The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 21: Rebel

Chapter 21: Rebel

Translated by: CHua

Edited by: Elkassar

After the blinded troll finished ranting, a radius of 10 metres around him was in complete disorder. The troll sat down on the mud while huffing and puffing, just like the sound of an old-fashioned bellows. Its greyish thick skin had also cracked from its outburst, especially the elbows and knee which cleanly exposed its flesh. Adding the minor wounds inflicted by the Symbiosis sect members, accumulating them would be like having a body covered in bruises.

Qiao Gun first went forward to check on the unconscious Diaz. Confirming that his head had suffered severe concussion and wasn’t going to wake up anytime soon, he stood up with an indescribable glow in his eyes. Such an extreme change even cause the nearby Gale to suddenly feel an unfamiliar sensation, as though the boss he always knew had changed to someone else.

“Now is our greatest chance!” Qiao Gun took off ahead, waving his fist up high. “That damned beast is completely blinded, moreover the storm is strong and loud. As long as one of us attack while the other distract it with sounds by the side, then our risk would be lowered greatly!”

Although Qiao Gun’s words were burning with passionate anger, Gale could not help but recall the horrendous mutilated scenes of his three dead comrades. With this thought, he stammered.

“Boss…..why not wait awhile? Since the troll is blinded, let it just die of blood loss.”

Qiao Gun’s face suddenly sank as he lashed out.

“Wait? You fool! The troll is a legendary creature, it has enhanced adaptability. Even though it is in shock from losing its vision, but once it gets attuned to that state it can easily utilized its ears to search for enemies. Then trying to kill it would require our lives to be at stake! I’ll go first! When I retreat, use your voice to disharmonize its hearing.”

Qiao Gun finally reached out for his close combat equipment, a relatively sharp iron hook. The hook flickered with a dark blue glow, and this object was common seen by Sheyan in the caribbean sea world. Many crippled pirates would install that to their decapitated limbs. But one that would have a dark blue glow was much rarer.

Qiao Gun lowered himself, the iron hook in his hand glimmered with a dark blue glow under the rain. He then charged towards the resting giant beast. Raising the hook, followed by a flash of cold metal, the sharp hook pierced into a crack that was already on the troll’s right knee. The hook tugged and ripped open as a chunk of flesh was carved out.

The troll jolted up with a miserable cry, like boiling soup had spilt on it. Grimacing in pain, it swept its hands against the source of pain. But after striking, Qiao Gun quickly rolled aside and simultaneously Gale shouted out from the side, masking Qiao Gun’s retreat. Following that, the frenzied aimless strikes of the troll pounded against the mud, blindness had totally impaired its usefulness!

“Your turn.” Qiao Gun was drenched in mud, looking extremely hideous as his eyes leaked out a crazed excitement. He wiped his iron hook, and flashed a murderous glare at Gale preventing him from having second thoughts. Under the coercing pressure, Gale’s eyes beamed with ruthlessness as he pulled out a sharp sawtooth sabre. Waiting for the troll to regain its composure and return to its resting mode did he creep forward. Then aiming towards the same location that Qiao Gun did, he thrusted in with immense force!

This heartless stab caused the troll to shriek in horror. The troll’s knee ligament and blood vessels had been severed off. Gale completely omitted pulling out his sabre, he bluntly let go and rolled away. Concurrently, Qiao Gun shouted out to dilute the troll’s hearing. Gale’s dodge was extremely thrilling, as the troll lashed out in confusion it pulled out the sawtooth sabre and flung it to the ground. Gale managed to retrieve the sabre and escaped without harm.

Under such circumstances, the troll’s life gradually drained away from the constant attacks and distraction. Yet the abundant strength of the troll was unable to the put to use. In the end, it didn’t even have the strength to cry out. Especially its right knee, Qiao Gun repeatedly assaulted it and even exposed its eerie white kneecap. Even standing was a chore as it swayed violently.

Of course, as the troll gradually adapted to its blindness, its strikes became more and more threatening. Qiao Gun was unable to dodge it and was blown away by it, although he wasn’t badly injured he still broke out in cold sweat. While retreating, Gale was accidentally kicked by the hysterical troll. Spitting blood as he flew from impact, the mud covered his entire face. His HP had instantly plunged from 70% to beneath 30%!

Presently, both parties were on the brink of exhaustion. But the only difference were that the two from the Symbiosis sect were slowly biding their time. Awaiting the cooldown duration of their medicines to finish before restoring their health. Yet the troll could only rest on its spot and relied on its own regeneration. Hence, it could be said that Qiao Gun’s side held the superior advantage. But at this moment, after regaining their health, Qiao Gun exclaimed resolutely.

“Let’s aim at his knee one last time. I’ve already calculated, after the next attack, its right leg should be utterly crippled! Let’s go!”

Gale wiped the blood off his mouth. Originally opening his mouth to say something, but decided to keep it in because he saw the crazed exhilaration on Qiao Gun’s face. He was like a completely different person, no matter what he said Qiao Gun definitely wouldn’t change his mind! The alluring prospect of slaying a legendary creature prompted him to advance without restraint.

The mud beneath their feet was icy cold. The disgusting stench of the troll was getting worse when mixed with blood. The numerous wounds on his body signalled intense pain to his mind. Yet Gale felt that this very attack’s speed and strength were executed perfectly, it even cleverly captured the instance the troll stopped!

The incisive sawtooth sabre penetrated deeply into the ash grey tendon. Thrusting deeper, the sawing feeling against the tough yet elastic tendon stirred up Gale’s heart. He then withdrew his body, stooping low as he charged to the left. Although this created a constant splashing sound against the mud, it was the fastest way to escape the troll. Furthermore, with Qiao Gun shouting at the top of his voice the other side, the newly blinded troll would never react to him in time.

After darting out, Gale’s body gradually loosened up, and even thought in his mind, “finally this is over.” Although he felt a strange discomfort, the same feeling when one left house without locking their door, he couldn’t think of what he was lacking. But when he discovered the insanely overbearing shadow casting over him from the troll’s attack, his earlier premonition was finally clarified….


F***, that bastard Qiao Gun didn’t yell to distract the troll!

Although the troll had received a heavy blow, it gradually got accustomed to the darkness. Although the torrential rain was pouring, he could pinpoint the clear sounds that Gale made while rolling and darting away. After being pressured for so long, it finally unleashed out its belly filled with frustration. Roaring furiously as it rummaged towards the direction of Gale.

In his despair, Gale screamed out. His heart was filled with an intense hatred and the rage of being betrayed. He exploded out with his dying strength, using his hands to claw against the mud. Even the skin around his fingertips were torn and bleeding, as his survival instinct propelled him forward towards the nearby jungle. If he could successfully escape, undoubtedly the sounds he made would be greatly lessened. This would boost his chance of surviving in this region.

But ahead of him surfaced a person!

Qiao Gun!

Qiao Gun’s face was stupefied, remorse filled his eyes but overwhelming it was a fanatical look of relief and liberation!

Since the two belonged to the Symbiosis sect, any mutual attacks will not result in damages. They could only change it after the fight, and initiating friendly fire will result in dire consequences. But this didn’t mean their actions would be defying the laws of physics, they wouldn’t pass through each other as though they were invisible.

Thus, Gale knocked into the obstructing Qiao Gun. The massive feet of the troll stomped onto the lower body of Gale and into the mud. A searing pain electrified him. Before he could release a sound, he was kicked away swiftly. The wind blew against his face, as his surroundings turned fuzzy. As he landed, his vision turned dark and sank into the near death state, everything else was a blur.

Although the troll looked like a heavy blockhead, it had grasp its own predatory techniques. When it previously kicked out, it would support its weight with the other leg. But currently, its right knee was heavily wounded. As it habitually exerted force, the right leg transmitted a searing pain and was completely incapable of movement. It humongous toppled forward as it miserably collapsed to the ground. The troll released a sorrowful hiss, as it rolled onto the mud unable to get up.

Witnessing such a scene, Qiao Gun laughed out loud crazily. His laughter was sharp and piercing to the eardrums. His laugh carried a contented relief. Nearby, the troll heard his laughter and tried its best to move, yet its right knee completely gave way under its massive weight. It could only roar out angrily!

Suddenly, Qiao Gun’s laughter came to an abrupt end! It was like his neck was suddenly cut off. His face turned terribly ugly, an unexplainable fear and anger in his eyes. He gazed towards the right side of the dark forest. Enunciating his words slowly.

“Come, out.”

Within the dark forest, a figure slowly strolled out.

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