The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1455 - Secrets

Chapter 1455: Secrets

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Although Sheyan had come to this conclusion, after some careful deliberation, there were still a few things that puzzled him.

First of all, if the other Noah Realms wished to harm him, did they really need to go through so much trouble, even going so far as to ask the prince to lay down such an elaborate trap?

More importantly, if he was to inspect it carefully, the biological texture and tactile sensation of the Devil’s Throat were actually a little different from that of the Noah Realms. The Noah Realms’ interior was warm to the touch and had some elasticity, while the surface of the Devil’s Throat was bitingly cold and rough. Touching the former was like touching the skin of a young woman, while touching the latter was like touching the face of an old man who had frozen to death!

Nevertheless, Sheyan felt that he was very lucky to be able to escape. Seeing the terrifying downward spiralling path around him, he could not help but be reminded of the times when he descended down stairs to enter the Nightmare Realm. Fortunately, it seemed like it was not too late for him to turn back yet. If he had really been dragged inside, it would probably be extremely difficult to escape.

He turned around and went back up the path. It was a difficult hike, even with his Physique that was hundreds of times higher than that of ordinary people. An extremely strong suction force was constantly being emitted from the centre of the deep, dark pit. With every step Sheyan took, he felt like a small part of his energy was sucked away. After a long time, it accumulated into deep exhaustion. He felt like a person who had not undergone any professional mountain climbing training trying to scale a high peak. A person like that would often find themself becoming extremely tired after climbing only a short distance.

When Sheyan extended his sensory threads into his surroundings, he could immediately sense countless fine black lines that looked like rubber bands reaching out of the depth of the black hole to wrap tightly around his body. When his sensory threads came into contact with these fine black lines, they would immediately wither and dissipate!

Under the circumstances, what else could Sheyan do but to clench his teeth and keep climbing up? He forced himself not to think of anything while trying his best to steady his breathing. To overcome the power of such a behemoth with nothing but his own strength, he could not think of anything else – no, he must not think of anything else! A slight distraction and he would probably fail to escape!

The first step, second step, third step!

Sheyan was sweating so hard that he looked like someone who had just been dragged out of the river. The sound of his gasping was so loud that it could probably be heard from a mile away. He was so exhausted that he felt like he was about to collapse. However, he had succeeded! He had climbed out of that damned Devil’s Throat. The horrible black lines that had clung to his body were all broken except for two particularly thick ones. One was still connected to his flesh armour, while the other was connected to the empty space around Sheyan, possibly blocking out the party communication channel.

Sheyan cut a really sorry figure at the moment, like a dog that was about to die of exhaustion that had its tongue sticking out.

He had only climbed a distance of about ten kilometres. Ordinary people would probably feel tired after a hike of that distance, but he was a contestant. Yet, that one hour of uphill hike inside the Devil’s Throat had depleted almost all his stamina. Therefore, the moment he got out of the Devil’s Throat, he immediately collapsed to the ground, gasping for air greedily while letting the cold earth cool down his burning chest.

All of a sudden, his entire body turned stiff. He inhaled one long, deep breath, then slowly got up from the ground. In the process of getting up, his muscles trembled violently, almost in a convulsive way. This caused him great pain, but it also made his tired muscles recover to normal condition as much as possible!

Sheyan slowly raised his head. He watched a man walk out of the darkness not far away. It was a very proud-looking young man.

The young man had a face that Sheyan was very familiar with.

Every time the man appeared, it would be at a moment Sheyan did not expect. Sheyan was on guard during the entire Realm War, yet he did not come. But right now, at this time, at this place, at the moment Sheyan least wish to see him, he appeared.

The man was, of course, the seventh saint wandering on the edge of darkness: Bind!

Sheyan narrowed his eyes slightly as he stared at Bind.

“I see. If you’re showing up here….then it makes sense. If I’m guessing correctly, this huge hole next to us should also be a Noah Realm, right?”

“However, through analysing some of the information I know, I can tell that the Realms are rapidly evolving. The Noah Realms should already be in their second generation, and my mother Realm, Noah Realm C, is even evolving towards the third generation. On the other hand, your mother Realm looks like it’s dying, and all its abilities are extremely weak. It should be a first generation Noah Realm that has been eliminated, but for some reason, it’s still alive. And because this Realm has only taken on a few contestants, you’re all pretty powerful.”

“You’re pretty good at deduction. But even if you’re right, so what? You’ll still die here today! I know you’re trying to buy time by talking nonsense, but I don’t care. Let me tell you something. My second brother is rushing over here as we speak, so I don’t mind if you try to stall for time. Do you want to know the truth about why you’re being hunted? So that you don’t die a fool?” asked Bind.

Sheyan’s body stiffened. He gave Bind a deep stare, then said, “I’m all ears.”

Bind smirked. In truth, he was also buying time, because he was not absolutely confident that he could defeat Sheyan here and now, even though his opponent was exhausted and even though he had grown much stronger. Not only had his last fight with Sheyan ended in total defeat, he had even lost Evil Sword Apophis to Sheyan. Such a complete defeat had left a deep trauma in his heart. Therefore, if Sheyan wanted to stall for time, Bind would gladly fulfil his wish!

Bind stared at Sheyan and said, slowly, “All the things you saw in Pombaru’s office are true, so I won’t waste my breath explaining those things. Take a look at these 3 sets of information.

With a flick of Bind’s finger, some glowing letters appeared out of thin air. It was a person’s biography:


Name: Fang Lin

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Han Chinese

Parents: Deceased


At the age of 14, he ventured into business.

At the age of 23, he established the Ace Corporation. At the age of 29, he became the richest man in China and was listed in Forbes’ Celebrity 100. At the age of 31, the Ace Corporation became one of the top 500 enterprises in the world.

The Ace Corporation were one of the driving forces behind the global financial crisis in 2028 and gained much profit from it. The global financial crisis hit Wall Street hard, and the event was widely recognised as the beginning of the decline of the United States of America.

Since then, Fang Lin has won the recognition of the higher ups of his country and served as a member of the National Committee, becoming a leading member of the country’s think tank. He has a strong voice in various national affairs.


Name: Fang Lin

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Han Chinese

Parents: Deceased


Found missing on the evening of February 25, 2009. Half a month later, his aunt called the police, who later found three sets of badly rotten male corpses in his house. DNA tests verified that they belonged to Liu Jifu, He Kai and Zhou Dingli, three men who came from the same hometown as Fang Lin, Yuhong village. After various investigations, it was found that ten different casualties that occurred in Yuhong Village in the past two years, which were previously believed to be accidents, were all related to the suspect in some ways.

The suspect was never found.


Name: Fang Lin

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Han Chinese

Parents: Deceased


At the age of 18, he earned his first barrel of gold in the retail industry. At the age of 20, he had ten million yuan of assets under his name. At this time, Liu Jifu, He Kai and Zhou Dingli were involved in car accidents one after another within the span of two years. Two of them perished, while the other was left in a persistent vegetative state.

The police investigated the incidents but could not find any definitive evidence.

At the age of 22, Fang Lin married and had a son in the same year.


“The first Fang Lin biography shows the normal life path of the Fang Lin in all parallel universes. Because of his importance in history, he naturally becomes a rare important node in the parallel universes in the form of a human.”

“The second Fang Lin, due to some sudden, unexpected circumstances, did not follow this predetermined path of life. A situation like this is very rare, but it’s not completely impossible. There’s no cancer in the human genetic code either, but human cells will still sometimes mutate into cancer cells. It’s the same principle.”

Sheyan could easily understand these things. He asked instead, “But from what I heard, people with special abilities are unique, and there’s only one of them in all the multiverse?”

Bind smirked. “In most cases, yes, that is true, but this rule is certainly not applicable to the living creatures who are the important nodes that support and drive the development of all the parallel universes!”

After a moment’s silence, Sheyan said, “Is that so? Pray continue.”

“The second Fang Lin chose revenge. His parents’ deaths were not really accidents; they were actually forced to their deaths! His choice was to kill all these murderers with his own hands when he was still just a teenager, and then he ran away! In the process of running away, he inadvertently entered a Nightmare Realm. After that, he devoted his life to reviving his parents. This Fang Lin is our father.”

Sheyan clenched his fists tightly. He had never felt this angry before, yet his mind had never been clearer. “So I guess the third Fang Lin also went against his normal life path, right? He becomes an anomaly too. He also chose a path of revenge, but he’s a lot more cautious. He decided to earn a large amount of money first before he hired assassins!”

“Correct,” replied Bind. “As expected of someone who has the same blood flowing in his veins.”

“After our father joined the Nightmare Realm, he fought hard all the way and finally reached the peak of power. Unfortunately, not only is his Nightmare Realm the first generation version, it also carries a huge defect from the time it was still an embryo! Therefore, when my father, in an attempt to protect his companions, was assimilated into the Realm, he had no choice but to rot together with the Realm that has a congenital defect!”

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