The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1458 - Final Chapter: Three

Chapter 1458: Final Chapter: Three

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“Strive! Strive…! ”

The one talking was not Sheyan, but Bind who was struggling on the ground. His face was pale. There was a look of madness in his eyes, as well as a hint of hopefulness. He took a good long look at Strive before he asked, “Tell me honestly. Are we brothers?”

Strive did not even turn to look at him as he answered in a soft voice, “You already know the answer, so why ask?”

Bind trembled violently all over. He suddenly threw up a mouthful of blood, then lay on the ground unmoving afterwards.

When a person’s mind had completely crumbled, it would either result in total madness or total despair.

When Sheyan severely injured the prideful Bind with a single attack, Bind’s pride that was built upon his strength had instantly collapsed. And right afterwards, he learned that the most precious memories he had from his childhood, those of his family, were all forged. That made him completely lose faith in his life.

When a person went crazy, the most probable thing that would happen was that they would destroy something. However, the only thing that the severely injured Bind could destroy right now was his own life.

And so, he died.

He died in despair.

“Can’t waste it,” muttered Strive as he looked at Bind’s corpse and the dying Soar. Two weird tentacles suddenly shot out of his back and wrapped around the two of them. The tentacles then casually flung them down the spiral-shaped abyss.

The tentacles were each only as thick as a finger. Bind and Soar must weigh at least 150 kg in total, yet the tentacles effortlessly threw them into the abyss which was situated more than 100 metres away. From this, it was evident how strong the tentacles were.

After doing that, Strive turned to Sheyan and asked, “Do you have any last words?”

He had already made his move while he was speaking. Blades as sharp as Wolverine’s claws were ejected from the tips of his tentacles. The blades actually contained the ‘Extinction’ effect. With every word he uttered, he launched one towards the severely injured Sheyan. Each attack would leave a deep wound on Sheyan’s body. By the time Strive finished his question, blood was gushing out of every part of Sheyan’s body. The tendons, veins and bones in his limbs had all been severed. The only thing still holding his four limbs to his body was the outer layer of skin.

But Strive’s cruel attack only drew a stifled moan out of Sheyan. Sheyan said flatly, “Your actions are unnecessary. Even if my limbs are intact, I can no longer do anything.”

“It pays to be careful. Besides, if our positions are reversed, wouldn’t you have done the same?” asked Strive with a smile.

“I would have just cut your throat and be done with it,” replied Sheyan without hesitation.

Strive laughed. “If I weren’t trying to keep my father’s food fresh, I would have done that too.”

“Food?” asked Sheyan, puzzled.

Strive did not seem to be wary of Sheyan in the slightest. In other words, he had absolute confidence in his own judgment. In addition, perhaps he saw Sheyan as a rival who deserved the basic level of respect, so he was very willing to answer Sheyan’s questions.

“Do you think a human can freely shuttle through time and space and to kill others at will? Of course that’s impossible! The more we wish to gain, the more we have to sacrifice; this is the eternal truth. In order to do this, my father can no longer be regarded as a human being, and he can only keep a clear mind for two hours every day.”

After a short silence, Sheyan asked, “Since you guys can travel through time and space, why haven’t you gone back to the time when my father was still a kid and kill him? Wouldn’t that solve your worries once and for all?”

Strive stared at Sheyan with a look that said “speaking with ignorant people is truly a pain in the ass”.

“Do you think it’s so easy to travel through the dimensional turbulence and accurately locate a target’s parallel universe? This kind of thing might be simple for a Noah Realm, but humans who attempt it face the risk of having their very soul crushed! You have no idea what kind of price we have to pay to calculate the precise data and travel through the dimensional turbulence.”

“And lastly, although your plan sounds reasonable, how much life energy do you think a kid can have? It’s a little like ginseng, the famous ancient Chinese tonic. A sprouting ginseng has little to no effect. Only those that are hundreds or thousands of years old are regarded as precious medicine! In the same way, the various variations of Fang Lin must be killed when they’re at the most powerful stage of their life in order to obtain the maximum benefit, because that’s when their life energy is most intense. But more importantly, we have to do it without attracting the attention of the other Realms, which means we usually have only one chance to attack the target.”

“I see. I think I understand now,” said Sheyan with a pensive look. “Thank you for the explanation.”

Strive shrugged. “Do you have any other questions? I actually don’t mind speaking with you.”

“No, that’s all I wish to know,” replied Sheyan calmly. “I can die in peace now. Please finish me.”

Strive sighed. “What a pity. I can still talk to you for a while. To be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve spoken so freely with someone.”

Despite saying that, there was no hesitation at all in his actions. With a swing of his tentacle, Sheyan was hurled towards the depth of the Devil’s Throat!

As Strive’s gaze followed after Sheyan who traced an arc in the air and fell into the endless darkness below, a strange, indescribable feeling suddenly rose in him. Seeing the enemy who seemed almost like a mirror image of himself, he could not help thinking: What would he do if he was in Sheyan’s situation!?

That thought sent shivers down his back, because he had suddenly realised with a jolt that Sheyan definitely had something up his sleeve! More tentacles shot out from his back and reached towards Sheyan, who was already more than 10 metres away. It could be seen at this time that these tentacles were actually the enhanced and materialised version of the sensory threads that Sheyan had! Both of them had actually evolved in a similar direction, but Strive’s evolution was evidently more powerful!

Sheyan suddenly opened his eyes and flashed a cryptic smile at Strive.

The third eye on Sheyan’s forehead opened at the same time. He concentrated his sensory threads to such a high degree that they turned from incorporeal to semi-solid. He blocked the tentacles reaching for him with the threads!

There was an obvious strength disparity between Sheyan and Strive, as could be seen from the fact that Sheyan’s semi-solid sensory threads were shattered in an instant, but the life force of the severely injured Sheyan erupted at that moment, burning as bright as the sun! This was Sheyan’s true level. At this moment, the entirety of his power erupted like fireworks!

“This bastard…” Veins bulged on Strive’s forehead. “He was hiding his real strength to this extent! What kind of plan does he have? But, even though he hid his strength, there’s no way he’s a match for Father… because Father can no longer count as a human.”

Although Sheyan was heavily wounded and his body battered, the power that burst out of his body at that moment was truly shocking! That was his strongest power, the terrifying power that could kill Aragorn and even a Noah Realm! In the process of falling, he stared at Strive with eyes that were almost burning, and he smiled as he descended into the endless darkness.


The fall felt like it took an eternity, but at the same time, it also felt like it only took a short moment. At first, the skin of the Devil’s Throat that Sheyan saw was pitch black and hard.

But as he descended lower, the skin gradually started to crack, and finally became crimson flesh that kept pulsating. However, the flesh swelled here and there like grapes and bubbles, growing in a disorderly way. It was showing obvious signs of a rupturing of the genetic chain.

Soon, a strange yet familiar sense of weightlessness washed over Sheyan. It was the feeling of leaving his current dimension and entering a Nightmare Realm. The reason it felt familiar was because Sheyan had experienced it countless times. The reason it felt strange was because there were some obvious differences from when he entered Noah Realm C. It was like the difference between the taste of white wine and the taste of 1959 Kweichow Moutai.

The anticipated violent impact did not arrive. Sheyan felt something holding his body up, slowing his descent. After a while, he came to a halt, hanging in mid-air. His nose was filled with the putrid smell of rot.

The place looked like a rotten, moldy abyss. The only things alive here were maggots and germs. When Sheyan’s eyes finally adapted to the darkness, he found that he was surrounded by weird, crimson flesh walls that had darkened and were constantly wriggling.

But when Sheyan’s gaze shifted to the darkest spot there, his breathing halted in shock! What he was seeing was supposed to be a giant gate – a blood-red gate with terrifying fangs, so large that it seemed to connect the sky and the earth. However, what came into his sight was nothing but a ruin!!

Yes, the gate was in total ruin! A colossal hole had been blown open in the middle of the giant gate. The hole seemed to be of considerable age. There were even signs of regrowth and re-decomposition on it, like the cross-section of a candle that had burned for a long time. The damage traces around the hole were shocking, and it felt like they would penetrate straight into Sheyan’s brain in an attempt to re-enact in his mind the destructive power of that time.

“It looks shocking, doesn’t it?” A voice suddenly sounded.

The voice appeared directly in Sheyan’s mind. When Sheyan turned around, he saw a black silhouette sitting under the gate. The black silhouette wore a bronze devil mask on his face. He seemed like he had been sitting there for thousands of years, and looked as if he had completely integrated with this rotten environment and space!

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