The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 17: Dealing a heavy blow

Chapter 17: Dealing a heavy blow

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: Elkassar

Following his prior thought process, he only considered that this troll had a chance of exhibiting explosive (Critical) strike. Hence he only specially activated the ‘resist’ ability of his hatchet. He hadn’t expected the strength disparity to be so great, to even exhibit the special crushing effect! This ferocious bonus damage was extremely terrifying, and it seemed like every attack carries it. Furthermore, it was not considered an attack, and defence had no powers against it! If not for his individual innate ability, that attack may have taken his life!

Apart from that, the reason why Sheyan could manage to dodge the repeated attacks from the troll was not because of his agility. Instead, it was due to the important warning from his perceptive sensing vastly exceeding the mountain troll. When the troll swung out with his club, its attack speed wasn’t the least bit slow. Yet it was only a junior class legendary creature, its movements indicating its attack was rather sluggish. For example, if the troll’s full attack duration was 5 seconds, then she would take 4.5 seconds to raise to raise its club but only required 0.5 seconds to fully swing it. This was the main reason that Sheyan was able to dodge her attacks successively.

Although when he was knocked away, he managed to personally witness the troll falling into the pit before he landed. After carefully confirming that the troll could no longer attack him, he then took out his ‘endless vodka’ and drank two consecutive mouthfuls. His HP instantly recovered (25 x 2 = 50 points). Following that, he immediately used that US army excellent bandage he got from the Venter of the Banks syndicate to wrap his wound. It stopped the bleeding and would restore 50 HP within 30 seconds. Finally his health was restored to more than 50%, before creeping near the battlefield to observe the status. He believed that at this moment, the Symbiosis sect would have no clue of his existence.

While cautiously approaching the battlefield, Sheyan started to feel some post-traumatic fear from his previous situation. As the saying goes, plans could never keep up with changing variables. He never expected that against the troll, he didn’t even have a chance of retaliating but was instantly blown away. If the mountain troll hadn’t fallen into the pit but continued its onslaught…. If that insatiable beast wasn’t willing to give up on its prey….. Then undoubtedly Qiao Gun and the rest would surely spectate by the side, and his situation would be perilous.

After pondering, he was subsequently relieved. Because from the start he could already sense a slight discomfort. Besides, he had already planned ahead, once the situation turned desperate, the first thing to do was to sell out the Symbiosis sect who were hiding in the background. He couldn’t outrun the mountain troll, but as long as he could outrun them, they would in turn become the troll’s food. Opportunities to escape would then be plenty. Since they treated him as a stepping stone, then they shouldn’t blame him for sabotaging them.

Sheyan didn’t rush back to the scene, instead he circled round it and found a towering tree and climbed up. In this manner, if the troll was absolutely victorious, then it would be unable to sense it and give chase. The tree was 30 metres away from the entire fight. The blaze from the battle casted motley shadows onto the tree. The raging roars of the troll and the whiff of stench occasionally travelled here.

Initially at the instance Sheyan got struck, Qiao Gun’s expression and the others sunk. Sheyan’s failure only meant one thing: the risk of this mountain troll must be transferred to one of the symbiosis sect member. Furthermore, personally witnessing the troll’s might, they all did not want to taste getting swept away by a tree size club.

Who knew that the troll would overstep its boundaries and unluckily stumble forward into the pit! This caused their hearts to celebrate delightedly. The mountain troll wasn’t a human type creature, when his leg sank into the pit, its entire massive frame naturally followed suit. Apart from the incessant roars, his two hands swung around chaotically trying to grab onto something.

Even after the tireless considerations while the Symbiosis sect were digging the pit, they missed out one thing. That was the massive tree club that the mountain troll was holding onto. This was obviously the sturdy trunk of the tree, it was at least 4-5 metres long. Coincidentally, it fell horizontally across the pit…. The mountain troll was 4-5 metres tall, its strength limitless. It grabbed onto the tree club tightly, swinging its twin legs at random causing the surrounding wall rampants of the pitfall to slowly break off. If this persisted, after a few minutes the entire structure of the pitfall will certainly give way!

Seeing this situation unfolding, Qiao Gun who was adept in scheming but lacking in improvising felt an overwhelming panic. He viewed the tree club as the main thorn in the flesh, and going by this logic he threw out 3 grenades over.

Boom Boom Boom. Smoke mixed with earthen particles spiralled up along with the mournful roars of the mountain troll. Qiao Gun’s 3 grenades were extremely accurate, it blew up a small part of the jammed tree club causing it to sink further into the pit. The mountain troll’s heavy weight and continued struggling pulled it down further, and finally the mountain troll utterly fell into the pit. Its furious roars caused even the surrounding trees to vibrate violently as the leaves hovered down.

“Success!” Qiao Gun pounced up, raising his arms high and shouting. “Together!”

Of course the Symbiosis sect members didn’t dare defy his orders. Yet the swiftest was still Diaz. No one knew where he was hiding previously, but when the mountain troll sunk into the pitfall he appeared from the darkness. His right hand gripping onto a branch from 20 metres away, his right hand holding onto a single-handed gun. Aiming towards the bottom, he released his trigger and opened fire!

“Bang bang bang” Three distinct gunshots echoed out. The spark from his karabiner rifle barrel illuminated Diaz’s cheeks. One could clearly see a faint spiralling vapour trajectory from the three bullets he fired. It flew in from the left of the mountain troll, deeply piercing into its left eye!

Although Sheyan couldn’t tell the damage dealt, he could see the troll’s face transforming into an agonizing cringe. From there he could tell how menacing that firepower was. Following that, grenades, darts, AK and several other lethal firearms were in full throttle from the members of the symbiosis sect. Only Diaz indifferently suspended from the tree, only firing few rounds in every 5 seconds interval. Although the gunshot wasn’t loud, it contained a shocking oppressiveness to it. Anyone listening would feel like vomiting blood, one could tell how frightening those bullets were.

“This guy really possesses the skills to be arrogant.” When one truly sees, then he will be able to differentiate. After Diaz showcased his true talent in shooting, not only did the members from the symbiosis sect changed, even the elusive Sheyan was astonished. Diaz’s shooting movement and tempo, was just as smooth as a pianist grand master. It carried an artistic grace, bringing a certain elegance to cruelty like slaughters.

Prior to this, during the feud with the Banks syndicate. While Diaz was fighting against two, he looked rather piteous in such a situation, completely unable to display his true capabilities. But now, he was free to unleash. Qiao Gun’s vigilance towards him became more profound. Based on Diaz’s current showing of force, if he managed to pull a distance away, then even the 28 points peak strength Venter would not be his opponent!

Since that was the case, Qiao Gun couldn’t help but shot a look at his subordinates signaling them to be more alert. Although they had signed a temporary contract, but it was full of loopholes. If they naively appeased their fears based on a contract, then they really deserved to die! The few members glanced at each other, and gradually shifted themselves to Diaz’s side. Their goal was simple, to obstruct Diaz from trying to steal away the dropped key when the mountain troll was slayed.

The faraway Sheyan sneered, these bunch from the symbiosis sect were really obsessed. Others destroyed the bridges after crossing the river, but before crossing the river they were already plotting against their ally. This sort of behaviour couldn’t be describe with just foolishness. Sure enough, Diaz already had the height advantage, every movement could not elude his eyes. He was no fool, scoffing he immediately leapt down, using an unparalleled swiftness to fade into the darkness.

Currently, Sheyan could infer that Diaz’s path was one of equal emphasis on agility and strength. He belonged to a class of unconventional gunmen. This sort of gunmen could engage in mid range attacks, and also wouldn’t be disadvantaged when it came to close combat. But its flaw was the lacking in perceptive sense, which meant that they gave off grasping high velocity, far range high technology weapons. They would also be inferior when facing off with an opponent with high perceptive sensing. But to an early stage far range combat contestant, walking this route had a much higher chance at survival. Although the attack power may be compromised, but no matter what, survival was the number one priority.

Seizing the sudden suppression of firepower, the mountain troll roared out loudly within the pit. It stretched its arms out and jumped with all its might, managing to grab onto the edge of the pit entrance! Its legs frantically kicked against the sides, its long incisive toenails were like shovels as they clawed against the earth of the pitfall. It was actually attempting to escape this pit by force!

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