The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 6: Break away and violently escape!

Chapter 6:Break away and violently escape!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Just when Sheyan was at the brink of losing his mind, the bound up Dasi raised his head with great difficulty and looked toward Sheyan. Sheyan was now looking at Dasi, countless thoughts flashing through his mind. Dasi had treated him like a real son, looking at the greyish white hair atop his forehead, his bloody hands, his warm, kind gaze, Sheyan felt a bittersweet warmth as his tears poured out forcing him to close his eyes and shout:

“Just board Fu Yuan!”

Dasi could read the hidden melancholy beneath those words, as he fought to speak up:

“Listen to Ah Yan, let’s board Fu Yuan”

Although he spoke softly, but it rung with resolute and decisiveness! Sanzi and Gaoqiang wanted to speak up, but upon looking directly at the murderous glare from Sheyan, they sucked back their words. The entire group then retreated toward the boat.

After such a twist in events, Huashan Fei started harbouring suspicions, he squinted his eyes to look inside the dimly litted van to observe Xide. Looking at what was unfolding in front of him, Sheyan’s heart skipped a beat, immediately reacting:

“Oh yeah, Huashan Fei, return to us the fragrant cream you stole!”

Using a hundred bucks to buy over 10 kg of fragrant cream was as good as stealing. Upon hearing Sheyan’s words, his state of mind relaxed a little, because there were only a handful of people in the world who valued one’s life over money. If Xide was dead, Sheyan would be hoping to leave the place as fast as possible, why would he still care about that fortune of fragrant cream. Huashan Fei glanced at Sheyan, he then signalled his underlings to bring out a huge bag filled with fragrant cream and teased at Sheyan:

“You want this? … sure! But first let me talk to Xide.”

Without hesitation, Sheyan replied:

“No problem! Xide, speak up!”

Currently, Sheyan was outside the mini-van while Xide’s body was sprawled over the driver and passenger seat, between them there was a small gap of 2 meters. Huashan Fei, could observe Xide’s right hand trembling slightly, as if he was summoning the strength to get up but still could not do it, as he continued laying down on the seat as though he fainted again.

At first, Huashan Fei was very suspicious of the Sheyan sitting in the driving seat, but right now there was a space of 2-3 meters, and even the car door separating then. Lowering his guard, he bitterly allowed Dasi and gang to board the boat and leave.

Huashan Fei never expected that Sheyan had already taken this scenario into account. Before he arrived, he had tied two very fine strings onto the limbs of Xide’s corpse. With the low vision caused by the torrential rain, the dimly lit interior and the 70 meters distance between them, there was no chance Huashan Fei could see Sheyan utilizing the strings from outside the mini-van. Of course, the main reason for this optical illusion was still the mental delusion of Huashan Fei not expecting that Xide was actually dead. Even with the strange movements resulting from the string, one could only guess that it was because of his heavy injuries.

The people aboard the boat looked covered with bruises all over their body, but apart from Dasi, the rest only sustained superficial wounds. They have all been raised up by the sea since young, and in this desperate moments of fleeing, they rowed their hardest they could in their entire life as the boat disappeared into the endless sea.

Sheyan waited until the boat was no longer in sight, however he never once took his gaze away from Huashan Fei and his men. After 10 minutes, Huashan Fei broke the silence:

“Okay, I’ve already released the people and gave you back your goods, isn’t it about time you release him?”

Sheyan’s mouth twitched a little, taking a deep breath he spoke:

“You and your men retreat first.”

While he was still in the midst of talking, a strange chilling to the bone, hair rising sensation came over his entire body especially his vest felt icy cold as though somebody pressed ice against his skin. Sheyan’s pupil contracted as he immediately threw himself forward. At this moment the piercing sound of a gunshot filled the air, as sparks emerged from the mini-van’s front. Unknowing to Sheyan, one of Huashan Fei’s henchmen with the gun actually made a huge loop from the side to make it to the back of Sheyan. Under command, he fired at Sheyan, but at the critical moment, Sheyan actually miraculously dodged the bullet.

Sheyan heavily crashed into the mud, as a searing pain swarmed his entire body from the chest wound. The muddy waters were strangely refreshing, and it tasted bloody. Sheyan wrestled himself up from the ground, as he scrambled to take cover behind one of the surrounding huts. Panting, he struggled to make way, running clumsily in the direction of his own house.

In fact when he decided to stay behind, Sheyan had already made reservations in his heart that he may not escape. However even a cricket would fight for his life, and Sheyan also realized the wound in his chest was not as bad as he imagined it to be and therefore clung on to his dear life. Although the way Sheyan was running was like an anxious stray dog, but whenever he thought of what expression Huashan Fei would have when he saw Xide’s dead body, his heart would celebrate in delight which gave him move motivation to flee faster.

“You poor bastard! Stop! I will destroy you!”

“Lil’ bastard! Keep running and I will kill your entire family!”



Because of his chest injury, his running speed has been affected. Hearing the heavy footsteps and incessant cursing from the thugs catching up to him, Sheyan suddenly stopped and turned around. He pulled out the gun he retrieved from Xide, took aim and fired!

Truthfully, Sheyan’s marksmanship was extremely poor, after roaming the seas as a fisherman for 6-7 years, his knowledge toward guns was fairly basic. He only knew how to reload and trigger fire the gun while not hurting himself, skill wise he was far from praiseworthy. However when the group of 3-4 thugs closed up to a close distance of about 70 meters, even a person spitting saliva would be able to accurately hit one of them.

“Boom, Boom !” the sound of the gunshot rang, a faint green smoke faded into the pouring rain followed by a scream, two of the thugs collapsed into the muddy water. Their injuries were not very serious, one was shot in the leg the other bullet grazed against the cheek of the other thug. Although it was just superficial wounds, at first glance the wounds appeared to be very serious. .

Especially the one with the cheek injury, his face was covered with fresh blood, he has also lost a few teeth as the blood filled up his entire mouth, and he was screaming more miserably than a pig getting slaughtered. His surrounding friends, hearing this, all felt a fear in their heart that prompted them to retreat.

These two shots created lots of chaos and misgivings in the minds of the chasing men, as they slowed down not daring to be too impulsive. Although Huashan Fei put up a very lucrative bounty, but they still needed their life to collect this bounty. Faced with this escaping crafty and merciless punk, he even dared to stab Black Devil’s son, it would not be worth it to lose their lives now. Anyway he is gravely injured, letting him bleed out would be better.

As the people chasing developed this thinking, Sheyan finally had a small breathing space. Looking down he knew he was left with two bullets and he gave off a bitter laugh as he continued running away. He was very clear right from the start, under this kind of hopelessly vile situation, even fleeing alone in that mini-van was courting death. Si Qiao town’s only proper road was poorly taken care of, full of potholes and mud often causing vehicles to break down. The motorbike behind Sanzi’s hut was his only means of escape! The sandy route along the beach side was in extremely terrible condition, and only a motorbike could easily maneuver around it. After driving for for 5 km, one would be connected to the national highway leading to the prefectural city of in Guangxi, when that happens freedom would be certain.

“Keys, where are the keys?” Sheyan kicked open the door of Sanzi’s hut, as he was greeted by a familiar pitch blackness. He took a few deep breaths as he made his way to Sanzi’s pillow reaching out for the keys underneath it. Going out through the back door, he pushed the motorbike out from under the shelter of a canopy, jumping on frantically as he slammed his foot down onto the pedal.

The chasing men looked at each other in dismay, two of Huashan Fei’s lackeys tried to intercept Sheyan with two iron rods. Without hesitation Sheyan fired off his gun at the two men. Although the bullet failed to connect, it had caused the two guys to frantically take cover behind the hut.

One could say heaven was aiding Sheyan, Huashan Fei’s guns were all self made without proper water proof features, even in this heavy downpour, the gun could still fire off all its bullet. Looking at the back of the fleeing Sheyan on his motorbike, the men could not think of any solutions. At this moment, someone barged in clumsily, shouting at the top of his lungs carrying a tinge of sorrow as he screamed:

“Bro Xide was actually murdered by that poor bastard! On boss’s instructions, anyone who catches him gets five hundred thousand! Also applies to anyone who finds any clue on his whereabouts leading to his capture. Bastard! Prepare to collect your family’s dead bodies!”

Black Devil’s infamous name could even cause a small child to wail. The previous year while smuggling, he actually came into confrontation with Vietnam’s border troops, although he suffered a loss of over 30 men, he was able to sink one of his opponent’s vessel. Xide’s death in this area caused the hearts of many to worry, if they could not produce the culprit, Black Devil may certainly unleash his wrath on the entire town. This thought in addition to Huashan Fei’s generous bounty would lead one to work hard!

After hearing this proclamation, although Sheyan has already driven out of town in his motorbike, these hooligans suddenly started pursuing excitedly with a new motivation. A few of them went to fetch their nearby vehicles, determined to chase Sheyan to the ends of the earth!

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