The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 66: Fearsome Ambition!

Chapter 66: Fearsome Ambition!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

Suddenly, Sheyan swung his arm and latched onto Bowen’s stomping feet. Exerting great strength, he caused him to lose his balance, as he stumbled backwards. After Bowen steadied himself, he could only watch as his silent opponent struggled to get up. His opponent was still swaying, but only his blazing eyes were stable, beneath the dripping and flowing blood from his forehead.

Fiery blood!

The two continued to battle.

This time, Sheyan altered his fighting style.

Regarding his opponent’s attack, he started without dodging but adopted the most desperate approach. Hurting himself to inflict damage!

Sheyan’s thinking had started to become clearer. Up till now, he was finally able to see through this contestant. Once a contestant has an attribute that was frequently used, that meant that his other attributes would be relatively weaker. And this group was obviously a party. A party’s benefits was that it could vastly limit the risk and distribute it, lowering the mission difficulty. However, its flaw was that the additional rewards were frequently monopolized by the stronger attributes within the party.

Therefore, your strength is so great, but your physique definitely isn’t!

Therefore, this fool’s equipment would never be better than mine!

Sheyan’s nose had been pulverized by Bowen’s fists, blood splattered everywhere and stars formed in his eyes. But, the attacking Bowen was also unable to evade Sheyan’s strike in time, he was directly kicked at his balls! Sheyan’s present total life points had already soared to a frightening 290 points, this coupled with the protection of his innate ability ‘Endurance’! Factoring his HP regeneration speed, he could recover 14.5 HP every minute. Furthermore, it has already been close to five minutes since the start of the battle, which goes to say that he had already additionally recovered 70 HP. Hence, even when Sheyan was forced into such a sorry state, his life points still remained close to 180 points!

Under such circumstances, Sheyan obviously adopted the method of harming oneself to inflict damage! Bowen’s strength was incredible, obviously, his initial strength was high and after entering a party, his entire equipments after distributions should roughly be strength enhancing equipments. That meant that his physique was definitely not high. If that’s the case, the low in defence Bowen would not be able to fight for extended periods.

Bowen’s breathing started to become disoriented, his chest slightly undulating. The area that was kicked by Sheyan ached dully. In a short 10 seconds, he had already knocked down this taciturn male 4 times, but yet this male swiftly got back up as though nothing happened time and time again. It was as though pain was a common occurrence, pain uplifted his fighting spirit! Observing this opponent, that was like an injured wild beast, a strange ominous feeling welled up in his chest. This feeling caused his chest to repeatedly pound, causing him to feel irritable for no reasons. Looking at the blood on his opponent’s face, he roared out and charged once again, raising his fist.

Between the two, they had already given up defending, the only thing left was to attack attack attack attack! Blood sprayed out everywhere, the floor and walls were smeared with it. The thunderous clashing of blows caused the empty cabin to shudder, causing palpitation in people’s hearts.

“Thump!” Their fist collided in mid air, a sudden crack could be heard clearly from Sheyan’s right shoulder bone, his distorted arm then descended flabbily, obviously the lightest injury would be a dislocation. Naturally comparing strength and experience, Bowen still held the upperhand.

This brute laughed sinisterly, hopping forward as he raised his knee and ferociously aimed towards his opponent’s lower body. This move was vicious, once it connected it would cause his opponent to lose his battle capability, cut of his line of descendants and may even lose this life instantly. But also because of this move, Bowen’s had left his entire body open! His entire upper body had gaps everywhere. Bowen had already calculated, it was impossible for the enemy to block his knee, unless his hands were as long as 2-3 metres!

But at this crucial point, Sheyan’s eyes exhibited a mocking expression. He leaned to the side, evading the damage to his lower body. But Bowen’s knee subsequently struck against this pelvis, knocking Sheyan 3-4 metres away. At this very instance, Sheyan unexpectedly rotated himself before crashing to the ground, another weapon had appeared in his functioning hand.

A deep black gun…….

An outdated but brimming with murderous aura, flintlock musket…..

Between the space of landing, Sheyan finally pulled out this demonic lethal weapon!


In that instance, the atmosphere froze with a deathly aura!

The surging waves of the distant sea felt like it correlated with this frightening weapon!

“Pointer: Target’s life points has already dropped beneath 30%.”

“Pointer: Do you wish to activate weapon ability: Rum and songs?”

“Weapon ability: Rum and Songs activated!”


Before falling to the ground, Seyan already triggered, an ash grey smoke spiralled up! That outdated gunpowder odour pierced the nose and rapidly filled the entire room. The gap between the two was not even 5 metres, even though Sheyan made no contributions to the firing bullet apart from triggering it, but gun techniques were completely unnecessary in such a distance. Once he aimed to a rough direction, even trying to miss was hard. Furthermore, Rum and Songs had an inevitable hitting attribute?

Besides, Sheyan wasn’t a professional gunman. No matter if it was pulling out and aiming this sort of basic efficiency, he was a complete amateur. If he was swapped with a talented and hardworking gunmen, their speed of readying the gun would be roughly 0.4 seconds. Thus, Sheyan understood his personal weakness and immediately activated the ‘Rum and Songs’ to bring about this inevitable hitting effect. His aim was to finish this off in one strike!

Bowen had also numerous encounters of being shot, his battle experiences were plentiful. Thus, when he saw Sheyan pulling out this mysteriously shaped musket out, he knew something was wrong. He seemed to be prepared, as the surface of his body suddenly flickered and a layer of transparent water wrapped around him. Simultaneously, he did his utmost to dart to the side attempting to dodge the shot.

However, what shot out of ‘Ambition’ was a lead bullet combusting in flames. It carried a rumbling killing intent as it pressed forward determined, shooting straight ahead!

This era’s lead bullet design wasn’t complicated, but its manufacturing requirements were relatively high. Primarily, one must construct a 6 floors high building and a pool at the bottom. One must pour smelted lead from the peak of the building with a special, fastened and waterlock scoop, under its personal tension from the free-falling conditions it will then form into a somewhat droplet looking bullet. Once it cools down in the pool, it can then be used. The designated scoop must have a sufficient altitude in order to give adequate cooling time for the liquid lead to solidify in midair. Because once an unsolidified lead droplet balls into the pool, it would not be able to preserve its shape.

Even the destruction force of an ordinary lead bullet would not be inferior to the average bullets nowadays, and may even surpass it! Because lead is more flexible, once it penetrates into a person’s body, it will release all its kinetic energy. Thus, they body would suffer severe rupture from the insides, causing severe internal damage. Its damage would be a hundred times that of an ordinary pellet, furthermore it would cause tremendous pressure on the human’s circulatory system….its potential was simply unimaginable. A victim would suffer unbearable agony, and if the bullet was not retrieved out of the body, it would result in lead poisoning! Even with the present times medical advances, it was still very very tricky.

When the bullet soared to within 10 centimetres of Bowen’s body, the surrounding air instantly formed a distinct rippling movement, producing a series of alarming glass shattering sounds! But the speed of this lead bullet remained undaunted! Whistling loudly as it pierced into the right side of Bowen’s neck. Blood gushed out from his neck, his eyes popped out like a dead fish as his body became rigid where he stood.

An enormous crescent shaped wound appeared on Bowen’s beck, as though an invisible beast appeared from nowhere and bit of half of his neck. Bowen’s expression was brimming with disbelief as he clutched his neck tightly with his hands, convulsing violently and finally collapsing to the ground. Blood shot out without restraint as he violently convulsed without an indication that this was going to stop.

One simple gunshot, yet its destructiveness could split a mountain, dashing all hopes of survival in the formidable Bowen!

This brute struggled in despair, he summoned his final bit of strength to raise his hands up and pointed his shaking and bloodied finger towards Sheyan. His eyes contained regret, dismay and unwillingness!

Consecutively, the nightmare imprint transmitted his battle log:

“Based on your perceptive sensing, you acquired the following battle report.”

“Contestant no. 22317 dealt 31 (56-25) points of damage with his knee, repelling you backwards.”

“You activated your weapon’s personal ability: Rum and Songs.”

“Your attack will inevitably strike the opponent!”

“Contestant no. 22317 utilized an innate ability: Mist shield, ability will form a protective shield over the contestant that can absorb 200 points of far range damage/100 points of other damage. Duration of 5 seconds, Mist shield unable to defend against damage over time abilities.”

“Your gunshot dealt 140 points of damage, enemy’s life points beneath 30% causing sudden explosiveness of damage, you dealt 280 points of damage.”

“Mist shield absorbed 200 points of damage, after deducting personal defence, your resultant damage is 80 points. Concurrently, enemy will suffer from dizziness for 3 seconds.”

“Contestant no. 22317 is dead.”

“Current scenario is a peaceful setting, you are unable to acquire any benefits from the death of contestant no. 22317.”

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