The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 2: Audition

Chapter 2: Audition

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I, TN and Elkassar

After reflecting on the information he just received, Sheyan pushed open the door. The corridor was completely silent, the floor glossy and several oil paintings hung on the corridor walls. There was no difference from an ordinary five star hotel. A person stood at the end of the corridor. He was wearing a deerstalker dome hat, and holding onto an old western cane. Looking at Sheyan, he impatiently exclaimed.

“Hey! What time is it already, why are you all still in your rooms? This time’s meeting is very important, it is something our career helping centre took great efforts to acquire this opportunity. The audition is in one hour later. Five minutes, I swear on my dead father’s name we can only wait for another five minutes! The latecomers would have to walk there by themselves, and they wouldn’t refund a single penny for ya!”

The emotionless Sheyan shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m a person who values punctuality greatly, regrettably not everyone is like me, sir.”

Although Sheyan’s reply was quite appropriate, but undoubtedly his puny charm would give rise to negative disadvantages. This manager did not give him any face, and bluntly asked him to wait by the side. The rest of the contestants in other rooms weren’t dead people, after hearing the conversation, they naturally hurried up to assemble.

Within two minutes, 10 contestants gathered on this floor. Sheyan noticed that within the 10, at least 4 of them knew each other as they nodded and shot signals through their eyes at each other. It was obvious there belonged to a party. Following that, they obediently took the lift down. After every contestant assembled in the hotel’s main hall, Sheyan discovered there were close to 30 contestants. Within them were two parties, one part was relatively small while the other pretty huge.

At the this moment, Sheyan felt someone approaching and sitting beside him. He turned to look and gasped.

“It’s you?”

This person had a full beard across his face, he had a veteran and sharp look on his face. He was that cold blooded murderer Sheyan encountered in the Terminator world. The two of them even exchange milestone information and reports before, therefore, there was a certain connection between them. At present, both didn’t belong to a party, naturally they would possess a notion to collaborate.

Within the career helping center, there were a total of 3 managers. The three seemed like ordinary people, but they looked to be short of patience. After a several minutes, a brand new bus stopped outside the hotel. All the contestants straightforwardly boarding it, and the bus took off after.

As the bus started moving, every single contestant heard a clear notification in their ears:

Time: AD 1991, February 25th, Afternoon 1PM.”

“Location: Europe, London (Latitude north 51 degrees, 30’28. Longitude west 00 degree, 07’41)”

“Setting: Magical World of Harry Potter.”

“Difficulty: Easy (D Class)”

“Pain limiter: 50%”

“Additional capabilities bonus: 0%”

“Current scenario exploration rate: 0.00%”

“Additional explanation. This world has a freedom setting: contestant can bit by bit (Straightforwardly attacking/ being attacked by each other) to obtain the relevant combat log reports. During a battle with any contestant, if your perceptive sensing exceeds the opponent, you can create perceptive pressure on the opponent, and thus he will be unable to obtain the combat log.”

This world has a freedom setting: Killing off a contestant would give a 33% chance of obtaining loot (limited to a situation whereby a contestant kills another contestant). After contestants mutually assault each other, all damages will be weakened by 40%. (Above the worlds freedom setting, there was a prominent warning color) During a mutual combat between contestants, abnormalities like loss of sight, deafness, cripple etc will be reduced by 50%/ (For example, having your leg broken by a creature leading to a decrease of 70% in movement speed, by contestant’s decrease in movement speed will only be 35%).

“Pointer: After being attacked by a contestant, whenever a fatal attack is dealt (Life points reach zero), you will not immediately die but enter a state of heavy injuries. This state will preserve 10% of HP, movement speed will be reduced by 80% and every attribute be lowered by 50%.

“Warning: Any participation in killing off a contestant, will add 10 additional points to slayer value. Having slayer level would lead to higher chance of dropping a blood key when you die, thus becoming other’s hunting target.”

“Non-slayer contestants can attack/kill off slayer contestants without getting a slayer value.”

“After completing 1 main mission: Remove 1 point of slayer value.”

“After experiencing a world: Remove 10 points of slayer value.”

“Slayer contestants cannot conceal their own slayer value, any contestants can see it.”

“Slayer value will influence certain storyline character’s impression.”

“You automatically grasp the spoken language, free to interact with any character in this world. After leaving the world, you will unlearn it.”

“Accepted mission count: 1”

“Your appearance/identity has been altered, it will automatically be restored after returning to the present world. You can also engage in additional alterations with the nightmare realm. For any questions, please communicate it to your nightmare imprint, if u have the rights to the information then it will be answered to you.”

After receiving information, all the contestants surveyed each other. Within their eyes contained a thick menacing look. Undoubtedly, it was because of the phrase, “This world has a freedom setting: Killing off a contestant would give a 33% chance of obtaining loots.”

The bus continued to travel, not long later it halted outside a bar. From the exterior, this bar looked relatively ancient, Hyacinth flower hung down from its porch and its walls were made with rocks. A wooden bar signboard suspended from ontop, giving one the misconception of being back in the eighteenth century. Although the bar’s exterior looked ancient, it had an untainted and clean appearance. The bar’s signboard wrote the words “Leaky Cauldron Bar”.

A single file alighted from the bus, as the 3 managers started to enter into the bar. The audition location was actually in an old bar, it could be said to be rather shoddy. However, the contestants on scene were all elite characters, naturally they remained composed.

From outside, this bar looked very small, its area should not even reach 20 square metres. Instead, after entering one would discover the interior was extremely spacious. The thick and sturdy wooden tables were ancient. Even though it was during the day, white candles were still lit up on a candlestick. The surrounding walls were eroded from the wind overtime, it was extremely tattered and some areas even exposed its red bricks. The pillars had scars of being contaminated by termites. Several alcohol bottles were disorderly displayed as ornaments behind the bartender. The side window had a window frame design of the fifteenth century.

The 3 managers marched to the west of the bartender. A male was sitting upright, his body covered by a black cloak. His hair looked greasy and it extended to his shoulders. His nose had the special characteristics of a corsican. He had a cold and reclusive gaze, as though everything in this world was not worthy to be looked upon.

A manager walked up and said.

“Mr Snape, this is the latest batch of volunteers.”

The male nodded. Yet every contestant felt a tremble in their hearts, most of them knew who this male was. Because of that very reason, it formed a pressuring feeling on them. Sheyan had a slight impulse of using ‘Insight’, but after carefully considering he felt like it could trigger a severe consequence. Thus, he relinquished that impulse.

Snape raised his head, that cold heartless glare swept across the apprehensive contestants. Concurrently, the nightmare imprint released a notification:

“Main mission: Audition completed.”

“You received 1 achievement point.”

“You received another main mission: Certificate.”

“Hogwarts school is the most famous magic institute in this world, there is no other. The follow-up of the main mission will begin nearby Hogwarts school. You have an entire 48 hours to acquire a trust object, and use it as a certificate to enter Hogwarts school.”

“Mission pointer: If you are unable to complete the series of main mission, then you will be penalized 5000 utility points, but your period of stay in this world will be extended by a week. If within that you are unable to pay up your penalized 5000 utility points, then you will be eliminated.”

Snape observed the contestants for a long while, pausing for a while before using a dull and slow tone to speak.

“Within you guys, is there anyone who frequently encounters strange events in your lives?”

After a brief pause, some contestants glanced at each other and one of them spoke out probingly.

“Mister, sometimes tiny objects beside me would float up for no reason.”

“Oh?” Snape retrieved a soup ladle from the side and held onto it. He coldly replied. “Sit in front of me, look at this soup ladle and think of bending it in your heart. But only think, you cannot use your hands.”

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