The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1451 - With the Divine Artifact in My Hands, I Shall Rule the World!

Chapter 1451: With the Divine Artifact in My Hands, I Shall Rule the World!

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However, after Sheyan said “deal”, he added a condition:

“But I hope we can perform this duel in a day’s time.”

Bidder No. 7 stared at Sheyan. Although they could not see each other’s faces, he seemed to be trying to distinguish something from Sheyan’s words and actions. It took a long time before he slowly replied, “I’ve heard rumours of something amazing that had happened recently. The contestants of a powerful Realm had fought against the contestants of three other Realms combined in a Realm War and actually won. The world they fought in happens to be the LOTR world. The war must have been extremely dangerous, but high risk often means sufficient returns.”

Sheyan smiled. “What are you trying to say?”

“It wouldn’t be strange for a divine artifact like the Black Arrow to appear in the reward,” replied bidder No. 7 thoughtfully.

“No, it wouldn’t.” Sheyan laughed meaningfully.

Bidder No. 7 lowered his head. If Sheyan could see his expression, he would see that Bidder No. 7’s eyebrows were nearly twisted into a knot. Bidder No. 7 asked in a low voice, “Are you so confident? You think you can repair the One Ring in a day?! That’s absolutely impossible!”

“If you think it’s impossible, then it’s impossible. But if you think it’s possible, then there’s definitely a chance!” Sheyan answered with a profound smile.

After contemplating for a while, Bidder No. 7 abruptly raised his head. He seemed to have acquired some information from someone. “Fine! It’s a deal! If you can really repair the One Ring in a day and use it against the Black Arrow, I’ll just consider that my bad luck!”

Bidder No. 7 did not know that the reason Sheyan was so adamant on acquiring the One Ring was not to repair it, but to destroy it! It was the only purpose for the ring Sheyan had in mind. G-Spot had reached the peak level of legendary weapons, but it could not cross the strict grade-barrier to devour divine artifacts. Logically speaking, the conventional method was to devour numerous pieces of legendary equipment to accumulate experience and slowly break through the barrier, but by devouring the damaged remains of a peak-level divine artifact, G-Spot could very likely obtain enough energy and experience from it to advance!

Bidder No. 7 was not wrong in thinking that only another divine artifact could be a match for a divine artifact, but he mistakenly believed that Sheyan would try to repair the ring to battle against the Black Arrow. Having this preconceived idea would surely lead him down the wrong path. Because Evil Sword Apophis that G-Spot transformed into was simply too infamous, it had completely overshadowed G-Spot itself, so few people had noticed G-Spot’s existence.

After the two of them reached a deal, Sheyan successfully used the divine artifact Black Arrow to trade for the remains of the One Ring as well as ‘Aladdin’s Magic Lamp Body’. The remaining trade chips that were worth close to a million utility points would be decided through the bet.

The first thing Sheyan had to do right now was naturally to let G-Spot gobble up the remains of the One Ring. However, the remains of the ring looked dirty and unremarkable. Even after G- Spot swallowed it, it could not digest the ring. According to Zi, that should be because the ring was covered in a layer of magma plus corrosive substances, so it must be cleaned first.

This would require the help of the Empire. Herein lay the advantage of highly advanced technology. After the scientists of the Empire obtained a small sample from the surface of the ring, they quickly came up with a suitable melting agent. After the destroyed One Ring was cleaned, it finally showed its true colours. It was made of a twisted golden material which seemed to have a jelly-like texture. Placed on the palm, one could feel a heat from it, as if it had its own body temperature like it was a human being. But when it was squeezed, one would find it exceptionally hard.

G-Spot pounced on it. The liquid metal life-form transformed into the shape of an octopus and stabbed a large number of tentacles into the ring. It then became a cocoon which wrapped around the ring and fell into a dormant state. However, Sheyan was not worried that G-Spot would hibernate for long, because there was only one chance to break through to divine grade, so G-Spot would have to do it in one go with an indomitable will. If it could not succeed in one hour, it would not succeed in its entire lifetime.

G-Spot started to turn red and become transparent. Various illusions appeared on it, depicting the process of Sauron forging the ring. Although they were all miniature images, they were very lifelike. After that, various mysterious lines emerged on top of G-Spot, and it felt like there was an invisible hammer in the air, striking and tempering it. During the process, Sheyan continuously fed it various high-energy ores to give it nutrients. Finally, the inscription on the inner surface of the One Ring appeared on G-Spot. They were Tengwar letters, an ancient Elven script handed down from ancient times!

“One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them,

One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

When the last letter was formed, Sheyan finally received the long-awaited notifications:

[ Your weapon, G-type Liquid Metal Enhanced Life-Form (Matrix Point Distribution) has successfully devoured the remains of the One Ring. ]

[ Age increased to: Mature (25 years old in human age) ]

[ Grade promoted to: Divine Artifact. ]

[ Origin: Unable to determine. ]

[ Attack Power: None. ]

[ Type: Supporting Equipment ]

[ Material: Liquid metal, Pi element, various unknown mysterious items, synthetic metallic elements, Sauron’s power of darkness ]

[ Weight: 1.2kg ]

[ Equipping Condition: None ]

[ Durability: Infinite ]

[ Usage: The liquid metal enhanced life-form can transform into various kinds of weapons and equipment that it has devoured. Not only can it fully duplicate their abilities, it can also give them a +6 bonus strengthening. This ability can now be used on allies as well, by letting the life-form attach itself to an ally’s weapon or equipment. It will not devour the ally’s weapon or equipment. ]

[ Passive Ability: ‘Suck’ – Whenever the enemy (or their weapon) came into contact with the equipment or weapon the liquid metal enhanced life-form is attached to, the liquid metal enhanced life-form will analyse the enemy and commit the result to memory. After seven times, the liquid metal enhanced life-form will be able to calculate the trajectory of the enemy’s attack, thereby rendering the enemy’s next attack obsolete. ]

[ Passive Ability: ‘Devourment Memory’ – The liquid metal life-form turns itself into the terrifying enemy of all equipment in order to satisfy its own desires. During the devouring process, it can memorise and completely replicate the special ability of the equipment it devours, then attach the special ability to the equipment it strengthens! ]

[ The memory slot for ‘Devourment Memory’ has increased to 5. ]

[ Gained new ability: ‘Sauron’s Versatility’ ]

[ After devouring the One Ring, G-Spot now has an abundance of Sauron’s power in its body. Sauron has always appeared in Middle Earth in various different forms, so G-Spot has also inherited this characteristic. It gets 50 free base attribute points that you can freely allocate. If you are not feeling satisfied after you have allocated them, you can restore them back to free base attribute points for a redistribution. You can only reset the attribute points three times every 24 hours. ]

[ When G-Spot attaches itself to the weapon or equipment of an ally, this bonus will still be valid, but the resetting ability is now in the hands of the weapon or equipment owner. ]

(Author’s Note: This enables the owner to change G-Spot’s attributes based on the environment or needs. For example, when scouting is needed, all 50 points can be added to Perceptive Sense. G-Spot will basically become an equipment that provides +50 Perceptive Sense. When entering combat, the owner can reset the attribute points and allocate 25 points each into Strength and Agility, etc.)

[ Gained new ability: ‘Enslave’ ]

[ The greatest purpose of the One Ring is to enslave and control the other 19 Rings of Power. G-Spot has also integrated this feature into itself – though not perfectly. ]

[ When activating the ‘Enslave’ ability in combat, G-Spot will spray a little bit of its body and stick it on the enemy’s main weapon. By doing this, it will forcefully enslave the weapon, thus reducing all its properties by half (including, but not limited to, attack power and bonus attributes), as well as sealing all its passive and active abilities. The duration of the effect ranges from 10 minutes to an hour, and the cooldown time ranges from 5 minutes to 2 hours. ]

[ The enslavement will never fail, but its duration is inversely proportional to the grade of the enemy’s weapon. ]


Everyone in Party Ace was amazed. After all, both ‘Sauron’s Versatility’ and ‘Enslave’ were really powerful abilities. Sheyan was beaming. Before this, he only had 70% confidence in winning the bet, but he now had 100% confidence!

After thinking for a bit, he said, “Since Bidder No. 7 is willing to make the bet with me, he must know something about me, so he’ll definitely send someone I’m incompatible with to the fight. The person will most probably be an archer. First, he should have high movement speed. Second, he should have long-range attack capabilities. Third, he should have an astonishingly high attack power. It’s not too difficult to reach the extreme for the first two points, while the Black Arrow will enable the person to achieve the third point.”

Sheyan paused and smiled mockingly. “That’s why I won’t be fighting in this duel. If the enemy is specifically preparing against me, why should I be so stupid as to give them what they want? It’ll just turn into a bitter fight where I’ll keep getting beat up. In my opinion, this battle should be a wonderful fight between two top marksmen!”

When Sheyan said this, he looked straight at Aziz. Aziz’s eyes started getting wild with excitement…because he had suddenly remembered that G-Spot could now attach itself to an ally’s weapon!!

Aziz’s legendary gun, plus G-Spot’s ‘Extinction’, plus the 50 free attribute points from ‘Sauron’s Versatility’, plus the ‘Enslave’ ability! Even if the opponent had a divine artifact, Aziz had the world!

“I’ll bring back that guy’s ears and nose,” Aziz replied coldly.

Sheyan smiled. “It’ll probably be a duel and not a death match. Bidder No. 7 seemed like a cautious guy. He won’t risk his star contestant’s life for a million utility points. So, what you have to do is to make him tremble in front of your name!”

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