The Ultimate Evolution

Chapter 1411 - Forceful Breakthrough

Chapter 1411: Forceful Breakthrough

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“MCDH’s ‘Let The Bullets Fly’ should require ten seconds of aiming,” puzzled Reef, “Didn’t you receive any notification, Sanzi?”

Sanzi sighed. “When other summoners attack with their summoned creatures or familiars, they must first control the familiar, instruct it to pounce on the target, then tell it which specific part of the target’s body to attack, normally either the throat, the heart or the groin. But Kulutego is a highly intelligent creature with strong autonomy. I only give him very general orders, like “kill that guy”. As for how to kill him, Kulutego will decide that himself.”

“That’s why it makes sense that he didn’t tell me when he was notified of the threat. You know that his Perceptive Sense isn’t that high; he can’t tell very clearly how dangerous MCDH’s shot was. Maybe the arrogance of a superior species made him think that the threat was insignificant, or maybe his pride made him want to try the extent of the opponent’s power. Sigh….”

After listening to Sanzi’s explanation, the others realise everyone truly had their own difficulties. Summoner seemed like an easy job, leaving all the hard work to their familiars, but raising the familiars and dealing with their shenanigans was very troublesome work.

By now, the other contestants of the dark side had also discovered the troops from Minas Tirith. Be it Jax, Percival or Rak’shiri, they were all incomparably shocked. Although they may be greedy, they certainly understood the importance of Gothmog. They knew they could not lose him!

— In this regard, at least, the interests of all the dark side contestants were aligned.

Therefore, the two sides immediately split two groups of people off their main forces to flank the contestants who came from Minas Tirith from the side, like the claws extended by a crab. The contestants of Minas Tirith immediately fought back by relying on their advantage in long range attacks. The intensity of the battle escalated.

Sheyan turned to Reef and said with a smile, “Here comes our chance.”

Reef hesitated for a moment. “It’s going to be difficult if you don’t go all out.”

Sheyan shrugged. “I won’t hold back. How can a large-scale battle like this not taste the wrath of my ‘Pestilence Monarch’? But we’ll see if they can force me to play all my cards.”

While they talked and laughed, they walked forward casually side by side, shielding their teammates behind them. They looked like two old friends who were walking around a quiet lake, enjoying the scenery after dinner, when in fact, they were in the middle of a dangerous battlefield, facing the elites of several parties!

But of course, the team from Minas Tirith similarly did not think much of them. This was to be expected. In their opinion, these two idiots were not even fit to attract their firepower. What they were more concerned about were the 20-odd contestants of the Blu-ray Party and the Maritime Alliance who were coming at them from the left and right respectively.

Although the Minas Tirith contestants outnumbered the opposition by three to one, they knew that the contestants of the dark side were much stronger than them individually and had much better equipment than them. The only thing they could rely on was their advantage in number.

The Minas Tirith contestants had traded for a large number of human infantry as cannon fodder, so their advantage in number was even more pronounced visually. From afar, the 20-odd contestants from the Blu-ray Party and the Maritime Alliance looked like they were eggs that were throwing themselves at a huge pile of rocks, while Sheyan and Reef looked like they were moths flying into a flame!

The Minas Tirith regiment abruptly opened fire. They were obviously well-organised; from the get go, they were aiming at the few who seemed to be the leaders. The Minas Tirith contestants were proficient in long range attacks, so even though the dark side contestants were ready for them and even had their honorary dosages prepared, two of them were still killed on the spot, while another two fell into a state of near death and were transported away by their party skills.

Right then, Reef and Sheyan suddenly accelerated!

Sheyan rushed in front, while Reef followed behind him!

Even though neither of them specialised in Speed, they were both powerful Awakeners, so their speed was still quite fast. They rushed within 200 metres of the enemies in mere seconds. And with that, the two of them became the main focus on the battlefield!

Although the gunners of the defending alliance had just open fired and were in a cooldown period, at least half of them had continuous firing abilities. Those who did immediately fired without hesitation at Sheyan who was rushing in front.

Sheyan’s advance was filled with smoke, fire, and gunshots. However, those with fast attack speed often had a tradeoff of low damage; they usually maintained their average damage output by attacking more often. Sheyan had the perfect attributes and innate ability to deal with them. Moreover, contestants’ attacks on him had to be weakened by 40%. In addition, he was a Temperer, and most of the enemies were still Awakeners; a quarter of them were actually still Growth Hunters!

Therefore, shouts of astonishment soon rose among the Minas Tirith contestants.

“I can’t see any information in my battle log!! His Perceptive Sense is completely suppressing mine!”

“My attack seems to have done nothing to him at all!”

“We’re facing a top class enemy MT! Does he have a barrier that absorbs attacks? My burst shots are absolutely useless against him!”

“Negative conditions last less than a third of their normal duration on him!”

“He’s completely immune to my poison darts!”


Despite that, Sheyan only endured the attacks for less than 10 seconds before he used an honorary dosage to fully replenish his HP. In order to mislead the onlookers, Sheyan had used the honorary dosage when his HP had dropped to one third, rather than one fifth which was the convention. But under such intense firepower, the length of time he managed to last already made the onlookers speechless.

Those sub-ten seconds were enough for Reef to reach within 100 metres of the enemies under Sheyan’s cover! The two men took a huge leap forward at the same time, then rolled back up. A mercury-like liquid squirmed on Sheyan’s hands and turned into a pair of large mechanical gloves that were spewing black smoke. Amid an engine-like roar, Sheyan grabbed Reef and threw him to the opposite side.

This move was completely out of everyone’s expectations, for the sole reason that they were still 50 or 60 metres away from the enemies! Most of them knew that a closing down move like this very rarely shortened the distance by more than 40 metres in an instant, so they did not understand the reason behind this move. Was Reef going to sprint the rest of the distance alone now? What could he do by himself?

Reef landed steadily about 20 metres away from the other side with a front somersault. He bent low, and the boots on his feet dazzled with a dark gold light. The rock underneath his feet shattered. He leaped impossibly high and traversed 30 metres in an instant to smash right into the midst of the mixed regiment from Minas Tirith like a meteor!

That was ‘Frog Leap’, an ability of Reef’s dark gold boots!

The pair of dark gold boots was loot obtained by Sheyan when he killed ten people in a row back in the 2012 world. Not only did they provide a substantial +4 boost to all attributes, they also reduced all ability cooldown time by 25% and the MP and HP consumption when using an ability by 25%.

The ‘Frog Leap’ ability enabled the wearer to jump 5~30 metres ahead and produce a shockwave upon landing which would stun nearby enemies for 4 seconds.

Reef landed right smack in the middle of the mixed regiment. As soon as his feet touched the ground, a continuous series of violent explosions spread from the point below his feet to the surroundings, radiating outwards to an area of hundreds of square metres around him. All the enemies in range could hardly keep their balance, let alone attack.

The Blu-ray Party and the Maritime Alliance were no fools. Although the two sides had their own selfish thoughts, their interests were aligned against the contestants from other Realms. When they saw that Sheyan and Reef had stirred up chaos among the enemies, why would they still hesitate? They instantly rushed towards the enemies as hard as they could to join the killing. An opportunity like this would not come twice.

Most of the people from the mixed regiment had just recovered from the stun from ‘Frog Leap’ when Reef launched his ‘Cardiac Shattering Roar’. An invisible soundwave spread in every direction.

The only drawback of this ability was that its precedence was too low. But first, it had been strengthened once, and second, the contestants in the mixed regiment generally had a lower order than him, so the ability had worked on at least 80% of them. The mixed regiment was sent into a mess, like a drop of water had dripped into a pan of boiling oil!

But no matter how chaotic they got, they knew that their first priority was to aim at Reef and fire!

But that was well within Sheyan’s expectations. Sheyan’s ‘Survival Mark’ had reached Reef before their attacks could.

The next few seconds would be the most crucial period for Reef. After this period, their allies would have reached the enemies too. Even if the enemies had come prepared, it would be absolutely impossible for them to maintain a common target then. The pressure on Reef would greatly lessen after that.

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