satisfy a curiosity, this was simply not something a intelligent person would do.

When this group walked faraway, Sheyan did not attempt to tail them with his shoddy footwork, but instead entered the cargo hold that he came out from. This cargo hold is relatively common on a pirate ship. It was normally used to store heavy and cumbersome or strong smelling goods, for example salted fish, buckets and ballast material etc. Even a pirate ship would have common cargo holds, because even though they don’t transport goods, when pillaging merchant ships, they would contain these goods. Naturally they would be able to loot those merchant ships, even this kind of goods to gather the maximum profits.

The cargo hold in front of Sheyan was completely empty, a thick tobacco smell was left behind. The few objects left wereas several familiar gorgeous chest. Sheyan raised his brows, it was indeed the treasure chests that he obtained from Tortuga castle with Scarface Harry. Engraved was clearly the emblem of the Fokke Family, within them was nothing, as empty as the wilderness. Undoubtedly, it had been looted completely by those pirates.

After looking at the imprint on the chests, Sheyan’s originally disorganized thoughts suddenly connected. He suddenly recalled why he felt that the youth looked very familiar. It was because the outline of his facial features looked extremely similar to the Little Lord Fokke, the owner of Tortuga port! Even though his body didn’t have the icy deathlike sensation like Little Lord Fokke, but the air of nobility was still outstandingly visible. Obviously, the youth that just went off even if he wasn’t Little Lord Fokke’s son, he would still be blood related.

Someone from the Fokke Family’s younger generation…. A group of contestants….. They ascended an influential legendary pirate ship….. These 3 points assembling together on the Caribbean sea, what is their exact relationship? Since the youth’s status had already been revealed by Sheyan, an even larger riddle was forming in Sheyan’s heart. What exactly are they planning?! Don’t tell me this party was so strong that they could confront the legendary Davy Jones known as the ‘sea devil’? If that’s the case, then why do they need to bring along this blood related youth of the Fokke Family?

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