The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1452 - The Truth About the Magic Lamp

Chapter 1452: The Truth About the Magic Lamp

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Both sides were full of confidence for this duel. The confidence of Bidder No. 7’s side was based on the powerful might of the divine artifact, Black Arrow, while Aziz’s confidence was based on his own formidable strength.

“I don’t need this,” Aziz simply refused to attach G-Spot to his weapon. He patted his own weapon coldly and said, “I only need my partner here.”

Aziz’s confidence was regretful, but strictly speaking, he had two legendary equipment, and he was an Executor, which was likely a level higher than the opponent’s combat order. Even if his opponent held a divine artifact, he still had a chance.

However, Sheyan had always liked to plan for the worst case scenario. Since the other side could purchase a divine artifact with such a large sum of funds, their party must be an impressive force in their own Realm. If he could not let Aziz stand on the same starting line as the enemy, then it would be a real shame.

But looking at Aziz’s resolute eyes, Sheyan did not know what to say to him in order to persuade him. It was Aziz who finally broke the silence.

“Based on your analysis, the other party will send a long range attacker. The person has just acquired a divine artifact, so it’s supposed to be the time when he’s feeling the most powerful, yet even in this situation, he still chose only a duel. It can be seen from this that he doesn’t have the determination to put his life on the line. People like that will find it difficult to maintain the stability of their performance during critical moments of life and death. However, that happens to be my strength. That’s why I’m so confident. ”

Sheyan pondered for a while and said, “Okay, I respect your choice. You can fight the way you want, but this bet is related to the benefits of the whole team after all, so we should have a say in it too. That’s why I’ll add an insurance factor to the plan. Let G-Spot attach itself to your weapon, but not take effect. If, and I mean if, the fight doesn’t go well, you can use it as a trump card.”

Aziz was a loner and had a cold demeanour, but he knew when to be flexible, especially when others had already shown him respect, so he nodded. In truth, those who did not learn to become flexible in a dog-eat-dog world like the Nightmare Realm had long turned to ashes.

The duel was scheduled for a day later, so there was still quite some time before that. Taking advantage of the free time, Party Ace started studying the ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Body’ that they had just obtained. It must be known that the Black Arrow, being a bona fide divine artifact, was something extremely valuable. To be honest, even though the remains of the One Ring was also very precious, it could only account for a third of the Black Arrow’s value at most. ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Body’ was what made up most of the remaining value.

After putting ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Base’ and ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Body’ together, the two parts, which were originally quite unremarkable in appearance, immediately glowed with a faint light. The dust and dirt on the surface of the lamp quickly faded away as it became smooth and shiny. A large number of patterns could be seen on it, giving off a strong ancient Egypt vibe. There was even an image of a Sphinx on it.

Even the material of the lamp seemed to have changed dramatically. It was very warm to the touch and was shining with the glow of life, looking just like human skin. The unique mixture of metallic material and life gave off a feeling that was strange yet mysterious.

When the lamp oil was poured in, the clear and colourless oil was instantly absorbed by the lamp, making the lamp change. The lamp sometimes became transparent, and sometimes became like a mirage. The only thing that remained tangible were the veins in the lamp that looked very much like the veins in a human body. The lamp oil was flowing in them. A moment later, a blurry light appeared at the mouth of the lamp. It looked like a flame, but all of them knew that it was no flame. ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp’ was, in essence, a mysterious living creature. After absorbing the so-called “lamp oil”, it had awakened from its slumber, and the light was a strange phenomenon formed by its breathing.

Party Ace stared at the Magic Lamp with curiosity and caution, anticipating the genie to suddenly pop up with a “boom” and grant them three wishes.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. After ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp’ had been “lit” for nearly 20 minutes, the light slowly shrank. Black smoke started coming out of the Magic Lamp. The black smoke gathered and finally condensed into a small black stone that dropped to the table.

Suddenly, Zi exclaimed in surprise. She immediately went into a combat pose. Her slender fingers drew nearly ten sharp slashes in the air, which made even the dimension itself moan in agony! Dimensional turbulence penetrated into their plane, decomposing the surrounding furnishings into the smallest particles!

However, despite Zi’s efforts, she could not prevent the magic lamp on the table from slowly fading away and vanishing from sight! It had run away by using spatial teleportation!

All of them could not help but sigh in dismay. They were almost shouting curses. ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp’, which had cost them millions of utility points, turned out to be so disappointing in the end. It had only put on a mini firework display before it ran away. Even Zi could not intercept it. It was a huge waste of funds, and they did not have anything to show for it. Oh, wait, strictly speaking, the lamp did leave something behind – a small black stone.

Millions of utility points, plus a duel to come, in exchange for a small black stone. If G-Spot had not successfully promoted, then the Black Arrow was as good as having been thrown into the ocean!

Sheyan frowned looking at the black stone, seemingly lost in thought.

An hour passed, and then two, but nothing else happened. As time ebbed away, all their hearts fell into despair. Zi, being the sensitive person that she was, was already thinking of ways to console Sheyan. She knew that Sheyan had always been a proud man. Hopefully, he would not be too discouraged by this setback.

Sheyan’s Nightmare Imprint suddenly heated up. Someone was contacting him. He took the call and found that it was the Miner who had talked to him not that long ago.

“Are you alone right now?” The Miner’s voice sounded a bit hurried and flustered. For some reason, he seemed to be in a panic.

“No, I’m with my party members,” replied Sheyan.

“What have you done recently? Why is there such a huge ruckus?” the Miner asked in a low voice.

“I didn’t do anything. Did you make a mistake?” asked Sheyan.

The Miner hesitated, then gritted his teeth and asked, “Well, then, why have a number of Realms sent their representatives to ask around for your contact information?”

“What??” Sheyan was puzzled too.

“Tell me honestly. What have you done these past few days?” asked the Miner impatiently.

Sheyan frowned slightly, but the Miner was someone that could be trusted, so he honestly told the Miner all the things he had done. But of course, things like G-Spot’s properties he only mentioned passingly.

When he reached the part about merging ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp’, the Miner’s breath suddenly became heavier. Before Sheyan could even finish the story, the Miner already shouted out, “That’s it! That’s the reason! ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp’ is, in essence, a weird creature that can travel freely between different dimensions. Its origin is said to be related to the mysterious power that built the pyramids on Earth. There are many different powers in the whole universe, so it’s impossible to fully understand all of them. You said your ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp’ didn’t leave behind a white stone, but a black one? Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Sheyan answered without any doubt.

The Miner took a deep breath before he told Sheyan, “That means, this time, the Magic Lamp didn’t leave behind an Aladdin crystal formed by the substances it shed, but a fruit instead! It’s extremely precious!”

Sheyan shrugged. “I still don’t understand.”

“Put it this way. Anything left by ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp’ is worthless to us, but for any of the Realm, it’s priceless treasure. The top-grade unknown mysterious items are like the vitamin supplements that sailors on a long voyage must take, or they’ll die of scurvy. The weight of the vitamin taken is insignificant compared to the weight of the human body, but it’s undoubtedly essential. Without it, even maintaining normal human activities is impossible,” explained the Miner. “As soon as ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp’ leaves something behind, all the Realms could basically sense it because there would be a unique fluctuation. Now do you understand why a number of Realms have sent representatives to look for you?”

“But it’s been quite some time since then. Why are you the first one to contact me about this?” asked Sheyan.

The Miner sighed. “Your mother Realm, Noah Realm C, is still evolving, right? That’s why it didn’t sense it, or it would’ve definitely contacted you right away and asked to trade for it with a wish. Remember the legend about Aladdin’s Magic Lamp? Half of it is actually true. Sometimes, ordinary humans would gain possession of the Magic Lamp through sheer coincidence and obtain Aladdin’s crystals! However, the so-called genie has nothing to do with the lamp. The Magic Lamp would always disappear right after shedding or dropping its fruit. Everything else that happens afterwards is all done by the Nightmare Realms.”

Sheyan finally understood after listening to the Miner’s long explanation.

“Then, I can make a wish with the Realm with this little black stone – uh, I mean, Aladdin’s Fruit?”

“That’s right,” the Miner replied confidently. “The temptation of Aladdin’s Fruit to the Realms is far beyond your imagination.”

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