The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 18: Tree club turning into a meat stick

Chapter 140: Tree club turning into a meat stick

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Reasonably, those members digging the pit weren’t experts. The thought of the mountain troll escaping was enough a motivation for them to dig such an adequately deep pit. It was enough to completely trap the mountain troll within. However, when Qiao Gun exploded the tree club, it caused a big chunk of earth at the side to be blown away!

The pit originally had a jar shape. When a portion of the roof got blown up, the soil rolled down and became the mountain troll’s footstool! Furthermore, the roof of this pit had a slight slope now, this undoubtedly provided a ray of hope for the mountain troll!

Witnessing the possibility of the troll escaping, everyone broke out in panic. The members from the symbiosis sect urgently rushed to the pit and engaged in frenzied assaults. Some even took out their close range weapons, as they attacked the troll who was desperately clinging onto the edge of the pit. However, their attacks seemed to be in vain. At this moment, Qiao Gun committed another foolish mistake in his panic. He threw out another 3 smoking high explosive grenades, aiming it accurately to land at the fingertips of the troll.

A loud explosion followed as clumps of mud scattered out upon impact. Without doubt, the place where the troll was holding onto was blown apart, as the troll once again fell back into the pit. But just when the symbiosis sect felt relieved, the mountain troll released a fanatical roar! A formless ripple surged out to all directions, this roar contained a terrifying hidden might and simultaneously causing everyone who received it to have their speed dropped by 70%.

Mountain troll special ability: Cardiac…..fissure!

Following that, the mountain troll picked up the tree club and leapt up once again grabbing on the edge of the pit!

Thanks to Qiao Gun, the sloped dent formed at the pit once again got wrecked by him as more soil rolled down, at the same time causing the dent to be more distinct and deeper. The mountain troll gave up all notions of defending, concentrating solely on struggling to get up. In an instance, half of its body was already exposed out of the pit, as it lifted its gigantic legs to the edge of the pit. Escaping the pit was already irreversible at this point. Seeing this scenario unfolding, members from the sect started planning in their vigorously in their heart, as they surveyed the surroundings for a retreat path.

“Idiot!! What are you waiting for?” Diaz suddenly surfaced onto another tree. His face ashen as he released his trigger. Scolding Qiao Gun furiously, “When it wasn’t time to use the grenade you f**king threw it, now you don’t want to use it? Any second of delay it is crucial now!”

The veins on Qiao Gun’s head swelled out, a baleful expression formed in his eyes. He couldn’t tolerate it any longer. He had a total of 8 grenades, he gave one to Sheyan and previously threw 6 out. In the end, he tossed out his final one.

This time, his manner of throwing the grenade was queer, just like throwing a bowling ball. Yet the target he chose was accurate, coincidentally the place where the troll was supporting itself. The grenade exploded, causing the thick legs of the troll to slip down again, as it once again hung by the cliff while grimacing in pain.

Everyone understood this rare opportunity, they did their utmost to grab this final chance to engage in frantic assaults. Instead, Diaz continued to calmly aim at the troll’s vital positions and released his rounds. He had no expectations of causing crippling effects to the troll, but instead the chances of an explosive strike was higher. He was trying his best to produce the maximum damage! In such a dire situation, a single bullet could be like the final strand of straw that will cause a camel to collapse!

The mountain troll finally pulled itself out of the pit. Its greyish muddy face looked extremely hideous. One eye was squinting as light blue fluid streamed from it! But that was the reason why its killing intent was the most intense. Sheyan observed from afar, he could also feel the tremendous threat downing him. Glancing at his arm, his hairs were already all standing! Even his joints started to feel a little rigid. The other contestants didn’t have high perceptive sensing, thus they were still rather oblivious.

“Retreat!” Qiao Gun shouted out in despair. The remaining 4 members were currently engaging in close combat, chopping at the the unusually quiet mountain troll with great enthusiasm. Having experienced the realm for so long, they naturally had some courage and vigor, if not they wouldn’t even be able to become a member of the symbiosis sect. Once they heard Qiao Gun’s command, they unwillingly dished out a few more blows before retreating.

They committed the same mistake as Sheyan previously, there was neglecting this muddy terrain which would impair their movement speed!

Under this misjudgement, they mountain troll raged out as the ruthless tree club showered down on them with a whistling smash!

These contestants had previously witnessed Sheyan being handled while in hiding, in their hearts they had a disdainful judgement of the attack. Yet in this world often times things that looked simple were actually the hardest. Presently they personally experienced the beastly assault of his humongous troll, they finally understood how frightening it was. 35 points of strength completing that tree club, the contestants involved helplessly released a mournful cry as though the heavens were about to collapse on them!

“Bam!” The immense club smashed against the earth, causing the mud to burst out. Finally venting its anger, although the contestants didn’t receive a direct blow, they would still face the aftermath. According to Sheyan’s estimation, at least they would receive 45 points of damage. The mountain troll fumed at its missed attempt, roaring out furiously to the heavens. It was actually using its ‘cardiac fissure’ ability again!

A formless rippled swept across horizontally, causing the wildly fleeing and stumbling contestants to freeze in their tracks. It was like the slow mo effect in the movies. The uniform chattering of their teeth due to the freezing horror could be heard. Several flicker of lights could be seen on the surface of some of them, obviously they were desperately trying to use their medicines.

But, but!

In this instance, the mountain troll issued its signature, foolish yet merciless grin. It started spinning, as wherever the tree club whizzed by caused an immense pressure against the air, releasing a shrilling whistle! The threatening whistling of the wind engulfed the entire region.

Original home run!

The slowest, snail like contestant directly took the club head on. It was like a sandstorm sweeping past them. Following a sorrowful splattering sound, he vanished.

Notice, vanished not blown away!

The mountain troll stumbled forward, its crude legs trampling on the mud lously. After stumbling a few steps, it finally stabilized itself. Then, its face carried a ruthlessly excited expression, the likes of a little child that found himself a cookie jar.

The mountain troll raised its tree club with her right hand, placing it to its mouth. Chunks of flesh and blood were hanging distinctly, looking extremely gruesome. The contestant was utterly decimated, the corpse was reduced to a pile of gruesome mess, completely hanging on the tree club. The troll extended its deadly red tongue, licking and savouring the club with full delight.

Witnessing such a horrendous fate, the other contestant couldn’t help but broke out in cold sweat, as though falling into an icehouse.

The distant Sheyan was similarly appalled, he mumbled to himself suspiciously.

“How could it be? According to the boss of the Symbiosis sect…..”

But at this moment, a distant ‘Pew pew pew” gun shots travelled over. The sounds were grim and stable, causing the troll to release an agonizing cry. Its left eye had already cracked open, as blood gushed out, shockingly exposing a deep mutilated black hole! Actually, Diaz had never once ceased fire against the troll, only the troll’s body composition was different from a human. When this freak attacked, its entire body would tense up causing its attack recoil to be detrimental. However, it was completely disregarded by this close to 6000 Hp beast. But because that was the case, the troll’s carelessness cause it suffer heavy injuries!

“This Diaz….he actually managed to claim 1/6 HP of this troll by himself!” this shocking thought suddenly floated into Sheyan’s mind.

Because the regulation in the nightmare realm was: head/heart/eyes and other vital points would not cause fatality after receiving damage to it, but instead will increase the chance of an explosive strike. But when opponents damaged certain body parts like the eyes/nose/ear etc, causing your life to reach one-third, you will exhibit abnormal effects of blindness/deafness/ and other crippling effects.

Currently, the mountain troll was blinded in one eye. Although his vision was lacking by half, the only contestant who could accurately assault the troll’s eyes was only Diaz. Thus Sheyan could infer Diaz’s far range capabilities:

The mountain troll had 5680 HP, its defence was 9 points roughly absorbing 1/4 damage. Factoring in the defence, its total effective HP should be around 7100 points.

1/6 of his HP was roughly 1183 points.

In that moment, Diaz released 2 burst shots of 3 bullets which had successfully pierced the troll’s left eye. This should be one of his special abilities. Consecutively, he shot out another 11 normal bullets. When the mountain troll got struck in the left eye, its head would recline slightly. Thus Sheyan could infer that Diaz managed to successfully pierce the troll’s left eye 3 times. (Note: another 6 rounds did not deal any damage to the eyes, but didn’t miss as well as it probably landed around the face) This meant that his accuracy was insane.

Calculating, he dealt a total of 9 bullets worth of damage to the left eye. Thus every bullet’s damage should be 1183/9 = 131 points.

Of course, this does not include the increased chance of explosive strike whenever the left eye received an attack. Therefore factoring this in, on strike from Diaz was roughly 80 – 100 points of damage. Of course, this was in theory, against an opponent with 0 defence. Even if that was so, this was still pretty remarkable, furthermore he still had that special ability to release the 3 bullet burst shot!

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