The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1412 - The Cruel Butterfly Effect

Chapter 1412: The Cruel Butterfly Effect

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Just like the way Sheyan became the focus of enemy fire when he rushed in front previously, Reef was now the enemy’s primary target, attracting the majority of their attacks. But in comparison, the pressure on Sheyan before this was still heavier because the mixed regiment could calmly shoot him and reload from hundreds of metres away back then without any worries of suffering his counterattacks. Their attacks were hence much more organised.

Meanwhile, although Reef was also the focus of enemy fire right now, most of the people attacking him were still under the negative effects of ‘Cardiac Shattering Roar’, and more importantly, Reef was right next to them. There was a huge difference in the mentality required to shoot an enemy who was 200 metres away and to shoot an enemy who was two metres away. Unless the shooter had a super strong mental state, their accuracy and power, among others, would certainly be affected in the latter case.

Despite that, Reef’s HP was still steadily going down, albeit very slowly. In fact, the crawling rate at which his HP was declining was giving his opponents chills. But more importantly, Reef was no longer situated far away like Sheyan was previously. Sheyan had no choice but to silently endure the enemy’s attacks, but Reef now had the right to fight back!

A dazzling light blossomed from his shield, sweeping over everything like a supernova. It came and disappeared in the blink of an eye, but with much furore. The light was so bright that it instantly occupied the entirety of the vision of everyone around! Screams rose all around, and many members of the mixed regiment fell down holding their eyes. They were in complete chaos!

This was ‘Scorching Radiance’, the ability on Reef’s dark gold shield.

[ Ability: Scorching Radiance – Unleash a dense mass of scorching sun crystals, dealing astonishing AOE fire damage around a 10 metre radius. Damage dealt = Physique of wielder x 10. Enemies in range will be blinded for 10 seconds, but this effect will fade when they are attacked. If the ability is released in a narrow and sealed space (rooms etc), half of the scorching sun crystals will refract against the opponent and deal a second round of damage. ]

The damage done by this ability had become secondary for Reef. The most important aspect of this ability to him now was its ability to blind the enemies for 10 seconds. During this period, the frequency of attacks that landed on him would be at least halved, and after 10 seconds, his party members should already be here. There were also the allies from the Blu-ray Party and the Maritime Alliance.

The people nearby were dumbfounded. They never expected that the cooperation between two MTs could be so spectacular and effective! The two MTs had rushed together towards the enemies fearlessly and started their attack in the midst of the enemies, sending them into chaos!

The combo of Sheyan and Reef had taught the other parties a lesson. They may be able to function just fine without an MT, but in battle, the side without an MT would always be at a disadvantage against the side that had an MT!

Reef pulled Sheyan to his side with ‘Holy Grasp’. Sheyan immediately started throwing his mixes everywhere. A dark green cloud of smoke rose and enveloped most of the areas occupied by the mixed regiment. The pressure on the two of them had decreased now because the other dark side contestants had sensed the precarious situation of the mixed regiment and had come charging over ferociously like wolves and tigers!

In that instant, Sheyan suddenly felt a strong magical fluctuation coming from a certain place. He turned to look and saw the illusion of a huge demonic butterfly flying around at a certain spot on the chaotic battlefield.

The ‘Butterfly Effect’ was coming into effect!

MCDH’s lover, Rose, was a rare support-type mage who specialised in nature magic. Her spells were not very destructive; aside from ‘Faerie Fire’, she was only able to cast ‘Magic Fang’, and her attack power was not that high. Her best role was as a support.

She could cast ‘Bear’s Endurance’ (Physique + 4), ‘Bull’s Strength’ (Strength + 4), and ‘Cat’s Grace’ (Agility + 4), all of which were extremely beneficial to her teammates. Her main priority in this particular team was, of course, to protect her lover. To protect MCDH, she either had to guard him from all attacks, or to eliminate every factor that may prove hostile to him.

Currently, Rose had identified a target as a potential threat. The woman was moving towards MCDH. Her red cloak billowed in the wind like a burning fire. It was Lilith.

The phoenix feathers that were originally on her head were now held in her hand. Wherever she passed through, fire would rage, as if she wished to burn down the entire world! Two contestants had went over to confront her, but Lilith obviously still had strength to spare. Following behind her was a snake made of fire that was turning here and there as if looking for a target to swallow.

Kulutego was previously the centre of attention on the battlefield, but MCDH had brought him down with a single shot, so he had no doubt become a heavily-emphasised target for the dark side contestants. Rose was acutely aware that Lilith only had 50% of her focus on the two contestants in front of her. The rest of her attention was on MCDH.

Her intention was definitely malicious!

Not only that, Rose had also sensed a darkness rapidly approaching from the distance. The darkness was so dense that it almost seemed to have substance. It was cold, merciless, and majestic, and all its killing intent was concentrated on MCDH!!

The person she sensed was none other than Zi.

Sanzi often addressed Zi as “sister-in-law”. She may disdain it on the surface, but deep down, she was happy about it. And now, Sanzi’s strength had been significantly weakened, so of course she must get revenge for him!

Rose knew the situation was critical, so she did not hesitate to cast her most powerful spell, ‘Magic Fang’.

This spell used the power of nature to refine the fang of a powerful creature and shot it out to cause damage. The principle behind the spell was very simple, but the damage calculation was rather unique. It mainly depended on two aspects – the first was the speed at which the magic fang traveled, and the second was the quality of the magic fang used.

The flying speed of the magic fang was determined by the level of the skill. However, the quality of the magic fang was something the caster could control. So in theory, this spell could already showcase amazing power at level 1 — as long as the quality of the fang used was good enough. This was also the fundamental reason for Rose to choose this spell.

In order to save her lover’s life, she had decided to use a magic fang that she had saved up for a long time. It was the tooth of a red dragon, soaked in a mixture of badger oil and lizard blood. When she fished the tooth out of the mixture, it still sparkled with a terrible red shine.

Next, Rose started chanting the spell, focusing harder than she ever had in her life. The only drawback of ‘Magic Fang’ was that, just like firing a gun, there was no way to lock on to a target. If the target moved away the moment the trigger was pulled, the attack would inevitably miss, so timing was of the utmost importance. The main reason Rose had chosen Lilith as her target was because she knew about the abilities of the two opponents Lilith were facing. They were good at slowing down and stunning the enemies, so they should be able to create a great opportunity for her very soon!

The tooth of the red dragon shot out abruptly, leaving a trail of blazing fire in its trajectory. The effect was amazing! The only regrettable thing was that Lilith specialised in flame control, and the tooth of the red dragon, needless to say, was also a fire element object, so the damage may be reduced. It was only a possibility though. Specialising in something doesn’t mean you’ll have extra resistance against it, right? When sharpshooters are hit by bullets, they’ll still have to take the full injury like any other human!

In the end, Lilith did not escape Rose’s ambush. Following a red flash, she stumbled back and threw up blood. A violent explosion then occurred! However, right at the moment of explosion, Lilith had actually released the ‘Pyroblast’ spell she had been chanting. Under the interference of the explosion, its aim was off, so it quickly deviated from the predetermined path.

‘Pyroblast’ was an AoE damage spell. To put it bluntly, it was similar to dropping a napalm in a certain area. The area was instantly set ablaze! Fire raged high and furious!

The ‘Pyroblast’ had landed in an empty space that had been badly trampled on. But as soon as flames covered the area, the figure of a human suddenly appeared on the open space. The human figure was burning.

The moment the burning human figure appeared, MCDH, who was being protected by his allies all around him, gradually evaporated into thin air. This sudden change stunned everyone. However, what had transpired was actually pretty simple. MCDH had a secret escape technique that was pretty amazing. He could actually leave an illusion of himself that even his allies could not tell was fake, while the real him quietly escaped.

If Rose had not tried to save MCDH, she would not have launched the most powerful magic fang she had. If she had not, then Lilith’s ‘Pyroblast’ would not have deviated. If Lilith’s ‘Pyroblast’ had not deviated, MCDH would have successfully escaped.

Unfortunately, the powerful ‘Butterfly Effect’ had, in this moment, exposed him as mercilessly as fate itself! It had even done so through the hands of the woman he loved most! How ruthless, how cruel!

Almost at the same time, Aziz’s pale yellow eyes, as fierce as the eyes of an eagle, had locked onto the flaming figure of MCDH. He pulled the trigger without hesitation!

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