The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 5: Battle against enemy and friend!

Chapter 5: Battle against enemy and friend!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by:I and Elkassar

Although killing Xide was not part of his plan, Sheyan did not feel like he had reached a dead end. Xide’s death was without a doubt bad news, but Huashan Fei did not know about this yet. If he was able to utilize Xide’s corpse effectively, it would be able to yield the same results.

Although Scarface has fled, he had sustained great injuries. The journey from here to the port is considerably far, even if Huashan Fei had received the news and rushed over, there was still adequate time to prepare for his next step.

After calming down, Sheyan waddled over to the nearby toilet to wash his face, proceeding to clean his gunshot wound before finally wrapping it up simply with a cloth. Sheyan retrieved several clean and dry clothes which he put on Xide’s dead body and dragged his body out into the passenger seat of the minivan parked outside, adjusting his body perfectly into a sitting position.

Normally in Huashan Fei’s absence, White-dust Ming would bring some underlings out in this minivan to collect protection fees. That is why Sheyan was able to pinpoint the location of the vehicle keys which was on Ming’s body. He also brought the pistol as a precaution, and set off for the port.

Although Sheyan could still feel a searing pain from his wound, he felt powerful, as though a hidden strength was awakening from within him. As he was reflecting on what had happened, he was actually unknowingly enjoying the feeling at the moment. That sort of feeling of pure ecstasy when engaging in a random fist fight, that feeling of thrill when holding a life in his hand, the lingering smell of blood within his nostrils… he suddenly had a new insatiable thirst within him! Having the ability to control death, was what someone’s life goal should be!

In the moments after killing Xide, Sheyan felt as though he was living life to the fullest.

This feeling was much better than having an orgasm or taking in a deep puff of the cigar!!

“Damn it , why do I feel like I am becoming a psychotic sadist?” Sheyan bitterly laughed, then shook off that notion. Focusing once again, he continued driving towards the port.

After driving out for 50 meters, Sheyan can see Scarface’s body lying motionless on the road, as the flooded road had already submerged half of his face. Even the clean wound across his neck had been washed to a sickening white, while his left hand was still clutching onto his neck. Strictly speaking, Sheyan’s strike was only capable of inflicting heavy damage but was not a fatal one. However, the terrified Scarface struggled and fled leading him to lose excessive amounts of blood, eventually causing his death.

Looking at Scarface’s body, Sheyan heaved a sigh of relief. This meant that Huashan Fei had no clue his house was attacked, making it easier for Sheyan to construct his plan. An unprepared and unknowing Huashan Fei was definitely easier for Sheyan to achieve victory against.

When Huashan Fei witnessed this familiar white colored mini van driving in amidst the thunderstorm, he was extremely startled. Sheyan parked the vehicle 70 meters away from him, the light within the van was dimly lit. He then placed his knife across the neck of Xide’s corpse, biting his teeth he shouted out.

“Huashan Fei! Do you want Xide dead or alive?”

Huashan Fei’s pupils shrank, as a fiery rage started to soar within him! His status was like the emperor in the town of Si Qiao, having the primary say in everything, nobody had dared threatened him before. However he understood, if Xide died in his territory, he would definitely not be spared when that old hag “Black Devil’ decides to unleash his wrath of vengeance. That is why Huashan Fei lowered his pride and spoke:

“What do you want?”

At the same time a burning passion was swirling within Sheyan, even his gaze held a crazy berserk kind of look because he had seen Uncle Dasi .

The Uncle Dasi that was currently bound up in front of him.

Dasi’s face was pale, and he had already fainted. Blood drenched his hands, as his left hand was broken beyond recognition, worse still, his right hand was left with only 3 fingers! Beside him was a bowl with blood and floating inside the blood was actually Dasi’s fingers!

“ HUA, SHAN, FEI!” Although he had already prepared in his heart beforehand, Sheyan still had to take deep breaths as he kept reminding himself to stay calm. However, his facial muscles were twitching uncontrollably, and the veins inside his eyes had bulged, giving him a ruthless and scary bloodshot look. He raised his eyebrows and coldly laughed out:

“What do you think, Huashan Fei. You wanted to dispose of my entire family, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

At this point in time at a nearby hut, a door swung open. Originally Gao Qiang had been tricked away, but here he was with Sanzi being dragged out of the hut. The two of them had been beaten up to a plum with bruises all over their faces. Upon seeing Sheyan, they both shouted out in unison:

“Bro Yan !”

Huashan Fei’s crafty gaze fell upon Sheyan. Right now, the rain was pouring heavily, while the van was only dimly lit, under this low vision he thought Xide had only fainted, never expecting that Sheyan would greet him with a lifeless corpse! Huashan fei’s long standing tyranny at the top, was also because of years of struggling and fighting, thus he knew that today’s matter would not be easily dropped by Sheyan and that Sheyan’s goal was to ensure the safety of his people. Therefore, with a flick of his hand, he signalled his underlings to surround the people nearby coercing them together with the tip of their knives, thereby, pressuring Sheyan.

Faced with such a situation, Sheyan squinted his eyes, his lips formed into a grin. Upfront, he was holding a knife to Xide’s throat, but beneath, his left leg was putting in great effort to support Xide’s lifeless heavy body. Sheyan then shouted out:

“Huashan Fei, I have already inflicted a mortal knife wound to his left chest, his condition is extremely bad right now. If you insist on wasting time, I am afraid he won’t have much time left. How would you explain to Black Devil then?!”

Huashan Fei remained emotionless, however, his left hand that was gripping onto a chopper had already turned ghastly white, his anger had already reached a boiling point but without changing his tone he coldly spoke up:

“Then stop with the bullsh*t! Lay out your terms!”

Sheyan look a long hard look at the far away Uncle Dasi , looking at his old and haggered complexion it stirred his heart as he continued:

“Let them go, I will stay. When they are all safe will I will hand Xide over.”

Huashan Fei let out a mocking laugh:

“You take me for a fool? After they leave you would immediately flee in the van then how would i chase you?”

Sheyan bluntly spoke out:

“Then I will leave the vehicle, is that enough?”

Huashan Fei’s expression changed. Sheyan then nastily gave Xide a kick letting his body violent shiver, then lowering the knife from his throat. This action looked as if Sheyan had knocked Xide unconscious and laid him down on the seat causing Huashan Fei’s anger to intensify as he felt the increasing pressure of the situation.


He proceeded to signal to his underlings with his hand:

“Release them!”

Huashan Fei’s underlings cursed while they cleared up an opening, letting the people within their control slowly crawl out. Sheyan’s left hand clutched tightly at his chest, as he proceeded to leave the mini van. He leaned against the vehicle while his lower body was covered by the van’s door. Huashan Fei shot an icy cold look toward one of his underlings beside him. That underling was actually in possession of a gun, however, when he saw a similar gun in lodged firmly in Sheyan’s grip and glancing towards the “fainted” Xide he did not dare to risk making a move.

The people being released retrieved the semi-conscious Dasi and made their way towards Sheyan. Sheyan’s heart was filled with great anxiety, because once they got closer to him, some would realize that Xide was actually a cold and lifeless corpse. In this case, it was extremely hard to predict their reaction which may influence the outcome greatly. Although this mini-van was able to contain the eight rescued personnels, however, its speed with the entire load was still unknown. The entirety of Si Qiao did not only contain this one vehicle, if Huashan Fei were to pursue them, then it would be a calamity for everyone here.

“Don’t come here! Board Fu Yuan!” Sheyan shouted toward the fishermen already a mere 20 meters away. After listening to Sheyan’s shouting, Huashan’s expression turned dark. He had the common thinking that if they escaped in the mini-van, he was 100 percent sure he could catch up to them. However, now with the huge storm brewing, if they took a boat out to sea, it would be extremely tedious and troublesome to search for such a small fishing boat.

However, the fishermen were already previously traumatized, as they ignored Sheyan and continue heading towards him. Sheyan gritted his teeth, and fired a shot into the air! The piercing sound of a gunshot penetrated into their souls waking them up as they heard Sheyan shouting again:

“Don’t come here! Board Fu Yuan!”

This time they heard Sheyan and they paused in hesitation, however, at this moment, Sanzi actually proclaimed out loud:

“Noo! Bro Yan , I will stick with you even in death!”

With this loud proclamation, he greatly influenced the rest as they continued in unison, however this only made Sheyan lose his mind even further. At the face of such courage but was actually plain stupidity and folly, Sheyan wanted to smack Sanzi’s face. If he did not remain to watch over the situation, how would they all make it out alive? Afterall, the biggest lie of Xide’s death was yet to be exposed. At the point in time Sheyan became speechless, he knew Huashan Fei was extremely cunning, if he continued speaking, he risked getting himself exposed.

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