The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: I’ll Castrate Myself If She Wins

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“You’re now able to stay a full three days within the Pill Scroll Realm, Master.” Azurite smiled.

Feng Tianlan softly nodded. “Okay, I see.”

Feng Tianlan had stayed in the Pill Scroll Realm to cultivate. As both her physique and her talent in cultivation were top-notch, her cultivation speed far surpassed others. She had also been meditating in the Pill Scroll Realm for three whole days, so her speed could only be faster. She could feel her strength shooting up by leaps and bounds, and she was about to break the gate into the tier of a Middle-stage Spiritualist.

“It’s time?”

Just as she thought that she would break through, her consciousness was forcibly pulled out from the Pill Scroll Realm. When she opened her eyes, the sky had begun to shower its first rays of light. If she had a little more time, she could level up into a Middle-stage Spiritualist. From then on, her cultivation would only take more time. This short time would not be enough in the future. One day in the pill scroll realm was equivalent to two hours in the outside world. She felt great having more time than others to cultivate. Also, the Pill Scroll Realm needed to be fed with Spiritual Crystals. She would need to find that crystal mine quickly.

It was the day of her rematch with Feng Xiuyu. Feng Tianlan did not insist on cultivating. She laid in bed and slept for a while before she got up and washed. When she opened the door, she saw Luo Yunzhu and Chuling waiting for her at the entrance.

“Chuling, your body hasn’t recovered. You shouldn’t have left your bed,” Feng Tianlan lightly scolded Chuling. Even though she had taken the Grade 5 Nurturing Pill, she still needed to recuperate.

“I must be there to support you, Miss,” Chuling said determinedly, denying Feng Tianlan the chance to say no.

Luo Yunzhu came up and locked arms with Feng Tianlan. “There are too few cheering for you. We are there to be your support, so don’t refuse us anymore.”

Feng Tianlan laughed dotingly and surrendered. “Okay, but neither of you are to interfere with the battle.”

Luo Yunzhu and Chuling nodded. The trio then headed out to the Martial Training Square. It was the largest Sparring Arena sitting in South Peace City. The battle between the good-for-nothing First Miss and the genius Third Miss today had shaken the entire South Peace Nation. Therefore, many had gathered for a good show.

*Sparring Arena*

It was a sprawling Sparring Arena that could comfortably sit tens of thousands of spectators. South Peace City’s royal sons and daughters filled the top spaces and seats. This battle had alarmed even the Emperor and Empress. At this very moment, they were both seated in the highest place of all, where they had a bird’s-eye view of the entire arena covering a hundred square meters.

Wargod Si Mobai sat to the left of the Emperor and Empress. Within a ten-meter radius, no woman could be found. On their right, sat Feng Xiang, Feng Xiuyu, and Si Rong.

“Feng Tianlan is here!”

Feng Tianlan’s arrival stirred the still air. The crowd soon became boisterous.

“Feng Tianlan, we believe that you will turn the tide once again. You’re our idol!”

“Defeat her. You’re our goddess.”

On the left of the spectator stand, people were cheering for Feng Tianlan. Although it was a small group of supporters, maybe just a little over a hundred, their voices were not drowned out by Feng Xiuyu’s supporters on the right.

“It is said that Feng Xiuyu broke through the stage of Middle-stage Spiritualist this morning. Feng Tianlan is just an insignificant sixth-level Gathering Spirit. What’s she gonna use to turn the tide?”

“Feng Xiuyu became a First-stage Spiritualist at the age of 13. Now, she has broken through the level of a Middle-stage Spiritualist at the age of 14. To have achieved such a feat in merely a year…that’s as expected of the genius Third Miss.”

“Feng Xiuyu is the true goddess who can live up to her name, not Feng Tianlan. Overpower her and teach her a good lesson! Don’t let an ugly good-for-nothing monster taint the world.”

“If Feng Tianlan wins, I’ll give away the Grade 9 Spirit Boosting Pill that I just won at auction.”

“Haha! If Feng Tianlan wins, I’ll eat sh*it straight away.”

“The two of you are too tame. If Feng Tianlan wins, I will castrate myself!”

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