The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Luo Yunzhu Makes a Fool out of Feng Xiuyu

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Since Feng Xiuyu had bid 50 million immediately following an opening bid of 10 million, it was apparent that she wanted to win straightaway. Very well, then! If Feng Xiuyu was so ‘ruthlessly rich,’ Luo Yunzhu didn’t mind playing around with her for a little while longer. She’d top her bid one Bronze Coin at a time to make sure that she burst from anger!

Even when there had been nothing for Feng Tianlan to fall back on, she still hadn’t feared them. And now, Feng Tianlan was an Alchemist! Her fear was nonexistent, and she was determined to oppose Feng Xiuyu until the very end.

Feng Xiuyu frowned and continued bidding. “60 million.”

“I’ll top that with one bronze coin,” Luo Yunzhu said calmly.

“70 million,” Feng Xiuyu pressed on and frowned even harder.

“One bronze coin more than her.”

Feng Xiuyu glared at Luo Yunzhu. She bit her cheeks and called out, “80 million.”

80 million! While this was not a sum that the Fengs could not afford, it would affect their later bids. Luo Yunzhu still had to bid for the Marrow Cleansing Pill later on.

Luo Yunzhu narrowed her eyes and snarled at Feng Xiuyu, “80 million gold coins and a bronze coin.”

Feng Xiyu wanted to continue bidding, only to be stopped by Feng Xiang, who raised his gaze toward Luo Yuanjie and said, “85 million.”

“85 million gold coins and one bronze coin,” Luo Yunzhu continued.

Faced with such a dramatic bidding war, Luo Yuanjie raised no objections. After all, the Fengs were too much. Feng Xiuyu had beaten up Luo Yunzhu, and so it was only right that they should suffer some punishment.

“90 million.” Feng Xiang gritted his teeth and turned toward Luo Yuanjie. He growled, “Dean Luo, do you intend to go against the Feng Family?”

When Feng Tianlan had fought back that night, a sense of danger had crept up his spine, and he couldn’t shake it. Now that the Spirit Boosting Pill and the Marrow Cleansing Pill had both appeared, he planned to use these pills to increase Yue’er’s ability so that she could cripple Feng Tianlan once and for all in the battle due to take place the day after tomorrow. If all went according to plan, he could annul the betrothal and swallow the treasure. Therefore, he was willing to cough up sky-high prices for these pills. To think that the Luo’s would oppose them…Was it because of Feng Tianlan? Darn it, Luo Yunzhu must be blind to remain on such close terms with a good-for-nothing.

“How could the Luo Family compare to the Feng Family in terms of wealth? This is only the way that bidding works. It’s just an auction. The Feng Clan Head has no hard feelings, I hope,” Luo Yuanjie replied coolly, but no one could point to any malice in his words.

Luo Yunzhu smiled tenderly and said, “90 million and one bronze coin.”

“90 million and two bronze coins.” Feng Xiuyu tugged at Feng Xiang. She would also add on to her bid one bronze coin at a time to humiliate Luo Yunzhu. It was easy—a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.

“And I thought I was shameless. It’s nothing much to me; after all, I’m a good-for-nothing. However, I didn’t expect the Feng Family to be this shameless as well. How can you only add a single bronze coin?” Luo Yunzhu shrugged and beamed. “Since the Feng Family sold their dignity for a single bronze coin, I’ll withdraw from the auction.”

“You…” Feng Xiuyu fumed. She’d wanted to use the same tactic to return the humiliation. Instead, she’d been shamed further. Luo Yunzhu was such a thug!

“I withdraw.” Luo Yunzhu completely ignored Feng Xiuyu’s fury.

The auctioneer finally put two and two together and realized what was going on. He announced the highest bid three times, and there were no other bidders. He brought down the hammer and sealed in the final bid, saying, “The Feng Family placed a bid of 90 million and two bronze coins for a Grade 8 Spirit Boosting Pill. Next, we will start the bid for the Pill Recipe of the Spirit Stabilizing Pill.”

“The Feng Family won the bid for the Grade 8 Spirit Boosting Pill with just one bronze coin.”

“Haha, did they sell their dignity for a single bronze coin?”

“This temper of Luo Yunzhu’s…I like it.”

… …

Feng Xiang and Feng Xiuyu turned green, then pale, then green again as they listened to the crowd’s murmurs. They shot a burning glare at Luo Yunzhu. At the same time, Feng Tianlan had once again put on the ragged cloak and rabbit mask. She went to the private room for VIPs to meet guests.

“Master Shen.” Elder Chen quickly walked up to Feng Tianlan the moment he saw her.

Feng Tianlan cut straight to the point, “Where is the Marrow Cleansing Pill? I want to add something.”

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