The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1: The most unfavourable news!

Chapter 1: The most unfavourable news!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I , TN and Elkassar

After receiving the returning invitation, Sheyan inhaled deeply. He wasn’t in a hurry to return, and instead shut his eyes to enjoy a good sleep. This relaxed nature continued on the second morning, having a meal, taking a shower and getting a masseuse to give him a full body massage. Once his body was rejuvenated to its optimum condition, he then lazily strolled towards the nearby staircase.

Presently, this was Sheyan’s third time entering the nightmare realm, he was extremely familiar with the processes and reached back in no time. The realm gave off a slight reddish glow as usual which seemed to never be extinguished, giving an aura of bloodshed. After entering, his various equipments and items were either returned into his personal space, or automatically went back into his body.

At this hour, the crowd in the marketplace was huge. They were all shuttling back and forth between vending booths, indicating that they were of adequate combat status ranking. They had reached a stage whereby they could investigate on the next relevant movie world they would go to, and prepare certain relevant equipment or items beforehand.

In the Caribbean Sea world, undoubtedly that ‘Insight’ ability had given Sheyan the greatest assistance. Moreover his high perceptive sensing could further compliment the ‘Insight’ ability. Thus, although this was a temporal ability and required a usage fee, it was essential to Sheyan. In addition to his current combat ranking not being high, it was impossible for him to gather information on his next world much earlier beforehand. Therefore, whenever entering a movie world, Sheyan planned to utilize the randomization method of entering the world.

Something noteworthy is that even though ‘Insight’ was an ability that required usage fee, but randomizing entering the world carried an additional +20% reward bonus. After calculations, it would not generate much deficiency. After interacting with his nightmare imprint, he discovered that although his achievement level had reached 8 points, it had not much effects. He could only obtain a tiny report half an hour beforehand regarding his next world. Thus, he once again decided on randomization.

There was still a brief period of time before entering the world. Sheyan started to cruise around the marketplace. On one hand gathering price valuation information, and on the other he felt that he came across a certain medicine that was quite useful. Therefore, he wanted to specially collect them, but his current net worth was only 600 utility points. He was extremely limited in purchasing stuffs.

Just as Sheyan arrived at the end of the marketplace, an object caught his attention. He immediately pointed towards it to the picture and enquired.

“How much?”

That seller blinked his eyes, using a dispirited tone.

“500 utility points for one, manufacturing cost was 1000 points. No negotiation.”

“Sheyan scoffed and asked.

“How do you know the manufacturing cost? Unless this medicine is made by you personally?”

“Oh shit, can’t I? Before I count to 3 you better pay up your damned utility points or get lost! The further the better. God forgive me, I want to use vile languages to curse at these damned test tubes, spirit lamp and microscope!!”

“Even though your marketing has no appeal, I still intend to patronize your business.” Sheyan shrugged his shoulders saying. “Give me 3 of this medicine, you will receive 500 utility points as remuneration.”

“Bastard! You need me to repeat myself? 500 utility points for one, because their manufacturing cost are 1000 utility points. If you continue uttering rubbish, I will stuff your foot into your filthy mouth.”

“Then I’m sorry in inform you, the final destination of these medicines will only be out of your anus.”

“Wait, come back! Alright, alright. I’ve had enough of these damned medicines. Where is the agreed 500 utility points?”

Very quickly, Sheyan acquired 3 of these so called ‘Rotten Eyeball’ medicine. It had a greenish black appearance, and was roughly the size of a pea. Yet it gave off a peculiar odour, like liquid boiling within a spittoon. If eating it would cause one to recall that awful odour, then one would instantly vomit. Its attributes were as follows:

“Rotten eyeball.” (Condition: Bad)

“Classification: Indirect supplementary medicine.”

“Origin: Contestant personally manufactured.”

“Rarity: Blue.”

“Usage effects: Cause confusion to enemies.”

“Usage requirements: Nil.”

“Description: After learning the related prescription, defective product from post production manufacturing.”

“Specific usage effects: Using it will result in confusion, causing your enemy to make a wrong judgement of your capabilities.”

“Warning: After using the medicine, there is a 75% chance of causing the user’s various attributes to fluctuate. Causing the appearance to either weaken or strengthen. Duration lasts for 5 minutes.”

“Warning: A large portion of this medicine has already lost its effectiveness. Currently only the weakening camouflage can be in effect, this effect can only be used on contestants. If a contestant has a higher or equal perceptive sensing, there is a chance of seeing through the camouflage.”

“Evaluation: You definitely do not want to attempt tasting it.”

Sheyan wanted to purchase this sort of camouflaging medicines. Although these 3 medicines had already lost their ability to affect storyline characters, it still had some value. After acquiring the 3 medicines that another contestant manufactured, Sheyan then prepared a series of entering matters. Very quickly, he received the nightmare realm notification:

“You can obtain a report on your next movie world.”

“You can choose to randomly enter a movieworld.”

Clear of his decision long ago, Sheyan naturally selected random, the ‘Insight’ ability once again returned to Sheyan. Presently, Sheyan already had experience, waiting in the middle of the nightmare realm until an oval shaped glowing white door appeared. He then entered into it.

“Initiating nightmare world….”

“Initiating digitalization…..”

“Initiating randomly allocating world.”

“World selected.”

“Initializing assimilation of character into world…..”

“Entering world…..”

The mystery of magic is hidden from civilization, a fantasy race is mixed with the humans. The current era of technology is merely a mirage bubble, the dreadful spectre is searching for an opportunity to resurrect. A white haired old man is persistently supporting a society that is on the brink of collapse.

Waiting…..waiting for that boy with the scar to slowly grow up…..

Sheyan was woken by a noise.

He fought to open his eyes, the lethargy stubbornly spiralled in his brain like an infuriating alarm clock screaming at a working adult in dawn of the day. This place had a spotlessly white bed, clean floor and a flower pot standing atop the nearby table. Within were fresh carnations and eucalyptus. The entire room was neat and tidy, giving one a comfortable atmosphere.

Looking out of the nearby window, one could see a power cord extending horizontally across the sky, and hear the honking of cars. The pointy buildings from a distance were brimming with a european style. Sheyan remained calm as he rolled out of bed. Pouring a glass of water from the nearby electric kettle, he slowly drank it down.

A telephone stationed on the bedside cabinet. This telephone was constructed with an appearance of the start of the 20th century. From far, its material seemed top grade as though made with ivory and gold. But after feeling it, one would know it was artificial plastic. Suddenly, the telephone rang out loudly, it seemed like it would go on forever.

Sheyan calmly picked up the receiver, slowly placing it beside his ear. An indifferent tone emitted over.

“Contestant no.1018, welcome to the nightmare realm.”

“This is your third experience in a nightmare world.”

“You received a main mission: Audition”

“Mission summary: Follow your occupation manager for an audition.”

“Mission pointer: If you are unable to complete this basic series of main mission, then you will be penalized 5000 utility points. But your duration of stay in this world will be prolonged by a week. If until then you are unable to pay up the penalized fee of 5000 utility points, then you will be erased.”

“Pointer: You utilized the randomization method of entering this world, you acquired an ability : Insight.”

“Pointer: You can fulfil the following milestones in this world (Including other worlds)

“Intelligent: Accumulate learning of three special distinctive magical skill from this world. (Inclusive of passive skill)

“Fearless: Slaying a formidable legendary creature in this world upon any chanced encounter. (Inclusive of unicorns, cerberus, adult mountain beasts, Norwegian Ridgeback* etc), Your damage to the creature must exceed 10%).”

(TN:*A type of dragon in Harry Potter)

“Extremist: Slay 100 Muggles.”

“Spell breaker: Slay 50 wizards.” (Wizard’s ability powers must not be lower than a third grade student from Hogwarts)”

“Collector: Purchase 10 different wands from Ollivander’s Wand Shop.”

“Diplomat: Gain respect from any tribe of race. (Race includes: centaurs, giants, goblins, dragons)”

“I love Quidditch: Successfully obtain a Nimbus 2000 broom.”

“Due to inadequate achievement level, unable to view other milestone information.”

Sheyan observed this list of reports, his eyes formed a certain helplessness as he sighed. He knew which world he was in. But this was the world he didn’t want to enter the most! In this world, magic was even used for basic lifestyle necessities, it was the major factor here. Therefore, this meant that Sheyan’s innate ability ‘Endurance’ was completely negated! Comparing to the previous randomly chosen Caribbean Sea world, this world was basically a natural counter towards Sheyan!

“Magic is placed above all else in this world! Including swords, firearms, and even science and technology!”

“This is the magical world of Harry Potter!”

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