The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Together, We’ll Get Stronger and Look Down from the Top of the World

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“That’s why you should stop being so reserved with me. Just take these and use them as you wish.”

Luo Yunzhu held out the Spiritual Crystals in her palms. Happiness flowed from her eyes as they crinkled up into a pretty almond-like smile.


“Great. I was worried that you’d turn me down again.” Luo Yunzhu heaved a sigh of relief as Feng Tianlan finally accepted the Spiritual Crystals.


Feng Tianlan was no match for Luo Yunzhu. However, deep down in her heart, she was genuinely moved. Yunzhu was truly good to her. She’d only put it that way because she worried that Feng Tianlan would feel pressured by the gift.

Seriously but smilingly, Luo Yunzhu said to Feng Tianlan, “It is only natural for friends to always look out for each other. I will never refuse anything you give me, so you are not to deny the things I give you. Otherwise, we’ll break the balance, and, sooner or later, our relationship will come to an end.”

“You do have a point.” Feng Tianlan retrieved the manual for the Galaxy Whip and held it out in her hand. “Therefore, from this day on, you are not to refuse my gifts either.”

Luo Yunzhu looked at her in confusion, then flipped through the pages. One look and she knew that it was an advanced skill scroll—and it was all about whip techniques. She examined one move and already felt like it was created just for her.

The critical thing, mind you, was that this was an advanced skill scroll! This was something coveted by all Spiritual Masters, who wouldn’t hesitate to spill blood in a battle for it. It was unimaginably precious. It was too valuable!

“Why are you going back on the words you just said?” Feng Tianlan saw the astonishment on Luo Yunzhu’s face and teased lightly.

“No! Not at all! I’ll gladly accept whatever Tianlan gives me.” Luo Yunzhu carefully stored the manual away, then raised her head, a broad smile blossoming on her face. In her heart, she was more confident than ever that being Feng Tianlan’s friend was the biggest blessing of her life.

Feng Tianlan chuckled gently and said, “Take the Marrow Cleansing Pill when you get back, and we’ll cultivate together. We’ll get stronger, you and me, and we will look down at the land from the top of the world.”

“We will.”

Feng Tianlan’s words ignited the fiery beast within Luo Yunzhu. Not once had she ever thought that Feng Tianlan’s words were incredulous or exaggerated. Instead, she firmly believed that Feng Tianlan could do it—she had the charisma and dominance.

Feng Tianlan continued to meditate and cultivate after Luo Yunzhu left. She absorbed the Spiritual Qi from all four Spiritual Crystals. After channeling two cycles of spiritual energy, she managed to drill open an acupoint. She sank her consciousness into her Cinnabar field, and the jade scroll slowly unfurled. A light flashed into her eyes, and she was suddenly standing in the Pill Scroll Realm.

Azurite was there, standing gracefully as she greeted Feng Tianlan, “My master.

Feng Tianlan scanned the area and immediately picked up on some changes. She said, “The Pill Scroll Realm has an additional river and a plot of land.”

“These changes are due to your absorbing the Spiritual Qi just now, Master. They have nourished the Pill Scroll World and fortified your mental strength. As a result, the Pill Scroll Realm has come to life.” Azurite’s voice was pleasant and charming, like a melodic nightingale.

“Come to life?” Did she mean that the original Pill Scroll Realm was dead?

Azurite nodded and explained, “The original Pill Scroll Realm could only double the speed of cultivation. However, now that the Master’s mental strength has become stronger, life has been instilled into the Pill Scroll Realm. Here, time flows at a speed double than that of the outside world. You can plant herbs on this land, and use the water from the river to water them…”

Feng Tianlan listened carefully to Azurite’s words and finally understood. The Pill Scroll Realm was independent from the outside world, and it would change in tandem with the rate at which her strength grew.

Since she had leveled up into a First-stage Spiritualist, her mental strength was now stronger than ever. And so, the Pill Scroll Realm had come alive. Back then, she could only cultivate in the realm; now, she could grow medicinal herbs that matured at a speed double that of the outside world. By watering the medicinal herbs with Spiritual water from the river, one day in the domain would equate to one year of growth. These herbs could very quickly grow to one hundred or even a thousand years old.

Also, the realm could become a space for demonic beasts. This characteristic set it apart from a Storage Ring, which could only store items without life. Feng Tianlan’s Pill Scroll Realm was a multifunctional space. The only thing was that, for now, she was too weak. It would need to be opened up more.

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