The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 22: Complete suppression!

Chapter 22: Complete suppression!

Translated by:Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

The unexpected new arrival had steady and even footsteps, as though every step was measured properly. His twin fist rested loftily by his side, as he approached like an unceasing and majestic mountain. The overcautious darkness behind, the earth and even the torrential rain withdrew around him!

Qiao Gun surveyed this man, obviously wanting to exert his dominance. Yet his expression exposed an astounded look.

“Its you?”

That man composedly replied.

“Of course its me.”

Qiao Gun laughed coldly.

“What a greedy ass pig. Seaman, you managed to hold onto your life after that troll’s assault. Then you should have cherished it and not come out to die!”

The new arrival was naturally the silently awaiting Sheyan. After Qiao Gun finished speaking, he received an urgent list of notification from the nightmare imprint:

“Contestant no.33192 has initiated battle!”

“Contestant no.33192 has initiated battle!”

“The peaceful status will expire in 10 seconds.”

“10 second counter has begun.”

“Contestant no.33192 proactively declared hostility against you, a penalty of 6000 utility points is deducted and 50% transferred to your account.”

After this list of information vanished, Qiao Gun was already approaching him with his faintly glowing dark blue iron hook and a malicious look. Striding forward with huge steps! A roar resonated out his throat!

“You fool! You think I’m weak beyond hope? You really think I laid all the cards out? Knowing oneself is the most important! If one’s eyes can only see the rewards, then his eventual outcome would be to die a humiliating death like a dog! Now you should be grateful to me. Because before I kill you, I will leave you 3 seconds to beg me!”

Sheyan’s expression was ignorant, as if totally treating Qiao Gun’s words like dog sh*t. This caused Qiao Gun to be further angered, his heart sprung up with ruthlessness. Brandishing his iron hook as he sliced down. Sheyan flipped his wrist, it was already holding onto his own ‘butchering bone hatchet’, immediately resisting Qiao Gun’s attack. However, he was lacking in strength, and got pushed back 3-4 steps.

Qiao Gun laughed hysterically.

“Look at your puny strength, you still think of leeching off me?”

Before his laughter ceased, Sheyan suddenly advanced and attacked with his hatchet! Qiao Gun’s expression turned serious, without attempting to dodge who pierced forward with his hook. “Tssk” a dismal wound was ripped open on Sheyan’s chest as blood sprayed out onto his face. Yet Sheyan’s face was completely indifferent, he only swung down the hatchet ferociously onto his right shoulder!

The two started exchanging blows, but the longer Qiao Gun fought, the more apprehensive he felt. This person in front of him obviously did not even possess 15 points of strength, and was greatly pressured by him. In addition to the dark blue weapon which he painstakingly raised to lvl6, his opponent should have succumbed to him long ago. But the cruel reality was that, his own life points had instead declined to an alarming state, below 50%!

At that instance, Sheyan once again took a hook from him. As the long iron hook cut against his skull, blood splashed out but his attack only left a small scar! The blood soaked Sheyan;s hair, but Sheyan seized this chance to step forward. The two guys faced each other, smelling each other’s sweat and blood. Even their intense exhalation of breath were knocking at each other! The veins on Qiao Gun’s forehead swelled up, he wanted to raise his arm to attack his opponent. Yet Sheyan’s face remained tranquil, with a fist he pounded against his left eye!

Blood mixed with eye fluid welled up and spilled out of his eyes. Qiao Gun clutched his left eye, his face twitching in pain as he furiously retreated. Sheyan didn’t chase him, but peacefully stood under the night sky. His appearance was mysterious and hard to fathom. Tightening his fist, he coldly shouted out.

“Sorry Mister Qiao Gun, in your eyes I’m merely a useless cannon fodder. But actually possess enough strength to kill you 10 times! ….Roll out your trump card Qiao Gun. Let me see what else you have under your sleeves!”

“Don’t tell me, this brat possesses a powerful defensive equipment?” The appalled Qiao Gun had abundant battle experience, his guess immediately neared the truth. Yet his face leaked out a sinister sneer, retreating two steps he replied.

“You think you can win with just high defence? I’ll tell you, for this day I’ve suffered in silence, the price I paid is definitely not within your imagination! Anyone who obstructs me shall die!”

After speaking, a faint phosphorescence appeared in his left palm. That glow gradually drifted in the wind, like a will-o’-wisp as it covered his iron hook. The originally flickering dark blue glow gradually turned translucent. It looked like an ethereal weapon.

“I got this from the Lord of the Rings world, spending an entire 300 party achievement point to acquire this item: Ghost whetstone! This object can temporarily grant my weapon the characteristics of the ghost army weapons, it can completely negate any defence! No matter if its an individual ability, thick armour or even the realm’s regulations! Everything will shatter against my ghostly weapon! …..Now, die!”

Qiao Shouted out as he raised the ghostly iron hook and delivered it forward! Sheyan’s heart shivered, he really didn’t anticipate that this person had such a terrifying object. He could only raise his hatchet to block. Instead, his resistance met nothing, as they faintly glowing translucent hook completely bypassed the hatchet and penetrated Sheyan’s chest!

This attack was extremely abrupt. Sheyan didn’t specialize in agility, and was unable to evade. He could only futilely brace himself. But just when glowing translucent hook touched the skin on Sheyan’s chest, a sudden gust of blue fog blew out. The hook once again materialized and left a shallow cut on Sheyan’s chest. Yet the fog condensed together forming into an ordinary rock as it landed onto the mud.

Concurrently, Sheyan and Qiao Gun both received a notification:

“Ghost whetstone ignores physical defence characteristics, conflict arising with realm’s regulations/Contestant no.1018 innate ability.”

“Conflict in data, calculating ranking precedence…..”

“Ghost whetstone takes precedence over the contestant’s 40% damage regulation.”

“Ghost whetstone takes precedence over your defence regulation.”


“Your innate ability: Endurance takes precedence over the ghost whetstone.”

“Following the ghost whetstone’s special characteristics, any lowering damages effect is forcefully terminated, returning contestant to original status.”

(The ghost whetstone is extremely unique, adding it is like casting a spell. Therefore once breaks/obstructed, it will vanish. In the future this object will still surface, hence the explanation)

Qiao Gun glanced through the explanation, his expression was filled with disbelief. Instead, Sheyan seized this opportunity, pouncing forward as his advance ability Grappling lvl 2 displayed out a elbow strike followed by a knee before finishing off with his hatchet. He instantly hacked Qiao Gun’s arms as blood gushed out and he retreated pathetically. Finally he rolled away to avoid the chain of strikes. Once he stood up again, his face was ashen and his facial muscles cringing. His teeth clattering against each other, this wasn’t because he got miserably beaten up. This was because Qiao Gun could sense that the Seaman in front of him had completely suppressed him, he was completely overwhelmed!

Presently in Qiao Gun’s eyes, this male known as Seaman had previously shrouded his eyes with a dense fog. This costed him the grave misjudgement on his part.

Yet his eyes remained firmly stubborn!

It even carried trace of confidence and ridicule.

“Bring out your final trump card.” Sheyan’s lips curled into an evil smile. He tightened his fist as his palm whitened. Although he looked like a mess, his eyes were burning with a blazing passion. From far, his glare will also forcefully pierce into one’s eyes. It was brimming with a demanding arrogance, causing a suffocating sensation in others. Qiao Gun was finally stirred, a fear gripped his eyes.

“You… did you know! Who told you! Who?”

Sheyan gently squinted his eyes and mocked at him.

“Nobody told me, If you have to name someone, then that person is you.”

Qiao Gun’s expression was like he saw a ghost. Stumbling a step back he exclaimed.

“You…… is this possible!!”

Seyan sneered.

“I ask you, the Symbiosis sect shouldn’t be headed by you right?”

Qiao Gun replied.

“Of course not.”

Sheyan continued.

“From the information you provided previously, the head of the Symbiosis sect has at least entered this world a few times. He should be overflowing in talent and ability regarding spirit and intellect, that is how he is able to obtain the favour of an important storyline character in this magic prevalent world. Which explains his mighty status. Similarly, the mastermind behind the crew from the Banks Syndicate also took the same path, therefore there is such an intense conflict between the two parties.”

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