The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1454 - Devil’s Throat

Chapter 1454: Devil’s Throat

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Sheyan stared at these images for more than ten seconds. He did not know why, but a tremendous fear rose in his heart! Cold sweat was even dripping down his forehead. A huge mystery that had originally stood tall in his heart like a towering peak had slowly collapsed and was then completely broken down under the huge impact of those ten or so seconds of information!

“All lives, we can think of as having been infused with a special kind of energy. Let us call it the source energy. The source energy carried by the Starting Point itself is relatively limited, so when the Starting Point split into innumerable Base Points, it is akin to dividing the source energy, which is originally scarce to begin with, into countless parts. When the Base Points explode in a big bang to generate countless parallel universes, the originally scarce source energy has to be distributed across the vast parallel universes, which makes it even scarcer. This is why life is so rare!”

After explaining why life was a luxury, the Starting Point and Base Points were shown on the screen again.

The relationship between them was compared to the relationship between trees and seeds.

The Starting Point was similar to a tree. It produced a large number of seeds through its own destruction.

What’s more, the seeds from the same mother plant would all have a common feature. No matter how many seeds were produced and how different their growing environments were, the plants that grew from them would share certain major characteristics. For example, different kinds of rice, despite growing from different seeds, could only grow in a hot and humid environment, would grow no more than a metre high, had small flowers, and had edible seeds that must be peeled first.

Or, for example, the plants that grew from poppy seeds would definitely produce large, gorgeous flowers, and their seeds would be narcotic and addictive…

The same was true of the parallel universes derived from Base Point explosions. All parallel universes formed after the explosion of the Base Points derived from the same Starting Point would develop in a somewhat similar way as time progressed.

During this process of development, some things in one universe may differ from the other parallel universes, but no matter how all the parallel universes developed, there would be quite a few important nodes that would be exactly the same between them! That was why parallel universes were also called mirror universes.

And that was the fundamental reason “history would always unfold according to its predetermined track”! Even if some unexpected events occurred, these important nodes were there to support and drive the inertia of history, so the development of that universe would not deviate too far from the rest of the parallel universes. The universe would still grow according to the genes it inherited from the Starting Point. A rice plant that had a few of its leaves eaten by insects would not grow into a poppy.

The next captions that appeared on the screen were what truly shocked Sheyan!

“According to research, the important nodes can be important events such as World War II, important objects such as the Eiffel Tower or the World Trade Center, or it can also be certain important people or living creatures.”

“Humans or living creatures that become important nodes are very special because they possess life, and life is a luxury in the universe. After all, the essence of life is the source energy from the Starting Point!”

“So, according to specific studies, when a living creature that is an important node dies unexpectedly in a certain parallel universe in a way that differs from how the creature dies in the rest of the parallel universes, the source energy supporting its life – commonly known as soul energy – will not die out, but there is also no way to pass it on to the creature’s heir.”

“But at this time, the Starting Point has yet to appear, so the source energy will cross over dimensional barriers and enter the bodies of the identical creature in other parallel universes according to the distance. In other words, the identical important-node living creature in other parallel universes will be strengthened. The closer the identical creature is to this parallel universe, the greater the enhancement.”

Seeing this, Sheyan’s pupils started to contract. He could feel his throat going dry. He needed some water to moisten it, but even after several attempts to grab the glass on the table in front of him, he still failed to do so. When he looked carefully, he realised that his hand was actually grabbing at empty air twenty or thirty centimetres above the glass.

It was a simple mistake that even ordinary people would not make, yet it was made by Sheyan, who had hundreds of times the physical fitness of ordinary people. How unbelievable! From this, one could see how tense he was right now!

He picked up the glass and drank all the water in it. His previously thirsty throat finally sighed with satisfaction. However, it did not relieve his nervousness in the slightest. On the contrary, his anxiety only worsened when the next captions appeared!

“The first target chosen for the experiment is: George Washington.”

“Reason for Selection: The target has a distinguished status as the Founding Father of the United States and is a figure that cannot be ignored in world history. He is infertile, and therefore has a low chance of passing his source energy to an heir before he dies.”

“Experimental Content: Kill George Washington in ten parallel universes.”

“Experimental Result: The other George Washington in universes close to these ten parallel universes have gained obvious benefits, most evidently in their lifespan. In normal history, George Washington dies at 67 years old, but after the experiment, the longest living George Washington among those investigated lived to the age of 83, and even the one who died the earliest lived to the age of 69. The increase in lifespan is obvious.”

“The second target chosen for the experiment is…. ”


Sheyan suddenly closed his eyes and inhaled a deep breath.

He wanted to keep reading, but he knew that he could not, because he found that he was currently in great danger!! He realised that he had neglected many alarming signs due to his relaxed attitude before this!

First of all, he did not know when it had happened, but the party communication channel had been severed. He had lost communication with the outside world.

Secondly, the flesh armour, that could instantaneously teleport him to another dimension, no longer worked.

And finally, Prince Pombaru never showed up.

These three suspicious signs led Sheyan to believe that he had fallen into a dire predicament.

And it was extremely dire. Severing the party communication channel was still within the scope of a contestant’s ability, but the flesh armour was made from Noah Realm C’s own flesh. To render it ineffective meant that it was already an ability on the level of a Realm. Only after witnessing first-hand the terror of the devoured Noah Realm E did Sheyan realise the extent of a Realm’s vast and amazing power. How strong must a person be to counter that kind of power?!

The only silver lining was that the trap seemed yet incomplete, and that was why Prince Pombaru had yet to appear. If he had, it would mean that the trap was already in motion.

Sheyan was a man of action, moreover, his life was currently at stake, so he wasted no time to act. He went straight towards a French window covered by a curtain nearby. His hand tightened into a fist, and it glowed with a dazzling light. Sheyan was using his full power in this punch, because it was a matter of life and death! Let alone a window, even if it was a dam in front of Sheyan, he would blow a hole in it!

The fist struck the window hard, making the whole room shake violently. The crystal chandelier at the top of the room shattered into numerous pieces. However, Sheyan’s full-power punch failed to break open the window! Sheyan instantly understood. The room was constructed of a special material and was made up of a single entity, so the force acting on any single point in the room would be spread over the entire surface of the room.

Such technology had long existed and were mainly used in bullet proof vests, but Prince Pombaru had actually used it on the inside and outside his office. This could only be described as extravagance. It must be known that during the production of the special material, for every square metre of area increased, the cost would double. If you think about the size of the room, you would know how much resources had been wasted on this room.

Sheyan took another deep breath. All the bones in his body cracked loudly. He unleashed another punch. Immediately, cracks started appearing on the walls inside the room, and dust and debris came rustling down. The power cords flashed a few times as sparks sprayed out of them, and then the light went out.

Without any hesitation, Sheyan launched the third punch. Even with his strong Physique, he could still feel several ligaments in his body screaming in pain, and he threw up a mouthful of blood. Sheyan’s third punch was a struggle for survival, without a regard for anything else. He had packed every last bit of strength he had in this punch!

Finally, the damned window was blasted apart like it had been hit by a cannon. Sheyan jumped out without wasting any time. Only after that did he realise that the building where Prince Pombaru’s office was located in was actually a gigantic self-propelled vehicle after the disguise was removed! It had already moved quite some distance away from its original location. It was currently inside a huge, dark hole that must have a diameter of at least ten kilometres – the vehicle was rapidly descending down the hole along the spiralling path at the side of the hole!

The terrain was like a giant spiralling sinkhole, but it was in the middle of the mountains and was thus cleverly concealed. Sheyan could not stop chills from creeping down his spine, because he could clearly sense that both the ground surface of this giant sinkhole and the pitch-black cliff next to him were moist, wriggling organic matter! He could not help but associate it with the image of an enormous devil lying on its back and sleeping with its mouth wide open, while Sheyan himself was on the edge of its throat; one misstep and he would be swallowed!

The material of the surface suddenly reminded Sheyan of something. It was something that almost made him fall into despair!

A power that could seal the flesh armour’s function meant that it was a power at least at the same level as Noah Realm C.

And the interior of a Noah Realm was constructed from organic matters that had a very similar texture to the “devil’s throat” he was currently in.

“Could this be the true face of the Big Ben Research Institute?” whispered Sheyan to himself. “Another Noah Realm?”

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