The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: We Can’t Let Her Get It So Easily

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A Grade 8 Spirit Boosting Pill would definitely cost way more, and the bid could even exceed ten million. Also, Marrow Cleansing Pills required Spiritual Crystals, and these were also expensive. In the whole of South Winds Nation, there were only about ten pieces. Of these, the Fengs had three, so they were tough to come by.

The Guiyuan Continent’s currency started with the smallest denomination of bronze coins, then came silver coins, gold coins, bank bills, and Spiritual Crystals. One hundred bronze coins were equal to one silver coin. One Spiritual Crystal was worth ten thousand bank bills, so they were really expensive.

“No, but Father, really, don’t bother anymore. Tianlan is…” Luo Yunzhu realized that her father had disregarded what she’d said and still believed Feng Tianlan needed these pills. Now, she understood why Feng Tianlan did not think that it would be of any use to state that she was now an alchemist.

Feng Tianlan tugged at Luo Yunzhu’s sleeve and said, “Continue bidding.”

“Why?” Luo Yunzhu was puzzled by this but followed Feng Tianlan’s gaze and saw Feng Xiuyu and Feng Xiang, their faces veiled. She curled her lips and looked at them with scorn. “They’ve arrived at the auction, and I don’t want her to get this pill so easily.”

Feng Tianlan would rather feed the pill to the dogs than let Feng Xiuyu have it.

Feng Tianlan gave a sly smile and said in a low voice, “Continue to bid against them and watch their faces closely. For the Grade 8 Spirit Boosting Pill, you can keep going until it hits ninety million. Then, for the Marrow Cleansing Pill, just push it up to two pieces of Spiritual Crystals.”

“You’re crazy!” Luo Yunzhu cried out in shock. Then, quietly, she said, “But I thought you were…” Luo Yunzhu was confused. Feng Tianlan had made these pills; if Luo Yunzhu had to pay such a high price to buy them back, she would suffer a great loss.

Feng Tianlan patted her shoulder and said, “That’s exactly why I need you to do this. You continue calling out the bids. I’m going out for a while.” She had her own plans. Feng Tianlan was going to let Feng Xiuyu pay a lot of money for the pills. Little did Feng Xiuyu know, she was about to pay an even bigger price after that.

“Tianlan,” Luo Yunzhu called anxiously after her, worried about whether this was a good move.

Luo Yuanjie frowned deeply and said, “Zhu’er, stop this nonsense. We will not do such a thing.”

He thought to himself: What on earth is this Feng Tianlan thinking? Why is she goading my precious daughter to do crazy things like this?

“Father, listen to me, just this once. I believe in Tianlan,” said Luo Yunzhu confidently as she looked at her father. “I’m ok with not taking over the academy, but I can’t lose Tianlan as a friend. So, listen to me this time, and we won’t disappoint you.”

“You…” When Luo Yuanjie saw Luo Yunzhu’s persistence, he let out a long sigh. “Fine, I’ll listen to you just this once. But no more nonsense after this.” He was still going to pass the academy to her, no matter what.

“Father, you’re the best! Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to bring the academy to greater heights!” Luo Yunzhu immediately put on her best display of affection for her father, clinging to his arm.

Luo Yuanjie laughed, full of love for his daughter. “If a stranger were watching this, they’d think I was trying to separate two lovers.”

Forget it, Luo Yuanjie thought. He knew he could probably live for another thirty or forty years. He could still protect his daughter for another decade or so. Even if she turned out to be useless and made a useless friend, he could protect them for these next ten odd years and make arrangements for their future later.

At that moment, the auction for the Grade 8 Spirit Boosting Pills started. There were three pills up for sale, and no starting bid was given. Luo Yunzhu saw that Feng Xiuyu did not offer a bid, so she just sat there and waited. The first Grade 8 Spirit Boosting Pill eventually sold for ten million gold coins, the second sold for thirty million, and the bidding for the third started at ten million.

“Fifty million.”

Luo Yunzhu saw that Feng Xiuyu had placed a bid. She was about to quickly make a higher bid when she suddenly had a naughty idea.

She shouted out, “I’ll bid just one copper coin more than her!”

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