The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1457 - Final Chapter: Two

Chapter 1457: Final Chapter: Two

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(Author’s Note: If you find the backstory involving Fang Lin hard to understand, please take a look at the synopsis of the movie “The One”, starring Jet Li. That’s where I got the inspiration from.)

“Bullshit!” the two Saints of Darkness roared at the same time. They were so furious with Sheyan’s claim that they looked like they were going to explode any second!

Sheyan stared at them, ridicule obvious in his eyes. “If I’m wrong, then show me your Nightmare Imprints. The Realms will only choose normal and healthy human beings to become contestants, but you guys have defective souls. No matter how powerful you are, you can only become those who serve the contestants, such as a servant or a summoned familiar. If you’re able to show me your Nightmare Imprints, I’ll eat my words, but if you can’t, then I’m sorry, you’re just wretched existences who don’t even have real memories of your own! You’re pitiful, low rank creatures that spent your childhood in test tubes!”

“He’s just stalling for time,” Bind seemed to have calmed down. “I won’t give you any more chances. You’re full of shit.”

“Then why did you attack Pombaru? He’s your collaborator. Wouldn’t that be extremely bad for your relationship?” asked Sheyan with a smirk. “You’ve long had your doubts, don’t you? You must have suspected something. There should be only one among your brothers who is your father’s real son. The rest of you are just puppets serving him.”

Bind’s facial muscles twitched and trembled. Sheyan’s words had stabbed his heart deep like a sharp dagger!

But at that instant, a cold glint flashed in Sheyan’s eyes. Grey fog suddenly appeared around his body. The terrible virus that had long spread everywhere was now breaking out !

The two Saints of Darkness simultaneously felt an unspeakable pain tearing at their lungs. Sheyan had already moved in front of Bind in the blink of an eye. On his hand, G-Spot squirmed, changed shape and rapidly solidified. The next moment, Evil Sword Apophis penetrated into Bind’s abdomen!

This strike was Sheyan’s desperate attack in a desperate situation, for the sake of survival!

It was also the first time that G-Spot was used against an enemy since it upgraded into a divine artifact!

The terrifying destructive power of ‘Extinction’ formed a huge black hole in Bind’s abdomen in an instant. What’s more, Sheyan had allocated all 50 of G-Spot’s free attribute points into Strength, so a crushing damage had been triggered. Blood gushed out of Bind’s back like a fountain due to the frightening power, and mixed in it were a large number of dark red pieces of shattered organs!!

Severe damage in one hit!

Such was the power of the attack after being buffed up by ‘True Luck’. Furthermore, Sheyan’s strength level had greatly increased since the last time he fought Bind, and if Bind was really a servant or a summoned familiar, he would not enjoy the 40% damage reduction exclusive to contestants. Those factors were what caused the current astonishing situation.

Under Bind’s incredulous gaze, Sheyan even had time to spread one round of HIV virus before he yanked Evil Sword Apophis out and ran away. However, the other Saint of Darkness was no weakling. With a flash, Soar mysteriously vanished from sight. When he reappeared, he was already right behind Sheyan.

But the present Sheyan had become a lot stronger than before. He did not even need to look back to know that Soar was right behind him, because his sensory threads already sensed it the moment Soar appeared. A dazzling light was emitted from something on Sheyan’s finger. It was the ‘Entanglement of Victory’, the ring from the Harry Potter world. ‘Mind Transmission’ was activated, and Sheyan similarly blinked away. Soar’s surprise attack hit nothing but air.

However, the moment Sheyan teleported away, a strange blurring effect appeared around Soar, and he once again vanished into thin air. The visual effect was obviously caused by a distortion in the air. It was akin to the displacement effect when observing a fish in water. Our eyes would tell us the position of the fish, but the perceived position has actually deviated from the actual position. This way, if others attacked Soar without accounting for the correction value, their attack would miss every time.

Not only that, when Soar re-emerged, he was right behind Sheyan once again! His ability was actually continuous blink! It enabled him to stick to his enemy’s back like a stubborn leech. This was actually a unique skill of The Traveler, one of the Ten Strongest.

Sheyan could not dodge anymore, but luckily, he was not that weak. From the start, he identified himself as an MT, whose job was to absorb the enemy’s attack with his body! Therefore, although blood red light flickered continuously on Soar’s fingertips, drilling multiple bloody holes in Sheyan’s back, it was not enough to bring Sheyan down. Sheyan stifled a groan and took advantage of the force to leap forward, then swung Evil Sword Apophis backward.

“Dol!” Soar immediately yelled a strange mantra! The sound penetrated into Sheyan’s mind, freezing him momentarily. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Soar’s hand shone like he had put on a glove made of light, and with that hand, he grabbed Apophis’ blade. Apophis failed to hurt him in the slightest!

At the same time, a small but scary vortex appeared on his other hand. Spots of light glimmered within the vortex, forming tiny galaxies. Countless stars could be seen inside, making it appear full of life.

“You’re a fool! As if we wouldn’t come prepared for Evil Sword Apophis! You should never have used it against us! We’re a hundred times more familiar with the sword than you are! You must not know that during its forging process, it was quenched with our blood!” Soar chuckled. “Die! ‘Nebula…Explosion’!!!”

Soar slapped his palm on Sheyan’s back!

Sheyan’s body immediately let out a horrifying sound, as if his every cell was being blasted by the nebula explosion!

As mentioned before, the universe is formed when the starting point splits into innumerable base points, and the innumerable base points in turn become innumerable parallel universes. At that moment, time starts flowing. And when time enters its final stage, approaching collapse, the process will reverse. The countless parallel universes will start to shrink, and the stars and galaxies in them will explode into a gaseous state. The gas will then shrink back into base points, and finally returns to the “start”.

Soar’s attack which struck Sheyan simulated the situation when time collapsed and the nebula exploded. At this instant, not only did Sheyan suffer extremely high damage, his maximum HP was also temporarily reduced by three quarters! The skin on his back was not damaged much, but the bones and organs inside had all turned into a messy pulp, akin to beaten up tofu!

Sheyan was in extreme pain. He felt like even the fine capillaries in his eyes were bursting apart, so his vision was filled with a shade of crimson.

Blood gushed out of Sheyan’s mouth. He howled and turned around with the expression of a wounded beast. At the same time, the third eye on his forehead suddenly popped open. Countless sensory threads shot out of it, so dense they almost formed a large net. They wrapped around Soar, while Sheyan once again raised Evil Sword Apophis and stabbed it towards Soar’s chest.

Soar laughed scornfully. “You really are a fool. I’ve told you, Evil Sword Apophis won’t work against us!”

As he said that, he casually extended his hand and grabbed the sword that was stabbing towards him. However, a cold light flashed across Sheyan’s eyes right then. Evil Sword Apophis suddenly flashed continuously with a string of unbelievably sharp light, and Soar’s fingers that were reaching for the blade were all chopped off by the power of ‘Extinction’. The next second, Apophis pierced right through Soar in the chest. The hole in his chest was bloody and gory, but more vivid than that was the shock in his eyes!

“That’s…that’s impossible…” As blood burst out of his mouth, he muttered in disbelief.

Sheyan took a deep breath and raised his right hand again. Apophis quickly melted away and shapeshifted back into the mining gloves.

“Too bad for you, your Apophis had long been devoured by my weapon. Evil Sword Apophis no longer exists in this world. All that remains is the divine artifact liquid metal life-form, G-Spot!”

As his words concluded, Sheyan’s right fist burst forth at a thunderous speed. The illumination of ‘Ultimate Impact’ lit up Soar’s face. The fist landed heavily on Soar’s head, and a frightening force erupted from it, turning his face into a twisted and deformed mass of mushy flesh.

After launching the punch, Sheyan’s body went limp, his energy completely drained. The blood he threw up was black, as if it was rotten. The terrifying power of the ‘Nebula Explosion’ acted directly on his cells like nuclear radiation, ignoring his defence, so it was very destructive. It was also the kind of attack that Sheyan was most wary of.

Suddenly, the darkness nearby surged, and a figure walked out of it. The man looked strong, arrogant and calm.

The man’s face possessed an uncanny similarity to Sheyan, but more indifferent and cold. For some reason, when Sheyan saw this man, he bizarrely felt like he was looking into the mirror.

The man easily grabbed Sheyan’s throat and lifted him up with a single hand. The blood streaking down the corners of Sheyan’s mouth flowed down the back of the man’s hand, but the man completely ignored the blood, as if he did not notice it at all.

He told Sheyan seriously, “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Hu Zheng. They call me Strive. The murderer Fang Lin is my biological father, while the businessman Fang Lin is your biological father. Strictly speaking, we can be considered brothers.”

. Strictly speaking, we can be considered brothers.”

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